New York Victory on “Quarantine Camp” Law is a Huge Win for America

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  • 09/19/2023

In a victory for freedom-loving citizens in New York—that could eventually touch all Americans—a New York attorney has won a significant case against Gov. Kathy Hochul and her subordinates in their pursuit to circumvent the law and establish isolation and quarantine camps in the state. Yes, you read that right. Unbeknownst to many, even as COVID-19 is endemic, Hochul and the New York Department of Health (NYHD) have been reissuing an emergency regulation that granted them the authority to create isolation and quarantine camps for any citizens with any infectious disease without proof of illness. Enacted in February 2022 and regularly renewed since, the oppressive regulations have been published in the state register for possible permanent adoption.

Thankfully, because of the successful lawsuit filed by New York attorney Bobbie Anne Cox, a Supreme Court New York judge has halted Hochul's unconstitutional and nefarious measure, stating the regulation can no longer be reissued or made permanent. Nonetheless, a determined Hochul (and Letitia James) plan to appeal, maintaining they possess the authority to detain and quarantine anyone in the state at any time against their will and without solid justification.


In its most basic context, Cox explained her lawsuit is about the separation of powers between the Executive branch of government (Hochul and NYHD) vs. the Legislative branch of government (State Senators and Assembly Members). Alongside petitioners Sen. George Borrello, Assemblymen Mike Lawler, and Chris Tague, Cox asserted Hochul's regulation was illegal because of breaches of separation of powers and no due process.

Emphasizing the tremendous amount of government overreach since the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the nation—particularly by the executive branch of the federal government—Cox pointed out that Hochul's actions are a blatant extension of that overreach and are ongoing across the country. As for the lack of due process, Cox, who is steadfastly handling the case pro bono, said, "you can't make laws or rules that don't have protections built in to protect the citizens."

Undoubtedly, Cox is absolutely correct in her lawsuit, arguing Gov. Hochul and the NYHD do not have the power to promulgate this draconian regulation. Cox insisted that although Hochul labeled the tyrannical restriction a regulation, it is, in fact, a law, and only the Legislative branch of the state's government has the power to make law. "This is a clear example of extreme government overreach," Cox stated, adding,  "When one branch of government usurps the power of other branch(es), that is tyranny." Cox warned that if this type of dictatorship—which doesn't need a public health emergency to be enforced—is possible in New York, it is possible anywhere across America. Cox underscored the unprecedented amount of power embedded in Hochul's law, which sparked her to take action, stressing:

"[The NYHD] can pick and choose which New Yorkers they will force to isolate or quarantine. They [can] force you to stay in your home, or they can remove you from your home and put you into a facility—a detention center, a camp, whatever you want to call it.

They get to pick where you go. They get to pick how long you stay there. And they don't have to prove that you have a communicable disease. They just have to [assume] you were exposed to a communicable disease. There's no age restriction—so they can take you, they could take your child, they can take your grandchild. They could take your elderly grandparent or parent. It's unbelievable the amount of power they have given themselves in this regulation, and they can lock you up or lock you down for however long they want.

There's no due process here. The regulation says, "within the bounds of due process," but nothing in the regulation actually protects the citizen. It's a hundred percent giving power to the department of health.

I [couldn't] stand by and watch this happen in New York, because if it happens here, and they get away with it, soon it will spread across the country like a cancer. I had to sue."

Considering the recent World Health Organization (WHO) declaration that Monkeypox is now a global health emergency, along with consistent warnings from the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the global elite that future pandemics are on the horizon, Cox's win in New York has far-reaching ramifications nationwide. Although largely unreported by mainstream media, it is critical that news of the victory spreads across the country to facilitate awareness of the quarantine laws and regulations in other states.

In addition to California, one such state that we should be paying close attention to is Florida. Despite the enormous popularity and success of Gov. Ron DeSantis, even he must realize that there are statutes on the books in Florida that could quickly turn the key toward totalitarianism. With no due process tied to Florida's quarantine law, should the state lose DeSantis, there is no protection to delay such laws from being enforced.

Screenshot / National Conference of State Legislatures / Quarantine Laws and Regulations

In our great nation's past, as Children's Health Defense (CHD) reported, one of the most effective checks and balances in our government system was the media. However, presently funded by Big Pharma, mainstream media has completely failed the American people by remaining silent on the atrocity happening in New York. Thus, every American citizen must pay close attention to the actions of their elected officials and hold them accountable with legal action when they cross the line. Outraged over the media's complacency in reporting the disgraceful and illegal overreach by Gov. Hochul, CHD rightly stated:

"This illegal Regulation should have been headline news on every national and local newscast, yet it only appeared in one mainstream publication. If the media had reported the facts, New Yorkers, and the rest of the American public would have been outraged and the outrageous Regulation would have been immediately stopped."

Many, many thanks to Bobbie Anne Cox and all those who stood, and continue to stand, with her in the battle to preserve the U.S. Constitution. Next up, Gov. Hochul's appeal must be defeated.

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