KTR: Supreme Court, CRT, COVID and Leslie Manookian on Lawsuits for Freedom

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  • 09/19/2023

Keep the Republic host Dr. Daniel Bobinski opens this show with news about Joe Biden's impact on the Supreme Court, especially since his nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is unable to describe the definition of a woman. Bobinski played the now-famous clip of Jackson saying she is not a biologist, which sparked a plethora of memes as well as outrage in many Americas. 

Biden Supreme Court nominee Brown-Jackson at Senate Judiciary Confirmation Hearing on March 23, 2022

Critical Race Theory still inflaming schools and universities, with many college students claiming their well-being is being impacted negatively by such practices. Bobinski played a clip of undercover footage published by Accuracy in Media. The footage, captured in Idaho, showed superintendents and other school officials announcing they “don’t teach CRT” or Social-Emotional Learning. However, the three administrators shown on the tape admitted they actually did teach these things, but under different names to get around the pushback their receiving from parents as well as legislators.  

UncoverDC investigative journalist Michelle Edwards then joined the show to talk about some of her latest articles concerning COVID. She pointed out that of the 20,000 Grants given in 2020 under the NIH flag, only 2% of them were given to study COVID. And despite all the harmful effects that we now know occur in people after they get jabbed, the CDC’s studies on the “vaccine” claimed only positives outcomes.  

Edwards also elaborated on her article about David Martin, the man who has filed a lawsuit against Joe Biden claiming the COVID vaccine is a Bio-Weapon. 

In the second half of the show, Leslie Manookian, director of the Health Freedom Defense Fund, spoke about the increasing detrimental policies throughout Europe, especially in Germany and France. Arrests are now executed even for comedians and mothers who insult government officials.  

Manookian also pointed out that in America, the Department of Homeland Security has announced that those who question the 2020 election or COVID policies can be labeled a domestic terrorist.  

Bobinski and Manookian also discussed how the increasing debt of the world, including the National Debt of the United States, is playing a huge role in global upheaval. Bottom line: It cannot be sustained. Not only is it impacting international decisions, it’s also having a huge negative impact on personal pensions.

Check out the full March 24 show featuring Edwards and Manookian below.

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