Serfs of Globalism: In the Age of Corona, What Dies First Is the Inalienable Right to Not Worry

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  • 09/19/2023

By Celia Farber

“Nothing in the world is worth turning one's back on what one loves.”
Albert Camus, The Plague

At what point do you become unable, or unwilling to tolerate any more fear?

The mass media doesn’t just profit off their relentless terror pollution, they also get to torture you. They get to “own” your mind and soul, inject and project right into it, mediate, frighten, confuse you, cause you to abandon your hopes, as learned helplessness finally sets in. The only good thing about Corona terror is that it gives you a slight respite from climate change terror. Hopefully, you see the never changing pattern: You are but a receptor site for para-governmental transnational corporate demoralization campaigns.

Can you feel what they are doing? They are seizing back what they consider “their” power, back from all the events that stole it from them, since 2016: Brexit, Wikileaks, Hillary’s defeat, Russiagate’s implosion, the international rise of populism, traditionalism, the rejection of radicalism. How did they do it? The only way it can be done: With a “novel virus.” One that could be, as Bill Gates put it so lustily, “…a once-in-a-century pathogen.”

This is the only way and should have been anticipated by POTUS and other anti-globalists, but probably wasn’t. They’re not, as the left asserts, “anti-science,” they’re just not versed in the dark arts of Pandemia.

You can tell, President Trump is approaching this as a matter of a “virus.” He thinks he can take care of the “virus” and then, as he says, quite sanely, “this ends. This is going to end.”


He doesn’t understand their religion: No virus crisis in the fevered mind of a plague-mongering globalist ever “ends.” Especially not one with “pandemic potential,” that could be a “once-in-a-century pathogen.”

Well; We are in it now, it happened very fast. It swallowed us, like a whale. The Corona Era. This is the endgame. Everything shall now become abjectly impossible for the human species. Every human, dog and even cat shall go Into The Plastic, the final coil of human isolation, of joyless existence, for which they already had a term prepared: “Social distancing.”

A Chinese company just launched a full body plastic shell bat-like suit, “structured like the wings of a sleeping bat,” which isolates them from others and sterilizes their breathing air with ultra-violet radiation technology. It’s called “Be a Batman,” and it promises to make people popular because not only will they not spread “Corona,” they will, during “contact,” help kill it.

Welcome to the future. Politics can’t trump culture, and our culture is now a Corona culture. A far cry from hippies spreading free love in muddy tents at Woodstock half a century ago, the whole thing now is about contagion, survival, isolation, and the final surrender of all human needs, at least if said needs involve contact with other humans.

Globalism is a religion that propels itself on the notion that all there is to this life is staying alive; The more dutifully afraid you are, of everything, (Climate Change, Brexit, Trump, Trump supporters, words, opinions you disagree with, and now, “Corona,”) the higher your status as a modernist/globalist.

Seems the only thing people do anymore is spend their days trying to figure out how worried to be about this or that virus that the Globalist Curia claim has (again) “pandemic potential.”

Always potential. (A form of psychic debt-slavery.) The terrible thing that has happened over there that could easily happen here, and surely will.  Because, you see, though we may claim we are not “globalists,” we are still serfs of our globalist masters. There are no nations, don’t you know? Not really. No disease conditions in Wuhan that could not be immediately applicable in Seattle, right?


Ask Louis Pasteur. “The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything,” he is rumored to have confessed, on his deathbed, in 1895.

[Something very bad is certainly happening in China. This article is about the United States.]

I wonder if you can feel what I feel. It’s not a sentence I want to write but I feel they have Nagasakied us. Dropped the bomb.

“We respectfully ask the media…to not incite a panic.”

President Trump, Feb 29, 2020, Press Conference

I am picking up on something that is all but impossible to put into words.

The story of a plague, not the story of a pandemic. The story of something that precedes a pandemic, envelops it, gives birth to it; gives death to it, rather. A vast, dark, dank, spirit that wishes us ill, like Goethe’s Erlking.

I want you to stop thinking about “the virus” for a moment and think about what happens to the collective human spirit when we are attacked via mass media with fear bombardment about “the virus.”  What happens is that everything that makes us human gets reduced to a cockroach-mindset. It becomes a spiritual war of all against all. When people are in that state, they are extremely controllable.

I have been confronting this thing since the early years of HIV, when it first appeared, as an ultra-violent attack on the human spirit.

It’s the same thing George Orwell referred to as a “sour smell” like boiled cabbage that permeated everything in Oceania, in 1984.

Not one of the doom predication's of the HIV “pandemic” was born out, despite it being a trillion dollar industry today, designed to float in perpetuity. The vaccine was supposed to be ready in 1985. That’s 35 years ago. Here’s a snapshot of the cost, for a single year:

“According to a 2018 report, $845 million was spent on HIV vaccine research in 2017. And to date, more than 40 potential vaccines have been tested.” []

I have spent the last 10 days absorbing everything I can from media in different countries, from our own government press conferences, from WHO statistical sites, and from Twitter accounts in China. Every time I think I have enough in my research basket to finish this piece, I check Twitter and more scare stories have emerged. Last few hours alone: An Asian man video-recorded keeling over on a NYC street. In South Korea and Australia, it’s impossible to find a roll of toilet paper. A round-table meeting with POTUS at the NIH centers on the rush to develop vaccines (plural.) A story that a young man who allegedly tested positive for Covid-19 and is in quarantine, shook Vice President Mike Pence’s hand within recent weeks. Panic buying across the world and across the US.

I went to Trader Joe’s in New York City Sunday night to do some elementary prep-shopping for my family, since this lunacy is clearly flying, and many shelves were empty. I asked a staffer if it was because of Corona-panic and he said, “Oh yes definitely. Yesterday and today, it’s been totally crazy. That’s why the shelves are crashed.”

There is a massive disconnect between hysterical media narratives and known facts. The former churns out versions of this: The virus is spreading, it’s hit the US, 11 people have died, President Trump is lost in the weeds with his denialist optimism, his appointment of Vice President Pence as Corona Virus Coordinator is disastrous, Pence doesn’t believe in “science” but rather, turns to “his God,” while poor suffering Tony Fauci, head of the NIAID, is being “muzzled,” by the President and can’t tell us how bad things really are.  Many left-wing outlets have pushed this narrative. There is one set of numbers I am very interested in, which mainstream media is not interested in at all: The Recovered.

I watch the press conferences very carefully, and they’re telling. At a press conference last week, President Trump emphasized the good news, which is in keeping with his belief system and leadership style. He likes to talk about “the recovered.” This is really heretical. He has no idea how that hits a globalist’s ears.  NO GOOD NEWS. NO GOOD NEWS. EVER. ONLY BAD. GETTING WORSE. NOT ENOUGH BEING DONE. NOT ENOUGH MONEY. NO SUCH THING AS ENOUGH MONEY. NO SUCH THING AS VIRAL DISEASES PEAKING AND DECLINING. STOP HIM. HE’S DANGEROUS. HE’S ANTI-SCIENCE!

President Trump wore a pink tie at one of the press conferences. A red tie at another. He was having none of it.  He was like a one-man levee between America and the Final Psychic Bomb. How did he think it would affect people’s “behavior,” one female journalist scolded, when he used the word “hoax?” He shot back that when he used the word ‘hoax” he was talking about how the democrats were weaponizing this as the latest in their armamentarium against him, and in this he is of course exactly correct. This despite the entire fleet of health officials from the HHS on down saying the US risk level is very low, because we imposed travel restrictions back in January. Because he is the President of the United States, nobody could stop him from uttering the unsay-able:

President Trump calmly pointed out that of the 15 cases that had been “diagnosed,” (diagnosis is sketchy) at that time, 8 had returned home,  4 were very ill, 1 remained in the hospital, 5 had recovered fully, and 1 was set to return home soon. Most who have died have been over 70, many over 80, and had underlying respiratory and other problems. The survival rate for people under 50 has been calculated to be 99.8%. 

MERS and SARS were both more deadly.

“If you’re healthy, you will probably go through a process and you’ll be fine,” President Trump said, and one could almost hear gasps from the press corps. That was, in a sense, a declaration of a whole new war. “You’ll be fine?”

“In many cases, when you catch this, it’s very light,” he said. He repeated a few times flu death statistics: Between 25,000 and 65,000 Americans die of flu each year. (That sounds to me like the “flu shot” needs a miracle.)

Those few who die of what we now (presumptuously) call Corona Virus, or Covid-19, are often in their 70's, 80's. or 90's, and have underlying complication conditions. (Incidentally, there is no way to know if they died of this.) Symptoms of Covid-19: Fever, cough, shortness of breath. Same as flu. Test? Not really spoken of, but there is no reliable test. This is why the FDA official at one of the press conferences said that the FDA had issued a policy that “allows us a lot of flexibility around the development of diagnostic tests.” (His name was not given. But allow me to translate: “We have no test at present. But we are in business making some that we will soon be foisting on you.'

The press room erupted in predictable disapproval after Trump, Azar, and even Fauci emphasized the recovered patients and the overall good news for America. The extremely low numbers. “The current risk to the American public remains low,” they said. (But one could sense Fauci chomping at the bit to say: “But that can change very quickly…”)

The Pandemia Left, like the ever-pessimistic Laurie Garrett, Bill Gates’ favorite author, already has its reply to this: “It’s because we have failed to test people.”  So, expect a pandemic of testing, and a burgeoning industry that will be designed to terrify you, and enrich them. Most of our problems stem from promiscuous and indeed “anti-science” methods of diagnostic testing in the post PCR bio-tech age. Why look for the thing in itself when you can work off its RNA fragment-echo?

The President was assailed with angry questions about why he hasn’t done more, worried more, why he hadn’t given Chuck Schumer the 8.5 billion, (yes, billion) he requested, to devote to this, what about what Pelosi said, what about his supposed “muzzling” of NIAID’s Tony Fauci who said: “I have never been muzzled, ever, by this administration.” This will have no dimming effect on the Fauci-has been muzzled conspiracy theory, which originated in the New York Times.

Fauci did, inexplicably, go on to tell MSNBC’s Richard Engel: “We’re dealing with clearly an emerging infectious disease that has now reached outbreak proportions and likely pandemic proportions.”

He does not sound very “muzzled,” there, but nor is this an unusual thing for Fauci to say. The better part of his job since the 1980's has been to apply this mantra to just about any “emerging infectious disease” any reporter asks him about.

Trump meanwhile, being Trump, is interested in success, good news, and looks for it. Why doesn’t he like death, doom, terror, social control, and collapsing financial markets?

My friend Tom pointed out to me perhaps the most outrageous thing Trump said, about the “15:”  “When people recover, we take them off the list,” he said.

That is a dead no-no in the Church of Globalist Pandemia. What’s wrong with this guy? He wants lower numbers? In the middle of an emerging bio-tech and social control juggernaut?

Anthony Fauci can tell you: Always inflate your numbers by any means necessary. Always find ways to slice and dice dud numbers to perform epidemiological magic tricks that make people think things are getting worse all the time.

Some stats: Total number of deaths worldwide: 3084. Of what? Of an illness indistinguishable from flu, now referred to as Corona, and killing people primarily in China. Highly survivable outside of China. So why is the world grinding to a halt? This is the question. And it’s a terrifying question. One that lays bare the truth: No President, no nation, and no facts can thwart a global pandemic the global pandemic apparatus has already launched, and even called “inevitable.”  Total cases worldwide: 90,277.  Of which 80,151 are in China. 2,943 deaths, (officially,) in China. From there, the numbers drop to double or single digits in every other country: 29 in South Korea, 52 in Italy, 66 in Iran, 6 in Japan. 0 in Germany, Spain and Singapore, though there are 165 confirmed cases in Germany, 123 in Spain, and 108 in Singapore.

But here are the numbers nobody talks about: The recovered.

More than half the number of “confirmed” cases in China have recovered: 47,204.

And this is without a clear “cure.” People mostly recover. Very few die. I’ve yet to see a death outside of China that is not in a person who was elderly, and had other health complications.

That doesn’t seem to matter. Everything is infused and infected with the dark spirit that has mind-melded us, induced us to think of it.  Think of what exactly we think of it, as we think of it.  To stare at our screen, watch numbers, cases, maps, press conferences with CDC officers, globalist CFR types, eager to fully launch their pandemic fantasies, finally haul away Donald Trump, for failing to internalize the proper attitude of doom, of fear, of this globalist secular faith, rooted in the impulse to worship a “deadly virus,” and kill everybody who would deny it.

Here’s what has me depressed: The palpable feeling of a dying world. Everything is suddenly noticeably more joyless, loveless, mirthless. The things you are permitted to think about include how much Donald Trump has failed to terrorize Americans, but not what a “corona virus” is, never mind what a PCR test is. (A PCR test is about as good as a coin toss, not even, when it comes to “diagnosing” a virus. It’s a needle in a haystack DNA amplification technology.)

I feel regret that I went panic-shopping. It represents capitulating to the demand to fear death in a way I find unseemly. I want to live, not only not die right now. I actually would like to stop writing about this. To just dismiss it, and write about things I find remarkable, beautiful, or inspiring. Things that are true and real.

But how do I extricate my soul? It matters not who “has it.” Virtually nobody in the US. We all “have it,” in our minds, hearts and souls. It has imposed itself as the one big big big story. I went to get a haircut, and the woman next to me was talking about it. “I usually don’t pay attention to these things,” she said. “But this one feels different.”

"From now on it can be said that plague was the concern of all of us,” wrote Albert Camus, in The Plague.

"Thus, for example, a feeling normally as individual as the ache of separation from those one loves suddenly became a feeling in which all shared alike and — together with fear — the greatest affliction of the long period of exile that lay ahead."


Celia Farber is half Swedish, raised there, so she knows “socialism” from the inside. She has focused her writings on freedom and tyranny, with an early focus on the pharmaceutical industry and media abuses on human liberties. She has been under ferocious attack for her writings on HIV/AIDS, where she has worked to document the topic as a psychological operation, and rooted in fake science. She is a contributor to UncoverDC and The Epoch Times, and has in the past written for Harper’s, Esquire, Rolling Stone and more. Having been gravely injured in legacy media, she never wants to go back. She is the recipient of the Semmelweis International Society Clean Hands Award For Investigative Journalism, and was under such attack for her work, she briefly sought protection from the FBI and NYPD. She is the author of “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS,” and the editor of The Truth Barrier, an investigative and literary website. She co-hosts “The Whistleblower Newsroom” with Kristina Borjesson on PRN, Fridays at 10am.

Twitter: @CeliaFarber
FB: Celia Ingrid Farber





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