We Are Not a Serious Country

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  • 09/19/2023

Millions of American-loving patriots have spent their entire lives feeling a sense of overwhelming pride in their country. We have proudly sung the national anthem and defended America, its history, and the American way of life. Some of us even served in the military or law enforcement. However, times have changed. The America you thought you knew is dead--we are no longer a serious country, and you should understand that. Serious countries do not have systems specifically designed to screw over working-class Americans. They have common values, a thriving culture, elections with integrity, law, and order, and individual rights and freedoms, to name a few. We used to have those things, but not anymore.

Now, it is not that all these concerns just appeared. Many of these concerns have been a reality for decades, and in some cases, they have become worse. However, more Americans than ever are now aware of these realities thanks to Donald Trump's presidency. Trump was so disruptive to the ruling class establishment that he forced them to completely take the masks off, exposing our system as being just as rigged as he proclaimed it was. It was his greatest accomplishment in office.

We are supposed to be the world’s superpower, a force to be reckoned with. So why is our military paying for sex reassignment surgery instead of medically discharging those people? Why are they teaching divisive, anti-American propaganda like white privilege and critical race theory and then asking them to defend America? Our military has become the overseas profit arm of the establishment ruling class, being played like pawns in a cruel game of chess. Now they are being used to protect our corrupt elites in D.C., building walls, detaining law-abiding citizens, checking identifications, and surrounding the U.S. Capitol building. They are so unimportant that our Congress investigated them to determine political loyalty and forced them to sleep on a garage floor in freezing temperatures. Yet they stayed, turning D.C. into a police state, and protecting Congress from a non-existent threat.

We are supposed to be a country of law and order, so why has ‘back the blue’ turned into ‘screw the blue’? Agencies are prioritizing diversity and inclusion above all, and it shows. Law enforcement officers are now order-following arms of a corrupt government, which allows them to punish Trump supporters—the only political party that supported them—and use force on Americans refusing to wear masks, while in many cases allowing Black Lives Matter and Antifa to assault, murder, and destroy Trump supporters and the property of innocent people. In some instances, law enforcement officers directed Trump supporters to walk right into Black Lives Matter and Antifa-occupied spaces during protests. Law enforcement officers placed in these difficult situations had a choice, and they chose to turn their backs on their oath and the U.S. Constitution, to keep their job and protect people who hate them. Therefore, I am pro-law and order but can no longer blindly back the blue.

We have a “Just-Us Department” that is simply there to protect our ruling class elites. Far too many people believed the lie that our Justice Department would save our country, without ever understanding that could not happen in a two-tier justice system, which is what we have. There is no “tick-tock,” no sealed indictments, and no Hillary, Obama, or Biden in prison. There are just many ruling class elites who have blatantly violated our laws and liberties, with little to no consequence. They all got away with it, except Kevin Clinesmith. He was the low-level sacrifice. Clinesmith tampered with an email that was used to get a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page. He received a $100 fine and probation. Meanwhile, they are currently trying to imprison a pro-Trump internet troll for 10-years because of a political meme from 2016. We have an FBI that seems to be especially interested in investigating white people and Trump supporters. They could not hold their own accountable but moved quicker than a speeding bullet to identify and arrest protesters at the U.S. Capitol, and to send an entire team to investigate a garage rope pull.

We are supposed to have a system ‘by’ and ‘for’ the people, so why are we being taxed without representation? Why is our government sending billions overseas and to lobbying groups for wastes of taxpayer money like gender studies programs? That is our money, not Mitch McConnell’s, not Chuck Schumer’s, not Joe Biden’s…etc. We have Americans who are starving, homeless, and need our help.

We are supposed to have common values and a thriving culture, so why is Joe Biden allowing men into women’s locker rooms, bathrooms, and sports? Why are parents allowing toddlers to choose their gender? Why are we teaching our youth to hate our history? Why are we teaching white people that they are inherently racist and biased and should be ashamed? Why did Vice President Kamala Harris promote a bail fund which released violent criminals and sex offenders who were rioting in Minnesota? Why is the ‘Orange Man’ bad when he developed the best economy in modern history and withdrew troops from the Middle East? Why should we suddenly unite after several years of Trump supporters being attacked, harassed, abused, canceled, and killed for our political beliefs? Why were Democrats perfectly content with the results of a fraudulent election? The truth is, we do not share common values, and our culture has become one of political correctness and labeling and canceling those who do not bend the knee.

We are supposed to have free and fair elections to feel we can have a voice to create change. So, why was it okay that we just installed a mentally incompetent, compromised 78-year-old Joe Biden via a fraudulent presidential election? What happens when people feel they are not allowed to have a voice because they cannot trust the integrity of our election system? What happens when tens of millions of voters are disenfranchised? The evidence was not allowed to be presented in court, the state’s violated their own Constitution’s to benefit Joe Biden, and the Supreme Court turned its back on the nation. We are now the Constitutional Republic in name only.

We are supposed to be a free country, so why are we being ordered into lockdown policies which have destroyed people’s lives for a virus with a recovery rate of 99+%? Why are we being forced to wear masks, with recommendations to wear two or three at a time for added protection? The move to force vaccinations is now beginning as well, while we see cases of people who have had the vaccine still contracting COVID-19. The government employed a propaganda effort promoted by the corporate media and was able to take away our rights and jobs, with many people falling for it. We are no longer a free country. The government simply does not take this type of power and let go of it forever. Whether it is a virus or the climate, there will always be a new reason now to lockdown for the greater good…etc.

We are supposed to be able to make money on Wall Street, so why are hedge funds suddenly so upset that ordinary people on Reddit unite to utilize the same system they do? Remember, only the rich people on Wall Street can game the system for their benefit. They do not want the little people to evaluate the value of stock, make too much money or do the same things they do routinely. There was a hedge fund executive on TV crying because of this. Robinhood and other trading platforms quickly placed temporary restrictions on purchasing GameStop stock. The message was that the little people had done too well, and this system was mainly in place to make rich people even richer. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has deep ties to Wall Street, taking significant money in hedge funds for speaking fees. So, do not expect the government to save the Redditors.

Big tech has aligned to censor and cancel millions of Americans who present as a threat to accepted groupthink. Our government refuses to challenge them in any serious way, even though they are clearly violating section 230. They have provided oligarchs with unprecedented power. They can make you digitally disappear.

To make matters worse, we have an installed president in office making decisions that are not in the best interest of our country or its citizens. His Keystone XL pipeline Executive Order killed thousands of American jobs. He ended Trump’s Executive Order, making insulin and epinephrine cheaper to purchase. He de facto ended our Border Patrol by ordering illegal immigrants to be released and halting all detainment's—thankfully, the Texas Attorney General challenged that. He signed several Executive Orders which are friendly to our biggest foreign enemy, China. His brother Frank has already promoted his ties to the White House in an advertisement for the law firm he advises. His son Hunter—who is under federal investigation—has yet to divest the 10% stake he owns in a Chinese-owned investment fund.

For these reasons and more, I reinforce to you that we are not a serious country. We are not a free country or even a Constitutional Republic. We are a clown show. We have become a laughingstock. China is laughing at us. Our institutions do not value you. They want you to submit to the program, question nothing, and continue as a good little worker bee while they pass along a few breadcrumbs. Fortunately, these things have only accelerated the nationalist and populist sentiments in this country, which are necessary to return to the America we used to know. Americans are beginning to loathe the institution that loathes them. We deserve better, and it will take a long time and a lot of work before we get there.


Brad Shepard is a contributor to UncoverDC and an Army National Guard veteran. Brad’s breaking news stories have been credited by Fox Business, The Washington Post, New York Daily News, New York Post, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Chicago Tribune, Deadspin, Yahoo Sports, Forbes, Golf Digest, Bleacher Report, Sporting News, The Sun, NESN, Breitbart, Zero Hedge, and ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, among many others. Brad’s made guest appearances on Fox Sports Radio, ESPN Radio, Sky Sports Radio, and Vibe 105 FM in Toronto, among many others. Brad’s transition into politics began in 2017, writing for Nation One News Foundation. He focuses on issues surrounding government accountability, Constitutional rights, and societal culture. Brad also co-hosts the “Low Blows MMA” podcast, which covers the hard-hitting world of mixed martial arts. Twitter: @TheBradShepard


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