Civic Integrity: What Would We Ever Do Without Twitter Safety?

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  • 09/19/2023

Twitter is the champion of democracy, and every American, with the announcement of its newest propaganda, I mean user policies. Thank goodness Twitter is getting in front of these elections with its latest iteration of censoring, I mean "Civic Integrity," to help Americans navigate the 2022 midterms. We are so fortunate to have leaders in Big Tech who put their principles on the line to destroy, I mean, protect the safety of online speech.

The best part of this whole charade operation is their unbiased approach to the entire thing. They have gone to great lengths to engage a special brand of diverse groups in their efforts to define the "priority challenges and issues." They are so transparently dedicated to the safety and well-being of ALL Americans. It is important to ensure that those who would advise on such an important project would recognize the dangers of white supremacy and privilege. After all, the pesky First Amendment came from the heads of a bunch of old white men when we didn't have the internet.

We at UncoverDC are most excited to see new guidelines for speech concerning the upcoming elections in 2022 and 2024.

It warms our hearts to know that Twitter will help all of us define the "context [we] need to make informed decisions about content [we] encounter."  After all, Twitter helped "people find credible information during elections and other civic processes—including in the Philippines, Kenya, Australia, Brazil, and India—just this year!!" Twitter has got our backs, guys.

Twitter has our backs guys

They are reactivating their civic integrity project just in time for the midterms, a wonderful array of strategies to bust through the troubling, freewheeling exchange of ideas. They have promised us definitions of "the most common types of harmful misleading information about elections and civic events." And we are forever indebted to their commitment to our online safety. What did we ever do without them? They are even coordinating with our DHS and DOJ to protect election workers. Twitter did the same thing with the pandemic by coordinating with the CDC, and we are forever indebted to them for the transparent medical information and the life-saving lockdowns.

I am telling you, Twitter protects the elections. We can look forward to Twitter's "prebunks" to help us all "get ahead of misleading narratives." The overlords employees of Twitter will churn out the kind of messaging that will ensure Americans know what to look for. Election deniers and questions from citizens about why it takes so long to count ballots will be proactively prebunked. We can all rest assured that the 2022 midterms will be the "most secure and transparent elections" since the November election in 2020.

The good news is that they have been at this for a while. They have already seen "impressions on misleading information drop by 1.6 million per month" in the U.S. and Brazil since their "testing of misleading tweets" began in early 2022. Their recommendations are stellar, and we should absolutely follow them.

Twitter agitprop

Twitter is taking this information war very seriously. Their only aim is to ensure we can "trust the election conversations" by using their "media literacy tips" to "spot misinformation." They partnered with "educational experts," too. They encourage users to take screenshots of images and then upload them to image search engines which are never, ever ranked or prioritized only to show you what Big Tech wants you to see. It is a foolproof way to guarantee you never see an unapproved misinformed post. It also helps Twitter further refine the content it wants you to see. It is a real win-win.

Twitter approved content

And don't worry. If some fishy Trends emerge on Twitter, they "may be removed." It is okay though, because Twitter knows best what is in the minds and hearts of Americans.

Trends removed. Thank God for Twitter

Trending today on Twitter is absolute proof that there was no funny business in the 2020 election. They are dedicated to the truth.

What does Twitter say about political messaging from candidates? It's a "no." They have been dedicated to that priority since 2019. "Political messaging reach should be earned, not bought" after all.

Twitter's policy paper shows an organization committed to an Open Internet with "competition, choice, and innovation." Transparency is job number one at Twitter. They wish to help you direct your attention on the platform through "a nuanced approach to types of speech that may be problematic."  Very exciting news to see such dedication to specifics. Fortunately for us all, Twitter started labeling Tweets in March of 2020.

Transparency Of Content

Content Moderation/Twitter

Twitter gathered "6500 responses from people around the world, consulting with a "diverse, global group of civil society and academic experts" to develop their policy on Twitter-sanctioned Tweets. Unanimously, these responses encouraged "warning labels next to significantly altered content." And "55 percent of those surveyed in the U.S. said it would be acceptable to remove all of such [harmful] media." Posts like the one from investigative journalist Paul Sperry were understandably removed. It is easy to see why those respondents want stuff like this removed.

We underlings internet users would do well to remember that it is not our place to challenge elections or prevailing narratives. Fortunately, Twitter has it covered. I can't wait to see the full roll-out for the mid-terms. Keep us posted Twitter!!

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