DePerno Persists: Forensic Audit in Michigan a Must

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  • 09/19/2023

Like a dog on a bone, Attorney Matt Deperno has been persistently pushing a forensic audit of the 2020 election in Michigan—despite efforts by almost every state official to prevent one. Between the evidence he has shown, recent calls for a forensic audit by legislators, and a July 8 memo calling for "preventative maintenance" on ICX equipment by the “Testing Department” at ElectionSource in Oceana and Osceola counties, DePerno may indeed be wise to persist.

DePerno's June 24 press release is a scathing indictment of a report released by the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee, discussed in a piece by UncoverDC on June 28. As of June, the committee has refused to meet with DePerno and his experts to review the evidence he has collected. DePerno opens with the following statement:

"With this report, the Michigan Senate is attempting to cover up evidence of
election fraud in the November 2020 general election. They are also using the mantle of government to proactively intimidate anyone from speaking out about election fraud. These attempts to silence citizens are a clear attempt to criminalize political speech and a violation of the First Amendment right to free speech, freedom to assemble, and right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Notwithstanding the unconstitutional and illegal intimidation tactics by corrupt politicians, we will continue to expose the truth to the American people. The Michigan Senate has also called for the Attorney General to conduct an unconstitutional and illegal criminal investigation of political speech. We caution Dana Nessel and Senator McBroom that we will ultimately present our evidence to a jury. No corrupt politicians will dictate how the jury interprets the evidence of overwhelming election fraud."

On his website, Patrick Colbeck reported, "It is unclear what condition they are seeking to 'prevent'. They state that they intend to remove batteries to avoid shutting off the machines. In most electronic equipment, the removal of batteries would actually lead to the shutting down of machines." This could also lead to a significant loss of data.

The Election Source letter below states that clerks do not need to be present during the maintenance—a concern for anyone worried about tampering with election equipment.

Election Source Letter/July 8/Melanie Coon

A press release from DePerno indicates irritation with Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel for having to do her job for her. As stated in the letter, his concerns center around the erasure of "any volatile microelectronic memory" in the machines, which could potentially destroy forensic evidence.

Of note is the research by Colbeck on Election Source's involvement with elections in Michigan. It seems that the paper or electronic trail that would lead to the confirmation of their stated contract with the State of Michigan that is on their website is nonexistent. Colbeck speculates that:

"It is more likely that ElectionSource is operating on behalf of a contract they have with Dominion Voting Systems. Such an arrangement would make it more difficult to obtain data on the scope of their services pertaining to Dominion Voting Systems. In the State of Michigan contract with Dominion, the following ICX equipment and price list can be found."

Colbeck/Election Contract/Michigan

Colbeck explains that ImageCastX (ICX) equipment has three basic functions, and all "would be of significant interest in a forensic audit."


The Election Source connection is particularly important, as evidenced by a Wednesday Gateway Pundit interview with Michigan attorney Stefanie Lambert, "a former prosecutor, who has been working to uncover election fraud in Michigan since the 2020 election."  Excerpts from the discussion can be found below:

“What the evidence shows, and what the clerks have told us is that they [Election Source] are essentially running the elections.” Lambert told us, adding, “Really, it’s the vendor that has all of the control” of the elections. The vendor has access to the election management system and can remotely access it. So, really, what we’re finding is that the vendors that were not elected by the American people are controlling our elections.” We asked, “Did they, in fact, access the machines?” Stefanie responded, “We have proof of that in Michigan. We have anonymous logins, and we have proof that Election Source was accessing machines and that the election was subverted.”

Lambert added, “There was a person by the name of Jennifer Bowers that was an executive at Dominion until 2019. She is now in charge at the EAC of determining who should be certified and which company should come out and check the election machines and certify them. So, in my opinion, we essentially now have Dominion watching Dominion.”

Lambert's full 51-minute interview can be found below.

Lambert states that she has been working with Matt DePerno and revealed that "in the very near future," a lawsuit will be filed against Election Source.

There was a private sanctions hearing on July 12 which DePerno is pushing to release to the public, according to DePerno's Twitter account. He seems to be referring to a sanctions hearing for a lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell in November requesting, among other things,  to return the state's 16 electors to President Trump because of alleged election fraud.

U.S. District Judge Linda Parker "grilled Sidney Powell and her team of lawyers for roughly six hours Monday" in response to motions to sanction the attorneys in connection with an election fraud lawsuit the attorneys filed.

According to the Detroit Free Press,

"U.S. District Judge Linda Parker heard arguments from lawyers for Detroit and Michigan for sanctioning Powell and her team, but spent most of the hearing scrutinizing the "baseless" allegations of fraud and misconduct leveled in the lawsuit, which involved several attorneys, including three from Michigan: Scott Hagerstrom, Stefanie Lambert Junttila, and Greg Rohl."

The judge stated that her "concern is that counsel here has submitted affidavits to suggest and make the public believe that there was something wrong with the election. And that is what this is all about. That's what these affidavits are designed to do, to show that there was something wrong in Michigan, there was something wrong in Wayne County," Parker said.

The hearing became contentious when Powell and her team, including attorney Lin Wood were questioned about whether they had met with the affiants for the many affidavits submitted for evidence in the case. Judge Parker remarked that "it's wrong for an affidavit to be submitted in support ... if there's been no kind of minimal vetting."

Sidney took full responsibility for the filing, defending her lawsuit, and the pleadings in the case.

On Wednesday, a citizen requested that Judge Parker hold Lin Wood in criminal contempt for publishing a video of the private hearing on his Telegram channel.

Seth Keshel, a data whiz and former Army Captain dropped this pdf with his analysis of the 2020 election in Michigan. He seems to disagree with Judge Parker's assessment of a fraud-free election in Michigan.

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