The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 14, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.


1) The hoax/sham January 6 Patriot Day committee has voted to subpoena President Trump. My guess is his lawyers will successfully delay this until Jan. 21, 2023, when this stupid irrelevant obnoxious glugslugger of a committee crawls back under its rock.

2) The Saudis have released a statement saying Rutabaga did try to delay the production cut until after the midterms. What a slime.

3) Mass child murderer Nick Cruz only got life in prison. No justice anywhere.

4) Meanwhile, Alex Jones, who didn’t kill anyone, was ordered to pay $1 billion to Sandy Hook families after being prevented from even defending himself—an amount 100 times larger than any such verdict in the world for a speech case.

5) Another lefty recognizes that the DemoKKKrats hate white people, especially the working class and non-urban people of all varieties.

6) When has this gone too far? A Notre Dame professor—you know, supposedly a Catholic school that values human life?—is using her office to offer abortion services.

7) Whiney CNNer complains that voters actually care more about food than the Patriot Day committee’s “compelling evidence.”

-The only “compelling evidence” that those stoogegoogers have come up with is to show that Congress is thoroughly corrupt and the FascistBI infiltrate regular ordinary protests.

8) New non-DemoKKKrat-but-not-yet-Republican Tulsi Gabbard has endorsed the Trump-backed Joe Kent in the competitive Washington House race. Come on, Tulsi. Baby steps. Drop the pro-abort stuff and the anti-gun stuff, and you are more than welcome in the GOP.

9) Rutabaga’s lies are dismissed, downplayed, and softened by the Hoax News media. He’s an evil SpoogeKing and should be removed and consigned to a nice padded facility . . . in Russia.

10) DemoKKKrats are selling our industry and tech to the ChiComs, Hunter Biteme is all but spying for a half-dozen countries, the Department of InJustice is terrorizing right-to-life grannies and pastors . . . but this! This is a crime that cannot be tolerated!

Two Ohio fishermen are indicted after cheating on the Lake Eerie Walleye Championship by stuffing their catch with lead weights! Oh, the humanity, . . . or the Walleyemanity.

11) Here is one of the founders of the Transoid Empire, Martine Rothblatt. Kinda looks like . . . well, you know.


12) The USDA is trying to register self-sustaining gardens. Don’t fall for it.

13) ACT test scores dropped to their lowest level in 30 years, as officials blame the “pandemic” rather than useless schools who teach new math and Communist Racist Theory.

14) The latest lie from Rutabaga is that his son Beau died in “Iraq” when he died in a Maryland hospital due to brain cancer. Please remove and incarcerate this lying POS.

15) The criminal American Medical Association has asked the feds to prosecute critics of transoid mutilations.

16) A superintendent of a school board has said a male student masturbating in class in front of female students was “not outside the norm.”

-Well, not if it’s Jeffrey Toobin Elementary School.

17) First, JP Morgan Chase canceled Yeezy’s account, now Bank of Amigo (America) has canceled conservative Twitter star Catturd2's account.

-He must be really effective. I’m envious.

18) In New Calcutta (LA), the Republican mayoral candidate says he’s not white because he’s Italian.



19) Looks like the Fed is planning on at least two more rate hikes of 150 total basis points in its next two meetings.

-Hello, recession.

20) The Dow fell 500 points in reaction to “hotter than expected” inflation numbers.

-Again, who the heck does these “expectations?” They are always wrong. Trump was right. Biteme did crash the stock market. It reached a high of over 36,000 before the China Virus under Trump, now barely is above 28,000—likely with more pain to come.

21) Elon Musk, already one of the world’s wealthiest men, now has a new perfume, “Burnt Hair” that has already sold $1.4 million worth.

-Wait til after November. He can offer “Toasted Liberal.”

22) “I’m making six figures, and I still can’t afford New Kabul.” The City suffers brain drain as young and educated flee.

-I don’t get it: so many opportunities to engage in social justice by being the victim of crimes.

23) Those who say gas prices will affect their vote break 54.4 to 32.8 Republican says Trafalgar.


24) While this city council member from Kinshasa on the Delaware (Philly) says the chain Wawa may exclude the city from all future expansion due to crime.

-As everyone should.



25) Take it with a grain of caviar, as it’s TASS, but data from Morgan Stanley says that Russia is climbing out of recession as the Euros fall into one.

26) Pootie-poot has claimed the high ground by offering the Euros gas through the Nord Stream 2 that the U.S. tried to destroy. Germans decline. They prefer freezing and starvation.

27) Germany’s hunger for coal (you know, it’s so clean) has doomed a small village as the totalitarians just take it.

28) NATO recruiting Al-Qaeda and ISIS to fight in Ukraine, because Uke forces nearly “decimated,” according to Col. Douglas McGregor (100,000 dead, 200,000 wounded out of 600,000 total).

29) Macaroni says France won’t nuke the Russkies if they use nukes in Ukraine.



30) A Japanese woman was conned out of $30,000 by an “astronaut” who promised marriage but was stuck in space.

This guy?

William Shatner on Blue Origin

31) And the International Monetary Fund says the Ukes need a mere $4 billion a month just to keep their corrupt government from collapsing.

-I don’t think even Ngo Dien Diem got that much.



32) Wait, I thought Rutabaga said the China Virus emergency was over? Now it’s extended.


And Finally...

33) How incredibly sick and horrible. It is National Yorkshire Pudding Day. Who would make pudding out of one of these?


-Of course, my dogs are safe. I have a three-legged Silky and a Yorkie-Doodle. No one’s getting my doggies.




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