Keep The Republic: Top-Down Govt and 2000 Mules

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  • 09/19/2023

On May 12, Keep the Republic host Daniel Bobinski invited Wendi Strauch Mahoney on his show to elaborate on key components presented in her UncoverDC article, 2000 Mules And True the Vote Debunk AP Hit Piece. The show can be seen with this link or by clicking on the embedded video below.  

Bobinski opened his show by saying it’s time for Constitutional Conservatives to get active and elect true Conservatives to office. He referred to a presentation by Dr. Alan Keyes who spoke at the Educational Truth Summit in Boise on May 7, and summarized the crux of Keyes’ speech as, “Unless this country turns itself around and gets refocused on the righteousness of Scripture, this country is doomed.”  

Bobinski pointed out that “[America] is the first country in the history of the world that flipped the way government worked.” He also said in all of history, “[government] has always been top-down ever since the beginning of time. Might makes right … America was the very first country to flip that.” Therefore, when people like Joe Biden start hyping the “New World Order,” what they are striving to re-install is an old-world system of top-down authoritarianism. What they call a “New World Order” is really an “Old World Order.”  

Bobinski also spoke about the current and coming food shortages and how it’s the World Economic Forum that’s now spearheading the push for global governance. He also pointed out how Republicans In Name Only (RINO)—which some call imposter Republicans—are working hard to smear true Constitutional Conservatives.  

Another topic covered in this week's Keep The Republic episode was the investments made by Bill Gates in multiple areas, such as mRNA technology, vaccine production, fake breast milk and fake meat. Bobinski pointed out Bill Gates presses for countries to buy those things without telling them he profits from their purchase. And, with the proposal of a Misinformation Czar, he said it’s equally curious Gates is now amassing 3,000 people to write positively about “vaccines” on social media.  

Closing out the first segment, Bobinski repeated the warning the World Health Organization is meeting for a conference that may create a “treaty” to usurp the national sovereignty of its member states. It would result in top-down authoritarianism under the guise of health.  

AP Accusations Debunked by UncoverDC 

Bobinski brought UncoverDC investigative journalist Wendi Strauch-Mahoney on in the second half of the show to discuss her article that debunked the Associated Press (AP) accusations that the findings presented in the Dinesh D'Souza 2000 Mules movie were based on conjecture and poor scientific methods.  

This geofencing technology has been around only a few years [but] it’s basically digital DNA,” said Mahoney, stating the technology allows for tracking of individuals by their specific phone signals. As explained in the article, it’s the same technology the Department of Justice (DOJ) used to track people in Washington DC on January 6 of last year. For the AP to suggest the technology is questionable, the DOJ would have to disavow its use.  

A Rasmussen quote appearing in the article says, “Using state of the art technology, the film convincingly makes the case that the 2000 presidential election was perhaps the most unsecure election ever, and was stolen from President Trump. 

The term “mule” is applied to someone who went to a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) office where the harvested and fake ballots were stored and then distributed them in small numbers to voter drop boxes.  

Mules had to visit an NGO at least five times and physically visit at least 10 different drop boxes. Such a pattern clearly indicates intent, and thus minimized to nearly zero any false inputs in the data aggregated for the investigation. The data was analyzed from Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, the so-called battleground states that magically threw votes into the Biden column.  


See the full Keep The Republic show here:  

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