The Biden’s Have Always Been a Massive National Security Threat

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  • 09/19/2023

Both a recent Senate Homeland Committee report and an abandoned laptop computer have made it crystal clear how much of a national security threat the Biden family is. This family was a massive national security threat the entire time Biden was functioning as the Obama administration’s foreign policy point man in places like Ukraine, Iraq, China, and many other countries.  Should Joe Biden be returned to political office, his family would instantly become a legitimate national security threat once again.

In an earlier column here at UncoverDC I covered the new revelations contained in that Homeland Committee report regarding what I have begun referring to as “The Hunter Biden Eight Year Magical Mystery World Bribery Tour”. The magic involves the untold millions of dollars thrust into the younger Biden’s hands from a variety of shady foreign sources including the CCP government in China, corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs, and confirmed Putin associates in Russia. The mystery is exactly what Hunter Biden and his business partners were supposed to do in return for all of these millions of dollars – and yes I am assuming all money did not change hands with no strings whatsoever attached.

Although the dubious-looking business activities Hunter Biden was engaged in had garnered media attention for years, the Senate report contained much new information, including how Hunter had $3.5 million wired to him by the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, who is a well-known close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Senate report itself was bad enough, but now something new surfaced in the past week: an abandoned laptop computer that once belonged to Hunter Biden is the subject of an explosive report in the New York Post.

It is becoming obvious from this emerging new evidence which family involved in the current presidential race has been taking massive amounts of foreign cash under the table and often not disclosing it.

The Biden Team Response: Hide

On Sunday morning the Biden campaign announced that their candidate would not make any public appearances until the day of the scheduled debate with President Donald J. Trump.

It is simply unheard of for a presidential campaign to call a five-day lid at this point, with a mere 15 days to go until the election.  I suspect the Biden camp is doing this because they know more damaging disclosures from the laptop are coming over the next few days.  Had the damaging information on the abandoned laptop been limited to just a run of the mill financial scandal there could have been a chance for the fallout to have been limited.

But this is not just a run of the mill financial scandal with these massive amounts of Chinese, Ukrainian, and Russian money changing hands in the hundreds of millions.  And it must be recognized that the addition of over 1,000 images on the laptop that are said to depict both sexual and illegal acts instantly produce a double-whammy effect that is going to make any attempt at containment futile.

Biden’s Campaign Refuses to Say The Emails Are Fake

If these emails were not authentic, that would have been the very first point the Biden campaign would have stressed from the day the New York Post’s story appeared. Four days into the laptop furor as I write this column not a single person in the Biden camp has disputed the authenticity of the emails on the record.  That fact is very revealing.

If the emails were fake Russian disinformation as many in the mainstream media are loudly claiming, the Biden team has had plenty of time to say that themselves on the record. Instead, they are standing pat, saying nothing about the email’s authenticity, and leaving it up to their media allies to circle the wagons and say it for them which of course their DNC Media Complex allies are more than happy to do.

Despite the clear chain of custody and a federal investigation using a grand jury, irresponsible media propagandists in the mainstream media have spent days loudly dismissing BidenGate as a Russian disinformation hoax.

Ponder the irony of that for just a minute.

Photo by: Screenshot The New York Post Headline

The Real Scandal Is Fake, The Fake Scandal Is Real

The people who spent 5 years relentlessly pushing what many of them knew was a fake Trump/Russia collusion hoax manufactured by the Hillary Clinton campaign is right now stridently claiming this growing national security scandal involving the Biden family is a Russian hoax.

These people are not journalists, they are propagandists who cover up real crimes for their friends and accuse their enemies of crimes they haven’t committed. I cannot wait to replace them.

Say, what was the anti-Trump script for all these years?  Once you take their money, they OWN you?

The whole point of the RussiaGate Hoax for five years now has been that Democrats and news media reporters just *knew* the Trump family had taken Putin’s money and so Trump would do whatever Putin ordered him to.  It was claimed that taking this foreign money compromised Trump and his family. And so, based on this false claim, Trump’s family was subjected to four years of investigations by both the FBI and the Mueller Special Counsel attempting to prove they were taking money and orders from foreign governments.

As just one example, here’s a section in investigative reporter Paul Sperry’s report where he details how Hunter Biden and his business partners brazenly looted an emergency fund of $130 million taxpayer dollars in order to help kick-start their own investment firm:

Hunter co-founded the [ Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC] investment firm five months after his father moved into the White House and incorporated it in his father’s home state of Delaware, which has strict corporate secrecy rules.

At the time, Obama had tapped Vice President Biden to oversee the recovery from the financial crisis. Three weeks after Rosemont was incorporated, Hunter and his partners set up a subsidiary called Rosemont TALF and got $24 million in loans from the federal program known as the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility. TALF was designed to help bail out banks and auto lenders hit by the crisis.

Within months, Rosemont had secured a total of $130 million from the program. Some of the government cash was then funneled into an investment fund incorporated in the Cayman Islands, SEC records show. Such offshore accounts are commonly used to evade taxes.

The move raised ethical flags with government watchdogs who suspected the bailout cash was used to benefit a well-connected insider. [emphasis added]

Anybody **without** top political connections in DC that had tried this would have ended up in prison. Because a Biden was involved in this fraud, nothing happened and everyone that could have stopped it looked away. Given what this new evidence shows, the Biden family was a massive national security risk to the United States the entire time Joe Biden was Vice President, and no amount of desperate media spin is going to hide this. With the kind of corruption his family was engaged in while he was Obama’s Vice-President, handing the President’s job to Joe Biden is simply out of the question.

The Trump family withstood the investigations that targeted them. Neither the FBI nor the Special Counsel was able to prove the Trump family or associates took money and orders from Putin or any other foreign government.

Now it is the Biden family’s turn.

And I do not think the investigations into the Biden family and their decades of open, blatant corruption is going to have the same kind of happy ending.


Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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