The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 28, 2023

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  • 10/02/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Former Uniparty member Ru Paul says Republicans “look like fools” with shutdown looming.

-The good ol’ uniparty. Gubment is everything. What an evil snotrag.

2) The investigation into handling or mishandling classified docs is widening. No, not the TRUMP investigation, the Rutabaga investigation.

3) Yet another story on this from ABC: “After months of silence (BY THE HOAX NEWS MEDIA, YOU A-HOLES!) picture emerges of sprawling special counsel probe of Rutabaga.

COMMENT: So here is a scenario. Not saying this WILL happen, but you can’t rule it out. Why has Rutabaga not pardoned Hunter already? Because he (or his spoogehandlers) knew that HE would be indicted as well. Why not kill two birds with one stone? If Rutabaga is indicted before the election, it would not surprise me for him to pardon himself, Hunter, AND Trump to make it look “fair.” This might involve a deal with House Rs not to impeach. You say, “Why would he care about impeachment?” Because DemoKKKrats want him out. Especially if he has lost, they will be angry and won’t care if Harris is president for a couple of months. Rutabaga cannot afford to risk coming out of the presidency unprotected.

4) Hunter’s ChiCom business partners put Rutabaga’s address on two bribe payments.

5) Rutabaga’s administration has been outsourcing climate money to a foreign, dark money-linked NGO.

-Not surprised at all.

6) One-third of DemoKKKrats say Americans have “too much” freedom of speech.

-“Democracy dies in darkness.”

7) Wild moment when a US Navy phalanx anti-aircraft gun trains its sights on a passenger 737 as sailors laugh and tell the autonomous gun, “No, no, no.”

8) Rutabaga’s evil administration, after allowing millions of illegal criminal aliens through the borders, has time to deport a Christian German family.

9) Youguv to the rescue for Rutabaga, showing him up by 5. Richard Baris notes that, in fact, the ISSUES voters care about like the economy, illegal immigration, jobs, and inflation, but DeSantis hammers the vax. Baris also noted that in INTERNAL polls such as Obama’s pollster or Doug Schoen, Trump is up 2, and his favorability has not reversed to 52% positive to 44 neg.

10) Then, you have a new Harris poll showing President Trump widening his lead over Rutabaga to five points.

11) While a new NBC poll shows Trump has widened his lead to 43 points in the primary and has him tied with Rutabaga at 46%.

12) Rutabaga’s forest service handed out $100 million to advance “Tree equity,” saying “access” to trees will reduce crime.

-This is just a few days after news that the eco-whackos want to cut down trees in the name of ecology. This won’t end well.

13) A Staten Island judge ordered all illegal criminal aliens to be removed from a former school converted into a shelter.

-This courageous judge properly noted that a “Right to shelter” did not exist in the state constitution.

14) In Groomer City (SF), seabound bandits (we used to call them pirates) terrorize the city.

15) The Reagan library slurp-dumpers (Peggy Noonan et al) have been waging a private war against President Trump for years.

-I know. I know these people would not even let me do an event on my bio of Reagan, which was the most complete bio yet with the most documents out of the archives than ANYONE else. Not a word from them.

16) “These were not protesters”: 15-20 looters were arrested for ransacking Philadelphia retail stores.

17) The Virginia DemoKKKrat Susanna Gibson, who had posted her own sex videos, is down big in the latest polling.

18) The FascistBI continues to stonewall the investigation into nationwide voter registration fraud.

19) Rutabaga getting worried about third-party runs, including Bobby.

20) He better be concerned. President Trump is already at 50% with Hispanic voters. I predicted he’d get 50% in 2024, but I may have to up my prediction to 55% or more.

21) Wait, say what? Just a few days ago, I had a story about Sen. Dick Turban saying corrupt Sen. Bob Menendez (NJ) should stay. Yesterday, Turban called for Menendez to resign.

22) The Supes are now being asked to rule on states banning homeless camps.



23) Christopher Rufo’s short film, “The Cluster B Society,” a narcissistic personality disorder plus antisocial personality disorders that are shaping our entire culture, or a “pathocracy.” A new leadership class has emerged that rules through emotional blackmail.

24) West Point is finished. It’s now offering a course in “Equity and Diversity.”

-God protect us from ever fighting a war.

25) Who is Lucy Caulkins, you ask? Remember a couple of weeks ago, I had a story about Mississippi’s sharply rising literacy rates due to teaching phonics? Well, Caulkins is the grand dame of “whole word,” and her Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College at Columbia U was dominant. Til it wasn’t. She was given the boot last year because “literacy rates remain dismal.” Look for more phonics programs in the future.



26) Mortgage purchase demand is down 27 percent since last year, with the highest mortgage rates in 20 years.

27) Big media lying about Big Wind and whale deaths.

28) The gubment has filed a lawsuit against Amazon for monopolistic practices.

29) The outlook for drilling in deep ocean waters continues to brighten.

30) Just as the Hollywood writers may have wrapped up their strike, Las Vegas hospitality employees authorized a strike against hotels and casinos.

31) Hyundai and Kia will recall 3.4 million vehicles due to fire risk.



32) The founder of Evergrande in China has been arrested.

-Well, someone had to take the fall for the ongoing real estate collapse.

33) The racist mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is now only up 3 points on conservatives.

34) Speaking of London, holy cow! The Home Secretary (!!) of the UK says “multiculturalism has failed” and is “toxic.”

35) Miss Zimbabwe in the Miss Universe pageant is a white woman, and Libtoids are melting down.

36) Nearing endgame here. “Better call Volga,” as 10,000 Uke soldiers surrender using a special radio frequency to avoid the meat grinder.



37) Not surprising at all. It appears the union almost completely folded on AI, but the deal is likely to pass a vote. In other words, a writer can choose to use AI. In other words, prepare for a boatload of feces emanating from Hollywood.

38) Hollywood’s latest big-dollar blockbuster shows an illegal alien becoming an astronaut and preaches. Sigh.

39) This is getting ridiculous. Now an Ohio high school football coach has been forced to resign after his team used the word “Nazi” in a play call.

-So, now the word itself is like the other n-word? What about “blitz?” Is that going to be banned, too?



40) A new China Virus poll shows DemoKKKrats, fearful but vicious little Karens that they are, have a “particularly negative” outlook, and most are likely to keep wearing maskies.

41) Steve Kirsch: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome cases exploded after vaxxes, according to a major city police detective.



42) Our astounding scientists are at it again, now uncovering the “scariest sound in the world,” which was the Aztec Death Whistle that accompanied human sacrifices.

-At first, I thought all these indigenous peoples were absolutely wonderful and that life was full and happy with them. But second, this is a total fake.

This is straight out of Yoko Ono’s album.



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