Senator Graham Postpones Vote for Issuing Subpoenas in Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

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  • 09/19/2023

Today, Chairman Lindsey Graham postponed the vote for the issuing of over 50 subpoenas for individuals to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee into the investigation into Crossfire Hurricane.

A heated debate arose between Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Graham, wherein Senator Durbin made the following statement: "This is about a president who just can't get over it, maybe he will never will, and by a chairman who wants him to have another day to make his point about how he was mistreated," Graham shot back: "With all due respect, I don't buy what you're saying at all."

This comes after Graham responded to the committee the reason for the investigation "Once we found out the Mueller investigation was run by people who hated Trump's guts, dripping with partisanship, nobody seems to care" he added "I don't think you have to be that smart to put the puzzle together, but we're going to keep trying. It matters to me if the number 2 guy at the FBI and Comey himself knew that the document was no longer reliable and kept using it and you can't answer that question, none of you can, but I'm going to get the answer to the question".

He also talked about General Michael Flynn, "And I want to find out why they kept going after Flynn, when everybody that looked at Flynn said he shouldn't be part of Crossfire Hurricane. We're going to have to do this by ourselves because you all could care less, which really says a lot, not good, about this committee but having said that we're going to wherever the evidence takes us and I'm going to try to answer some basic question about how it got so off the rails and try to explain to the public why the FISA court was so upset"

Graham mentioned the people found guilty in the Mueller Investigation (Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulos among others) and thinks that there may be arrests in this investigation, "and I don't if anybody is going to go to jail, (people went to jail in the Mueller investigation) well I think there are people that are real good candidates for going to jail for manipulating the FISA application process and abusing the rule of law".

He spoke to the committee directly about the response he has been getting from other members, "You don't agree with what I am doing, you think I'm in Trump's pocket, I get all of that, it's not lost on me with what you think, but do you expect me to punt? You can forget it, we are not going to punt, we are not going to have a rule of law for Republicans and rule of law for Democrats, where it's okay to turn the Republican nominee's life upside down.He added, "And when you find out there was abuses in that system, I have to ask questions how did that happen and make sure that it doesn't happen again to anybody. So we're going to keep pressing forward and the reason I'm doing subpoena is because it is clear to me that you are not going to help me and it gives me the authority to do what I think I need to do".

The vote for the issuing of subpoenas will be debated next week. You can watch today's full Executive Business meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee here.

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