Windham, NH Board of Selectmen Ignore Concerns Surrounding Audit Integrity

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  • 09/19/2023

Windham, NH continues to be in the spotlight as the Board of Selectmen, led by Co-Chair Ross McLeod, snubbed the voices of hundreds of concerned citizens packed into Windham High School last night, despite evidence that the auditor selected to conduct the forensic audit of the 2020 General Election has ties to left-leaning organizations and George Soros funded initiatives. 

Emotions and adrenaline were running high at Monday night's meeting, which started at the Windham Town Hall conference room and quickly moved to Windham High School, where hundreds of concerned citizens assembled, expecting their voices to be heard following Bruce Breton's publicly declared "Motion of Reconsideration Regarding the Selection of Mark Lindeman." Confusion surrounded the location of the much-anticipated meeting, with reports of roads being blocked by police before the meeting.

As previously published by UncoverDC, at the Apr. 26 Board of Selectmen Meeting, in a 3-1 vote (Bruce Breton voted against Lindeman), the board voted to select the team of Mark Lindeman and Andrew Appel to perform the forensic audit. Following the announcement, as revealed by UncoverDC and shared by Gateway Pundit, it has since surfaced that Lindeman's employer, Verified Voting, despite claiming to be nonpartisan, has accepted grants from the left-leaning MacArthur and Threshold Foundations, among others, all with ties to the openly-declared shadow campaign that drove the 2020 election. As reported earlier:

Mark Lindeman is the Co-Director of Verified Voting, a non-profit with a history of working with left-leaning organizations, including the Brennan Center for Justice, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights, and Common Cause. Also worth noting, Verified Voting board chair Barbara Simons also sits on the board of the Democracy Alliance, an influential Soros-funded donor collective.

Screenshot/Facebook Bao Chau Kelley, Windham residents saying Pledge of Allegiance before Monday night's meeting.

As Monday night's meeting at Windham High School got underway, scrutiny surrounded whether Mark Lindeman finally answered "the five questions" that were on the minds of many that were never answered after he apparently passed out during the committee's recent zoom meeting. Presiding over the meeting, Ross McLeod pulled what Windham resident Steve MacDonald described as "a Jedi mind trick on the crowd" when he asserted that Lindeman had answered the questions. MacDonald, who expressed frustration at Breton's lack of action at the meeting, went on to explain:

"I think Bruce should have pounced on that one with something akin to, 'Ok, so after he recovered from his medical emergency, then did he answer the five questions? Because if he did, please provide his answers; if not, he needs to answer just like the other candidates. Until then, this process is incomplete. And btw, how do you justify hiring the man who did not go through your interview over those who did complete your interview?' And I would have pounded that one home all night."

Despite the massive crowd of hundreds seeking answers, Breton's motion asking the board to reconsider its selection of Lindeman was ignored. Because he was the lone Selectman to vote against Lindeman, the motion to reconsider must come from one of the Selectmen who initially voted for Lindeman—Ross McLeod, Heath Partington, Roger Hohenberger, or Jennifer Simmons—unfortunately, none of them opted to support their constituents.

As the movement for election integrity gains momentum across the country, it is unclear whether McLeod's apparent disdain for the growing number of election integrity advocates in his small town of Windham originates from a 2016 incident involving former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, which ultimately led to McLeod's resignation as assistant county prosecutor for Hillsborough County and the possibility he would face felony charges of witness tampering. Although the investigation came to a close before charges were filed, the door remains open to take a closer look at McLeod and his attitude toward election integrity. After definitive confirmation of some sort of election abnormality in Windham's November election, McLeod stated Monday night:

"Anyone who's coming into this looking for fraud and expecting fraud and arguing that parts of the process are inherently fraudulent is already setting themselves up such that they are looking for an end result."

As outlined by SB43, the New Hampshire Attorney General (AG) John M. Formella and Secretary of State William M. Gardner announced yesterday their designee to the audit team—Harri Hursti, a computer programmer from Finland. Hursti and Verified Voting will now select a third member of the team. Hursti is the Founding Partner of Nordic Innovations Lab, whose website lists Philip Stark (who resigned from the board of Verified Voting in 2019 after claiming the company has "lost its way") as part of its network. (Interestingly, when clicking on Philip Stark's name, the link goes here)

In addition to the connection between Hursti and Stark, the website "Homeland Security News Wire," which boasts an article with the headline "Scientists: No Credible Evidence of Computer Fraud in the 2020 Election Outcome," is signed by (among others) key players with a connection to Windham's upcoming forensic audit, including Andrew W. Appel, Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University; Harri Hursti, co-founder Nordic Innovation Labs and Election Integrity Foundation; Maggie MacAlpine, co-founder Nordic Innovation Labs and Election Integrity Foundation; Philip B. Stark, Professor of Statistics and Associate Dean of Mathematical and Physical.

The Homeland Security News Wire article suggests that "a good place to start for learning the facts about election security" is a free download called "Securing the Vote." When elaborating on the integrity of the 2020 election, the article declares:

We are aware of alarming assertions being made that the 2020 election was “rigged” by exploiting technical vulnerabilities. However, in every case of which we are aware, these claims either have been unsubstantiated or are technically incoherent. To our collective knowledge, no credible evidence has been put forth that supports a conclusion that the 2020 election outcome in any state has been altered through technical compromise.

As the days leading up to the next Board of Selectmen meeting unfold, the residents of Windham and the state of New Hampshire are motivated, and they are not backing down. Stay tuned.

Following the Board's decision to ignore the hundreds of community members assembled at Windham High School, UncoverDC spoke with local election integrity advocate Lisa Mazur (Lisa is in the "Livestream" video above and was instrumental in reporting on Monday night's meeting) who said a campaign, organized by the NH Voter Integrity Group, immediately got underway to secure Jovan Pulitzer as a "trusted forensic analyst" to represent the people. In their latest "Call To Action," the community declares:

"Since our leaders, from local to the top, want to ignore the significance of our concerns, We The People of this great state will hire Jovan Pulitzer as our auditor to conduct The People's Audit."

*This article has been updated to include information about the campaign to bring in Jovan Pulitzer.

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