Lin Wood and Sidney Powell Call for Revolution at Georgia Press Conference

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  • 09/19/2023
Lin Wood, SIdney Powell, Georgia Press Conference,

Flags were flying and bells were ringing as Trump supporters gathered en masse Wednesday afternoon in Atlanta, GA for a much anticipated press conference held by attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. The rousing event, comparable to a Trump rally, was a clarion call for a return to the nation's founding principles.

“I know you're here because you love America,” Wood proclaimed. “ I know you're here because you love Donald Trump and he loves you. You're here because we the people will not let them steal our vote. Every lie will be revealed” and “on January 20th, 2021 Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as president of the United States of America."

Wood, the attorney who famously defended Richard Jewell and is currently representing Kyle Rittenhouse, led the crowd in a modified version of the Lord's Prayer before bringing attorney Ray Smith, patriot personality CJ Pearson, Stop the Steal founder Ali Alexander and Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones to the stage for hugs and applause. He then gave a shout-out to Gen. Flynn, who was not present at the event, and led the crowd to chant, “Fight like Flynn! Fight like Flynn!”

“It's 1776 in America again!” Wood shouted as he paced the stage, “And we're going to send that message all the way to Beijing, China!” He continued with his signature evangelistic flair, “You picked a fight with the wrong people. We're going to send that message to George Soros . . . you hear us out Gov. Kemp while you hide in your closet. You hear the people, Brad Raffensperger . . . you're not going to sell our votes to China.”

Wood referenced Dr. Martin Luther King as he issued a call to action. “I believe a great man one time called upon Americans to take action. We're not here for violence. I want you to go to the governor's mansion. I want you to blow your horns until Brian Kemp comes out and orders a special session of the Georgia legislature . . . and then he can resign,” Wood continued to work up the crowd shouting, “And then as far as I'm concerned, lock him up!” and a chorus of “Lock him up!” reverberated across Georgia's Willis Park. “This is the battle between good and evil, between truth and lies. They want to know where's the evidence? There's piles of evidence, there's mountains of evidence,” Wood said.

Before introducing Sidney Powell as “The one, the only, the great, the Kraken!” he told the crowd that he had personally witnessed her put in 23-hour workdays over the past month. Powell, wearing a military style jacket with epaulets approached the microphone appearing resolute and a little emotional as she described the scale and magnitude of the election fraud investigation that she, Wood and the rest of their team have worked tirelessly on since Nov. 3.

As the crowd yelled, “Sidney, Sidney!” Powell thanked them. “You all are amazing,” she said. “You are the heart and soul and spirit that makes this country the exceptional place that it is. You inspire us.” The audience began chanting, “We love you!”

“We feel your prayers,” she continued. “ I feel your prayers. General Flynn and I have felt the prayers of you and people around the world. Freedom loving people around the world are starved for truth and for freedom. That is exactly what they've tried to take away from all of us. Its been increasing exponentially for the last 20 years.” She spoke of the simple life growing up in the 1950s which she called an amazing time when children could safely walk to school and there wasn't the divisiveness you see today.

“In the world of real Americans we're not defined by what we look like, what color we are," she said. “We are defined by our love of freedom and liberty and justice for all on which this extraordinary nation was founded.” Powell told the crowd that every imaginable type of fraud was in play during the election. As she returned the spotlight to Wood, she put on a “Keep America Great Again” hat.

Wood continued his dramatic appeal for a cleansing of the U.S. from the corruption that's plagued it for at least two decades, calling for a new political party to emerge—a party of patriots. He encouraged the people assembled to run for office. “Take back your state,” he said and teased a Flynn/Powell ticket for 2024. “It's 1776!” he yelled. “This is our battle.” This is our freedom. The battle starts here today in this place with these people.”

Wood then invited people from the crowd to come on stage and ask questions. “This is the People's Stage,” he told them. One woman asked, “ What do we say to friends who think we're crazy?” Referring to Jesus Christ, Wood replied, “Only one perfect man walked on the face of the earth and they said he was crazy, too.”

Powell provided a heartfelt response. “These are very difficult times,” she said. “Some of us have lost good friends. Family members have gone a different way. The mainstream press is effectively brainwashing people.” She told the woman that the best way to approach friends and family who are not comprehending what is happening to liberty in the U.S. is with “calm, factual conversation.” Other than loving them, she told the woman, there's just no easy answer. Powell also gave praise to the “digital soldiers” that “have been a huge help in bringing us the truth.”

Wood chimed back in with, “You can also tell them to turn off the television. Tell them to go listen to the phonograph” he said, in a dig at Joe Biden. “Go look up 'color revolution,' " he said, “because that's what's going on in America right now. China is making its move because they need our land to grow their food.”

After answering questions from a few more people, and calling for CIA Director Gina Haspel and FBI Director Christopher Wray to be fired, Wood told the crowd that Trump won in a landslide. “He damn near won every state, including California.” He continued, “We're not going to let them steal our election. We're not going to let them steal our country. We will die before we let them steal our freedom.” And tipping his hat to the country's founding fathers before closing the event he said, “When I tell you it's 1776 again, there were 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, and they were pretty well off. They had a lot to lose. And most of them lost their fortunes, many lost their lives. But they did it for generations to come. It's our time now. Pledge your life, your fortune, your sacred honor. This is America and we're gonna keep it free!"

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