A Republic, If You Can Keep It

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  • 09/19/2023

Op-Ed By Tracy Beanz

Many of you have witnessed the abject fraud and manipulation taking place across the country over the past few days. It began in Michigan and Wisconsin after President Trump had significant leads in the state. It then moved to Pennsylvania, where he had an even more significant lead. After they began to chip away there, we had the news media attempt to sway the election by calling the state of Arizona for Joe Biden before a huge swath of the votes were counted, and refuse to call Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia for President Trump, as they rightly should have.

Now, they are miraculously “finding” ballots all over states where the President was significantly leading in the vote tally, and they are blocking windows and removing Republican poll watchers from polling locations, while wearing “Biden/Harris 2020 Masks” as they do it.

I do not have to tell you that there is an ongoing coup to steal the country right now. That much is clear. We know the media and social media companies are complicit, if not participants.

However, they don’t ever count on the overwhelming will and resolve of American patriots.

Many are feeling hopeless right now, and I completely understand. They are not even trying to hide it this time. Independent researchers have already identified a number of ballots in MI cast by people who died in the ’80s. Already we are seeing Joe Biden pick up scores more votes than his down-ballot counterparts. It is nearly statistically impossible that all of this is true.

The Trump campaign and its legal team must immediately mount challenges and demand an audit of all votes that are being tallied and counted in any state where there has been evidence of fraud.

If a ballot was cast by a dead person, it is invalid.

If a ballot was cast after Election Day and had its postmark altered in any way, it's invalid.

If a ballot was cast by someone who isn’t a legally registered voter? It’s invalid.

If a ballot was cast in one person’s name more than one time? It is invalid.

We must demand election integrity. Republican poll watchers must flood every precinct and do their civic duty. They must know their rights. They must request to review the ballots.

In states like PA, where President Trump just this morning won an amazing legal victory, Republican watchers must demand they be allowed to see EACH and EVERY single vote counted while they were locked out of the building and 100 feet from where these shenanigans were going on.

If when challenged a counted ballot cannot be reproduced? We have a problem. It should be fairly easy to do this—there should be an army of certified people ready to audit the rolls and the votes.

I think once you do that, you will find that the suddenly “found” tranche of 23,000 ballots that ALL went to one candidate aren’t as sturdy as they would like. The problem with fraud this rampant? They aren’t employing their best to carry it out.

I will bet they haven’t covered their tracks with receipts the way they should have. I bet they rushed through their scam. And I think it’s a safe bet that if President Trump sticks this out—if he keeps fighting for the American people, this will be exposed.

The time is now to hold your republican representatives to the fire. The time is now for you to make sure they make the noise they need to make. For far too long we have accepted this. We haven’t infiltrated our local polling locations. We have not volunteered. We have not played their game better than they have.

Everyone in the United States should want FAIR elections. Everyone should want the law to be followed. There should not be a push to abandon the rules when the rules don’t suit you.

I fear that if we are not successful in this push to save the nation, we are not going to have a nation left to save. Get involved. It’s the 2nd American Revolution, and we have to win again.

Tracy Beanz is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of UncoverDC. You can follow her on Twitter @TracyBeanz


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