Georgia Organizer Eric Warren Files Petitions To Recall Kemp and Raffensberger

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  • 09/19/2023

The 2020 Election placed the State of Georgia, its Governor, and its Secretary of State in the spotlight due to the alleged election fraud. Recall organizer Eric Warren has been leading the charge to recall Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger since early December. The website is associated with this grassroots effort, which has received "zero support from the GOP," according to Warren. UncoverDC met Warren at the CPAC 2021:America Uncanceled conference, and it was clear during the brief encounter that he is serious about his recall efforts.

In a March 2 interview with local radio host Monica Matthews, Warren admitted that it is a "daunting task to gather this many signatures in 90 days...approximately 750,000." Warren explained that online petitions are not official and do not remove people from office. His effort is official with a ground game of 1500 volunteers. Warren says his recall is to ensure election integrity in Georgia. Warren believes that Kemp and Raffensberger were complicit in thwarting a legitimate election. He is using the 2020 election and the Senate run-off in 2021 as the basis for his claims. "This was the epicenter of all the fraud in the country and...everyone was looking to Georgia as an example and we did not set that example," Warren added. Georgia was the state where video captured "suitcases of ballots" allegedly being run repeatedly through tabulation machines in the wee hours of the morning without observers on site.

Warren is working with Amanda McGee of Black Voices for Trump and Blexit. She says that Kemp "invested millions in PPE "for the pandemic that the people of Georgia never saw. She also believes that the investment in Dominion Voting Systems in Georgia was a big mistake due to its controversial software that may have switched votes and was allegedly manipulated remotely via an internet connection. UncoverDC reported extensively on Dr. Peter Navarro's election integrity reports. According to those reports, Georgia was one of the most egregious offenders in terms of "vote irregularities and illegalities." Navarro found 601,130 possible illegal votes in a state where Biden only won by 11,779 votes.

The Georgia State House passed an omnibus bill on March 3, as reported by UncoverDC. "The bill would require a photo ID for absentee voting, limit the timeframe voters have to request an absentee ballot, restrict where ballot drop boxes could be located and when they could be accessed, limit early voting hours on weekends, shorten Georgia’s runoff election period, and require counties to add more staff, equipment or polling places in large precincts with long voter lines," among other changes.

Warren was disappointed that the mistakes made in the General Election were not remedied in the Senate runoff in 2021, lamenting that Raffensberger's "lack of action not only cost us the White House but—it also cost all of America the Senate—there is no forgiveness for that."  Raffensberger claimed that he found no widespread fraud in the state audit, which was a recount, not a forensic audit of the ballots.

Screen Capture/ Recall Raffensberger

In an email to UncoverDC, Warren explained the challenges he has encountered since the beginning of the year and what the Recall Kemp/Raffensberger efforts will look like in the coming weeks.

"When we filed a petition to recall Raffensperger on 1-12-21, the SoS's office disqualified about 80 signatures out of 194. That is more than a 40% signature/voter rejection rate! That is 200 times the signature rejection rate Raffensperger defended on the absentee ballots cast for Biden in the 2020 election on November 3rd! Also, by statute, the SoS's office has to respond in 10 days to requests, but Raffensberger's SoS office took over 20 DAYS to even give me the application form for recall! Raffensberger has obstructed his own recall from the beginning. Our petitions to recall Kemp and Raffensberger were disqualified for clerical errors (Orin's first petition in Recall Newsom was also disqualified for a clerical error), but we will file new petitions for Raffensberger and Kemp in 3-8 weeks."

Warren also stated that he and his team are planning "massive rallies" in March.

Photo/ Full of Ballots Rally Flier

The Pallets Full of Ballots Rally is on March 19 (Perry, GA 5 p.m.) and March 20 (Alpharetta, GA 4 p.m.). The line-up so far for the events are Austin Forman music, Joe Collins emcee, Garland Favorito cofounder VoterGA, Tiffany Savage poll observer and organizer of trucker rallies in GA and VA whistleblower/green beret Ivan Raiklin. The Facebook event page for those rallies is here. Other speakers will be Suzi Voyles, State Farm Arena Whistleblower, a long-time election worker who was subsequently fired due to her testimony, Salleigh Grubbs, Pamela Reardon, Hale Soucie, and Garland Favorito, Co-Founder VoterGA. Donations can be given to the recall on the Red Tsunami Coalition donation website.

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