Breaking: Windham Auditors Tampered With Machine Tape Data

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  • 09/19/2023

The forensic audit in Windham, New Hampshire is over, but the momentum to keep it alive is just getting started. Late Thursday, Marilyn Todd of NH Voter Integrity Group made some bombshell discoveries.

Last Friday, when the machine reports were being printed at the audit, Todd, who has kept a close watch on Hursti, took pictures of them. Late Thursday, she had the report pictures up on her computer when something earth-shattering caught her eye. She spoke about it Thursday evening in a live video with Nick Moseder, CammCon, Susan Dee Settenbrino, and Professor David Clements.

Todd, a financial auditor and founder of NH Voter Integrity Group, reported that activity on a computer with firmware software on it would be listed on an internal audit report. Indeed, this is the case with Windham's machines, which are serviced and maintained by LHS Associates. Interestingly, LHS President Jeff Silvestro was present multiple days at the audit. Upon looking closer at the pictures of the machine's audit report from May 12, Todd noticed the following specific line items among others:

  • Line 30 - Session Start, date 5/12/21
  • Line 31 - Machine put in "Supervise Mode"
  • Line 33 - Memory Card Reset
  • Line 34 - Session Start, date 5/12/21
  • Line 35 - Prep for Election
  • Line 36 - Clear Counters
  • Line 37 - Session Start, date 11/3/20
  • Line 43 - Session Start, date 11/5/20

According to Todd and reported by UncoverDC, Hursti previously indicated that he would need to reset the entire memory card because it was not possible to clear the counters. Upon seeing the machine's audit report, Todd realized that was not true, and the memory card does not need to be deleted, as Hursti insisted.

Looking further at the tape, Todd observed more damning evidence of potentially fraudulent activity. She said Hursti previously stated on record the machines need to be registered with the date of Nov. 3 for Windham's forensic audit. However, as evident on line 43, before Hursti printed the reports from the machine, he changed the date to 11/5/20, which would have removed all of the algorithms in the device associated with 11/3/20. It is also possible, according to Settenbrino, to set the date at the top of the tape to 11/3/20 even though the date on line 43 is 11/5/20.

Simply put, Nick Moseder summarized the smoking-gun discovery as follows:

"Someone went in, reopened the election, and then closed it and back-dated it. What this proves—in theory—is ballot stuffing. Meaning, they can run through ballots after the election, close it down, and backdate it."

According to Todd and the others on the live video, it seems feasible that Harri Hursti and the other auditors are covering up for whoever tampered with the machines by setting the machines back to Nov. 3 and clearing memory cards. It also raises additional questions about Jeff Silvestro's role in New England's elections.

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In an interview with local station WMUR after the conclusion of the audit, Hursti said the exhaustive investigation revealed no indication of wrongdoing or manipulation of the voting machines in Windham. Hursti remarked that he is amazed by the influx of doctored videos created around the auditors' work, adding:

"Nothing today is showing evidence of fraud. Nothing today is showing evidence of digital manipulation of the machines. Right now, this seems to be a case of a perfect storm where so many things happened in order to have this discrepancy. It's amazing how much disinformation and dishonest reporting has been spreading, especially last night. I need to have a second beer when watching those."

Clearly, the patriots of Windham, New Hampshire, New England, and across the nation are demanding transparent answers surrounding election integrity, and they are not backing down. UncoverDC will continue to update as this story evolves.

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