Barr BLOCKBUSTER: Analysis and Commentary
This video goes over the May 30, 2019 interview with Attorney General William Barr on CBS, and provides analysis and commentary of the topics. Tracy gets into detail about what to listen for and what t... Read More.
Mueller, an OIG release, and more..
In this LiveStream (prerecorded) Tracy tackles the Mueller press conference, the summary report from the OIG regarding leaks of federal law enforcement investigations to the media, and ends with a much... Read More.
Spygate 101: An Overview
In a fantastic interview, Tracy speaks with an everyday person who has little knowledge of the intricacies of the Spygate case, and wants to learn more. This video is the PERFECT thing to send to a fri... Read More.
Did James Comey have the DNC emails in March of 2016?
In this comprehensive video, Tracy presents compelling evidence that James Comey may have possessed the DNC emails as early as March of 2016. For this story, Tracy reached out to former Trump campaign ... Read More.
Get up to Speed! Comprehensive News Analysis
In this video, Tracy goes over several recent stories, explains their significance, and lets us know what we can expect! you'll find an analysis of Jim Bakers testimony, a review of the Roger Stone cou... Read More.
FISA Shenanigans
Tracy discusses the recent interview by Joe Digenova where he speaks about the conclusions of Michael Horowitz, the FOIA release proving the State Department told the FBI that Steele was conducting opp... Read More.
The Foreshadowing Of Mifsud
What is happening with Joseph Mifsud, Papadopolous, et al and what are the motivations or implications?... Read More.
Emmett Flood: The Importance of Precedent
In this video, Tracy breaks down a letter explaining the issues with the Special Counsel, as well as executive privilege, and the importance of precedent as well as the focus being placed on precedent ... Read More.
Mazie Hirono and William Barr: A Deconstruction
Tracy takes on the abhorrent seven minute slandering of the AG of the United States of America at William Barrs hearing before the Senate Judiciary committee, and shows you the hypocrisy and falsity mi... Read More.
News Roundup and Analysis
Tracy gets into analysis of current events and what significance they have moving forward.... Read More.
Mueller Report: Volume II Summary
In the summary of Volume II of the Mueller Report, Tracy discusses the numerous inconsistencies and some of the details into the SC investigation of "obstruction" of justice.... Read More.
Mueller Report: Volume I Summary
Tracy read the entire first Volume of the Mueller report, and sums up what she thinks are the most salient points. In this video she does both detailed analysis and birds eye strategy analysis.... Read More.
Manning: DOJ Investigated Abedin in October of 2016
Chelsea Manning filed a lawsuit from prison in late 2016. In it, is mentioned that some of the folks alleged to be investigating Manning, are shifted to begin investigating Huma Abedin. The events that... Read More.
The Pact: Green Beret Robert Patrick Lewis
Don't miss this amazing interview with Green Beret Robert Patrick Lewis, author of "The Pact" and entrepreneur! The two discuss lots of news, world events, and a new venture that Lewis has undertaken!... Read More.

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