The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 28, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) The Manhattan DA, apparently ruffled by the statement by President Trump that he would be arrested and wanted to be put in handcuffs, has temporarily retreated saying that Trump created a “false expectation” he’d be arrested.

2) Another misstep by DeSantis as he addresses “climate change” but won’t say it’s human caused. He says the ocean levels are rising.

-Someone, quick, tell Plymouth Rock, which is right where it was on the beach in 1620.

3) New emails reveal the earliest efforts to suppress negative Rutabaga stories.

4) Three big issues where the country has moved strongly to the right.

5) A Wayne State University prof who said that it was more “admirable” to kill a right-wing speaker than to shout them down on campus was suspended.

-Should have been fired and charged with inciting a riot.

6) The shooter at a Nashville school was “Audrey” Hale, a transoid. This won’t play well with the media.

7) Rutabaga makes an ice cream joke when appearing for a statement on a school shooting.

-Totally evil and demonic.

8) Now staffers are leaving the First Drapery (the Senior Skank) as a top aide has stepped down.

9) Minnesota’s transoid law would prohibit enforcing out-of-state subpoenas or arrest warrants for people from other states who sought treatment that is legal in Minnesota or barred complying with court orders to remove children from parents' custody so they could slice off their weenies.

10) A new poll shows what we all knew, that Americans are pulling back from values that once defined America.

11) 32 states have passed a Parents’ Bill of Rights.

12) Another train derailment of 70 cars derailed in North Dakota.

13) A prosecutor admitted DC police officers acted as provocateurs on Patriot Day (J6).



14) News worth celebrating, Disney will begin mass layoffs this week says the CEO (7,000 total).

-Thank you sir may I have another!

15) New York is close to passing a gas stove ban in new homes.

16) The total cost of Silicon Valley Bank to the Deposit Insurance Fund: $20 billion.


17)Wind Power Fails on Every Count,” says an Oxford scientist.

18) St. Louis Fed Financial Stress index has soared to the highest level since the China Virus outbreak.



19)  Alibaba founder Jack Ma returns to China after a year-long sojourn.

20) In a Dutch election, globalists lost big.

21) Netanyahu has offered to compromise on the controversial judicial reform bill that has sparked protests.



22) The Babylon Bee has over 100 pieces in which its satire has become reality.

23) Disney’s newest star, “Kang” (Jonathan Majors) has been charged with assault, but the woman has recanted. Now evidence surfaced that he called police.

24) Meanwhile, everybody likes “John Wick 4.” So far: $73.5 over the weekend, a franchise best.



25) Dr. Peter McCullough: “ecological data points to the China Virus vaxxes as a determinant in increased all-cause mortality.



26) An Etiquette expert revealed a list of faux pas for dating a wealthy person. Don’t take pics of their home, for one.

-Now, I was very careful when I was in an uber-mansion in Santa Barbara and contrary to reports, I did not drool on their Ibex-hide sofa. That was someone else. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.



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