The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 5, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) The Tuckster is talking with President Trump about moderating the GOP candidate forum.

-Could do worse.

2) The Wise Latina, Justice Sotomayor, is caught in a scandal involving a massive book advance.

3) Oh, really? “More than one” foreign country sent payments to Rutabaga for domestic influence.

4) DemoKKKrats fume as the Florida House has voted to name a road after Rush Limbaugh.

5) In Rutabaga’s latest fiasco, the southern border is about to become Grand Central Station as migrants from around the world fly in to rush the border when Title 42 ends.

6) Westinghouse has unveiled a small modular nuke reactor.

7) The Nashville police reversed course on releasing the transoid shooter’s manifesto.

8) Bobby Kennedy, Jr. loses a court case: ruling was he suffered no damages from a guy trying to stop RFK's book on Amazon.

9) Four Proud Boys members were found guilty of seditious conspiracy in the Patriot Day.[/embed]

10) The Trans movement is coming for your kids.

-Yep. I keep saying this will become THE issue of our age.

11)All hail Greg Abbott, Conqueror of Woke Sanctuary Mayors.”

12) A federal jury found Andrew Gillum’s Island not guilty of lying to the FascistBI. Of course. Only Republicans can lie to the FBI.

13) A new poll shows President Trump thumping the Rutabaga by 7, has a Trump/DeSantis ticket winning the popular vote. Also shows a Trump/Lake ticket beating Rutabaga by 5.

14) The humor writes itself: Kampuchea Harris named “AI Czar.”

-Ol' Kampuchea shouldn’t be anywhere near an agency that has “intelligence” in it.



15) Challenger job cuts are up 176% year over year as non-farm productivity falls 2.7%

16) Anheuser-Bush, CEO, distances the company from the transoid controversy—“not an advertising campaign.” Now providing direct support to employees and owners by giving them free cases of Bud Light.

17) “It’s a huge concern:” Senior-level women are bailing on companies after decades of climbing the career ladder.

18) At Fenway Park, fans are walking right past Bud Light for other vendors.

19) First Horizon stock tumbles after a merger with TD Bank collapses.

20) What’s new? The latest EPA emissions proposal puts auto supply chains and small businesses at risk.

21) Burger King will close 400 stores.



22) The Ukes confirmed they shot down one of their own drones today.



23) An NHL hockey player gets heat for referring to a “Lizzo-sized lunch.”

-He meant to say, “Lizzo-sized dinner.”

24) Kayleigh McEnany is the latest to sit in the Tuckster’s spot.

25) Faux has lost 2/3 of their key demo in Tuckster’s former hour.

26) Jeffrey Toobin Snake Boogie has returned to CNN to talk about Clarence Thomas’s ethics.

27) A Jury ruled Ed Sheeran was not guilty of stealing “Let’s Get It On.”

-Too bad. I had in mind the old music rule of thumb, amateurs borrow, pros steal. Guess you ain’t no pro, carrottop.



28) Astounding study. Authors note increased heart attack deaths in youts and never even consider the possibility it was the vaxxes.

29) A new WHO pandemic initiative uses “listening surveillance systems” to identify “misinformation and rumors.”



30) Billionaire Harlan Crow paid for Clarence Thomas’s grand nephew to go to a private school.

-Here’s my Harlan Crow story: sometime around 2008 or so, my book 48 Liberal Lies About American History had come out, and I was a regular on “Fox and Friends” talking about “the trouble with textbooks.” One day I got a call . . . from Harlan Crow, who said he wanted to give a copy of my book to every legislator. Small-minded me thought, “Wow! 535 books.” Crow said, “No, every legislator in America.” I thought he was a nut. “Do you know how much that will cost?

How much do you think $100,000 will get us?” He purchased 7,680 hardcover copies, and over a three-day period, I signed and shipped them to every legislator in America.



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