Data Technician Kahmann Goes Public to #ExposeFacebook for Veritas

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  • 09/19/2023

Project Veritas (PV) released a new set of documents and interviews Wednesday in the #ExposeFacebook series, and one of the two whistleblowers in that release has now been suspended by Facebook and removed from his office. Morgan Kahmann, the Data Center Technician in our previous article, helped expose secret censorship of Covid-19 vaccine comments by users on both Facebook and Instagram. Instead of attending an 'Investigatory Meeting' with Human Resources on his way out, he contacted Veritas and went public.

Before leaving the Facebook offices, Kahmann obtained additional documents that show that the 'Vaccine Hesitancy' (VH) program has already launched globally on both platforms. PV is also releasing new documents that show a more detailed breakdown of the process by which moderation decisions are made.

We had known from Wednesday's release that a 'Tier 0' designation is reserved for comments deemed "Health Misinfo" and "Explicit CV19 Vaccine Discouragement & Interference." These comments, even if true, are considered most egregious and are removed at scale. Comments deemed Tier 1 and 2 can be filtered, demoted, or reduced in search, with some moderator discretion.

Now, with the new release, we can see tier 3, which is a category for personal beliefs or opinions that include:

  • Liberty-based objections or skepticism;
  • Religious-based objections or skepticism;
  • Personal objections or skepticism;
  • Political & Institutional-based vaccine objections or skepticism; and
  • Development-based vaccine objections or skepticism.

A Tier 4 designation is for neutral discussion and debate, which requires no moderator action.

When Kahmann went on Tucker Carlson's show Thursday, he was asked, "Why would they want to ban people from asking honest questions or reporting real side effects?" to which Kahmann responded,

"Honestly Tucker, I think they're afraid of what people might conclude if they see that other people having negative side effects. They think that this is going to drive up vaccine hesitancy and they see that as something that they have to combat." Kahmann continued, "My moral compass says that that is not the right thing to do. The users at Facebook are not aware that this is going on. If you're using Facebook or a social platform and they're censoring the content of your comments unbeknownst to you, I think that's highly immoral."

Kahmann is hoping others will be inspired by his difficult choice. “I think that the main reason why people don’t want to come out [as whistleblowers] is because what if I, you know, I have two kids, I have my wife, and if I lose my job, it’s like ‘what do I do?’ But that’s less of a concern to me.” He has a fundraiser on the Christian crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo to hedge uncertainty in supporting his wife and children in the future sans career.

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