News from Around the Web for July 1, 2024

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News From Around the Web

#10 California Democrats Set $12 Million Toward Reparations as State Grapples With Historic Deficit - Emily Hallas for Washington Examiner, and Tee Rickey, Brie Gray, and David Burks on X

California allocated $12 million toward reparations for descendants of black slaves as the state wrestles to reconcile its $45 billion budget deficit. The taxpayer funds earmarked for black Californians is included in a budget agreement Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) announced last week. The governor’s latest budget proposal comes after months of debate over how to resolve the state’s looming deficit and just two years after the Golden State enjoyed a near-$100 billion surplus...


#9 Warren Buffett Reveals Plans for $130 Billion Fortune in His Will - Tom Ozimek for The Epoch Times, and Business Insider India on X

Famed investor Warren Buffett has revealed the details of his will, with the 93-year-old founder of Berkshire Hathaway charting a charitable course for his vast $130 billion fortune after he passes away. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he said he intends for nearly all of his immense fortune to be put into a charitable trust that will be used to help the less fortunate. “It should be used to help the people that haven’t been as lucky as we have been,” Mr. Buffett told the outlet...


#8 Biden Waves off Debate Detractors -  Alexis Simendinger and Kristina Karisch for The Hill, and Erick Erickson, Douglas Ritz, DC Draino, and Nick Sorter on X

President Biden is determined to plow ahead with his campaign to try to defeat former President Trump in November, he and his surrogates said over the weekend. They spoke ahead of expected new polling that will gauge the thinking of an estimated 51 million viewers who watched portions of Biden’s jumbled, raspy, blank-faced performance Thursday, plus the millions of potential voters deluged with news accounts in the days that followed...


#7 U.S. Bases on High Alert for Potential Terrorist Attacks - Sarah Arnold for Townhall and Amuse on X

U.S. military groups in Europe are on high alert after a potential attack from terrorists in the region, according to several reports, Officials told CNN on Sunday that the U.S. Army garrison in Stuttgart, Germany was one of the bases that raised its status to the alert level, “Force Protection Condition Charlie”— the second highest state of alarm issued by the US Army. It is important to note that the military bases have been put on high alert, not lockdown.  The alert status means that the Pentagon was informed of credible intelligence information regarding a possible terrorist threat that is highly likely...


#6 CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid Closing Stores: A Brick and Mortar Downfall? Daniella Genovese on Fox Business, and Mike Johnson on X

The major U.S. pharmacy chains have closed locations around the nation in recent years amid the rise in online pharmacies.  It’s a trend that Jonathan Palmer, senior health care analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, projected will continue, especially as the dependency on online services continues to grow. Just this week, Walgreens announced that it would close a "significant" number of underperforming stores across the U.S. due to ongoing challenges with profitability and declining margins...


#5 Mailing It In: Swing-State Ballot Lawsuits Could Shape 2024 Presidential Race - Kaelan Deese for Washington Examiner, and DCExaminer on X

Four months out from Election Day, activists are still fighting over the rules that will dictate how voters cast their ballots, including in swing states. The parties are preparing for legal battles if the results are close, as they were four years ago. In this series, the Washington Examiner will look at the battles over election rules. Part one will look at absentee voting. The 2024 presidential election will likely be decided by a handful of swing states, where judicial activists on both sides of the political aisle have been busy in court trying to alter the rules for a key method of casting ballots: mail-in voting...


#6 Le Pen Victory Triggers Leftist Protests: What Happens in the French Election Now? - Oliver JJ Lane for Breitbart, and Alex Pleiadian, Matt Goodwin, Johnny Marshall and Not Far Left At All on X

Thousands turned out to protest the outcome of the first round of the French parliamentary elections on Sunday night, objecting to the French people having voted in greater numbers for Le Pen’s populists than the pan-left bloc. France-wide election results trickled in overnight for the first round of the Parliamentary selection, largely confirming the exit polls published Sunday night and the opinion polling in the days running up to the vote. Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN) is the largest party with 33.15 per cent of votes cast on the highest turnout for a French election in decades. The New Popular Front, a new pan-left alliance put together for this vote got 27.99 per cent and globalist-managerialist President Emmanuel Macron’s faction came in third with just 20.76 per cent...


#5 SCOTUS Opinions Indicate The Death Of The Administrative State Is Just Beginning - Margot Cleveland for The Federalist, and on X

Last week proved destructive not merely to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign but also to the administrative state and Biden’s fellow Democrats’ exploit to control the country. Two Supreme Court decisions bookending Biden’s disastrous debate foretell a coming decade in which the judicial branch will work to dismantle the abusive power unconstitutionally seized by the alphabet soup of federal agencies born since the New Deal. Friday’s Supreme Court decision overturning the Chevron doctrine represented the most obvious blow to the administrative state. The Chevron doctrine “require[d] courts to defer to an agency’s interpretation of an ambiguous statute so long as the agency’s interpretation [was] ‘reasonable.’” Deference under Chevron was demanded even in cases where the agency’s view of the statute was not the best, so long as a court found it “reasonable.”


#4 Laura Kavanagh Reportedly Slams Firefighters in Texts to NY AG Letitia James After Booing Incident - Mariane Angela for The Daily Caller, and Unlimited Ls on X

The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) Commissioner reportedly slammed firefighters in texts to the New York Attorney General following a booing incident March 7, the New York Post reported. FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh, the first woman in the role, is grappling with challenges related to the behavior of some members of her predominantly male workforce. This issue came to light after attendees supporting former President Donald Trump booed Democratic Attorney General Letitia James at a department promotion ceremony, according to the New York Post. The outlet obtained text messages between Kavanagh and James through a Freedom of Information request, showing Kavanagh’s frustration and her apology to James for the incident...


#3 Michigan Governor Warned Biden Campaign Her State Is No Longer Winnable - Anders Hagstrom for Fox News, and Jonathan Lamire 

Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer told President Biden's campaign that her state was no longer winnable after Biden's disastrous debate performance last week, Politico reported Monday. The news arose from a call between Whitmer and Biden campaign Chair Jennifer O’Malley Dillon. Sources familiar with the call told the outlet that Whitmer expressed frustration that her name was being raised as a replacement for Biden in the wake of the debate. She disavowed any effort to force Biden to drop out of the race, something a growing number of Democrats are pushing for. Another source told Politico that she gave Dillon a general warning that Michigan was no longer winnable for Biden following his debate performance...


#2 Pride Marches Across the Country Incorporate Politics -  Mark Moran & Darryl Coote for UPI News, and Collin Rugg, Tayler Hanson, and DC Draino on X

Pride month celebrations culminated Sunday with parades across the world, including San Francisco and New York, where people supporting LGBTQ identities and rights, some dressed in multi-colored, elaborate clothing and costumes, marched in the streets. In New York, thousands of Pride revelers rallied along Fifth Avenue in an event that also marked the 55th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising of June 28, 1969, which sparked the gay rights movement in the United States...


#1 Trump Aide Steve Bannon Reports to Federal Prison for Defying House Jan. 6 Subpoena - Bart Jansen for USA Today, and Benny Johnson, Ultra Maga Party, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Citizen Free Press on X

Steve Bannon, a former political aide to Donald Trump, will report Monday to federal prison to serve a four-month sentence for contempt of Congress after defying a subpoena from the House committee that investigated the Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021. Bannon, a podcaster who remains popular with the former president's supporters, was convicted in July 2022 and was sentenced to four months in prison and fined $6,500. He'll be imprisoned in Danbury, Connecticut. "I'm a political prisoner," Bannon told ABC News. "It won't change me. It will not suppress my voice. My voice will not be suppressed when I'm there."


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