News from Around the Web for June 6, 2024

News From Around the Web

#10 Tyler ISD Embraces ‘Civil Disobedience’ Against Title IX Changes - Erin Anderson for Texas Scorecard and on X, and Tom Glass on X

An East Texas school superintendent is embracing “civil disobedience” against the Biden administration’s “offensive” rewrite of Title IX, the federal civil rights law designed to protect women from sex-based discrimination in education. Superintendent Marty Crawford declared that Tyler Independent School District will follow Gov. Greg Abbott’s instruction to the Texas Education Agency to ignore the new Title IX rule. The rewritten rule, set to take effect in August, undermines Title IX’s protections for girls in K-12 schools by mandating compliance with radical gender ideology. Crawford made the statement in a letter to the Texas Association of School Boards, a taxpayer-funded lobbying group that also provides legal, policy, and training services to member districts at taxpayers’ expense...


#9 Inside the Crime-Ridden California Neighborhood Where It’s Even Too Dangerous for Road Workers - Marjorie Hernandez and James Cirrone for The Daily Mail, and End Wokeness on X

Frustrated Oakland residents are in the hole after a construction crew quit and refused to finish its pothole paving job because it got 'too dangerous' for its workers - as other businesses flee the Bay Area over the same concerns. Residents in the Sobrante Park area in East Oakland said they weren't even notified after the third-party general contractor decided to abandon the project before repaving the streets, leaving large potholes and dangerous loose gravel all over the neighborhood since mid-May. When resident Shari Angarano reached out to a city project manager for some answers, she was left in disbelief.


#8 Biden Prepares an Order That Would Shut Down Asylum if a Daily Average of 2,500 Migrants Arrive - AP News, and Chip Roy on X

The White House is telling lawmakers that President Joe Biden is preparing to sign off on an executive order that would shut down asylum requests at the U.S.-Mexico border once the average number of daily encounters hits 2,500 between ports of entry, with the border reopening only once that number declines to 1,500, according to several people familiar with the discussions. The impact of the 2,500 figure means that the executive order could go into immediate effect because daily figures are higher than that now. The Democratic president is expected to unveil the actions — his most aggressive unilateral move yet to control the numbers at the border — at the White House on Tuesday at an event to which border mayors have been invited...


#7 U.S. House Votes to Sanction International Court Over Warrants for Netanyahu and Other Israeli Officials - Kyle Stewart and Sarah Mimms for NBC News, and The New York Post on X

The House voted Tuesday to impose sanctions against the International Criminal Court for its move to issue arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials for war crimes in the nation's war against Hamas. The vote was 247-155, with nearly every Republican and a few dozen Democrats voting for it. Two Republicans, Reps. Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Warren Davidson of Ohio voted present. The sanctions bill is unlikely to get a vote in the Democratic-controlled Senate, however. Though President Joe Biden called the ICC's actions "outrageous," his administration said in a statement Monday it "strongly opposes" the bill to sanction the court. Biden's administration remains "deeply concerned about the ICC Prosecutor’s heedless rush to apply for arrest warrants for senior Israeli officials," the administration said, but it also opposes sanctioning "the ICC, its personnel, its judges, or those who assist its work. There are more effective ways to defend Israel, preserve U.S. positions on the ICC, and promote international justice and accountability, and the Administration stands ready to work with the Congress on those options."


#6 No Firings Planned After VA Executive Bonus Mistakes, Secretary Says - Leo Shane III for Military Times, and Edrys Leyva and Rep. Keith Self on X

Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough on Tuesday acknowledged “a series of massive mistakes” in the improper awarding of about $11 million of incentive bonuses to senior department officials last year but told lawmakers he still has confidence in his leadership team to make up for the errors and reform agency processes. Republican lawmakers questioned whether some senior leaders should be fired because of the scandal, which they said has undermined public faith in the department...


#5 Texas’ 10 Most Wanted Criminal Illegal Migrants for June 5 - KFox14, and Bill Melugin on X

The Texas Governor's Public Safety Office, together with the Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Crime Stoppers, has issued its list of Texas' 10 Most Wanted Criminal Illegal Immigrants. As part of the initiative, Texas Crime Stoppers will offer cash rewards to anyone who provides information that leads to a 10 Most Wanted arrest. To be eligible for cash rewards, tipsters must provide information to authorities using one of the following three methods...


#4 IHR Amendments Rammed Through: Pandemic Treaty Alive and Well - Wendy S. Mahoney for UncoverDC, and Sophie Still Fighting, and Dr. Kat Lindley on X

Do not be fooled by what people are saying about the IHR Amendments. The Pandemic Treaty is still alive and well. In fact, the 77th World Health Assembly just rammed through a substantial package of amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) with little to no regard for the rules. Remember, many of these regulations have been in place since 2005. With this updated version, they are just making the rules stronger. Robert Malone confirms in his Substack that there was no actual vote to confirm and approve the amendments. Instead, "consensus" was agreed upon by an "unelected conclave" of insiders. 


#3 Patient in Mexico Dies After Bird Flu Infection, Becoming Strain’s First Human Fatality - Anthony Robledo for USA Today, and Camus, and Dr. Simon Goddek on X

A Mexico resident died in what officials say is the world's first death from a bird flu strain not previously detected in humans, the World Health Organization said Wednesday. The 59-year-old died on April 24 after developing a fever, shortness of breath, diarrhea, nausea, and general discomfort a week prior, according to WHO. The victim, who officials did not identify, had multiple underlying medical issues before presenting acute symptoms. The patient was bedridden in Mexico City for three weeks and later died due to complications from the infection...


#2 Why America Could Fail Again: Dr. Birx’s Stark Pandemic Warning- CNN, and Jordan Schachtel and Thomas Massie on X

CNN's Kasie Hunt interviews Dr. Deborah Birx, the former White House Coronavirus response coordinator, shedding light on various public health challenges and emphasizing the crucial lessons learned from past pandemics.


#1 FDA Panel Recommends New COVID Vaccines for JN.1 Lineage by Fall - Arianna Johnson for Forbes and Nicola Patterson, Liberty Linda, and Sharyl Attkisson on X
A Food and Drug Administration expert panel voted Wednesday to manufacture new COVID-19 vaccines to specifically target the JN.1 variant lineage—which makes up the most dominant strains circulating in the U.S.  The FDA’s independent Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee voted unanimously Wednesday to create new COVID-19 vaccines that target the JN.1 variant and its sublineage. The agency is expected to make a final decision on the new vaccine in the coming days.

Pfizer, Novax, and Moderna each said their updated vaccines will be available this fall ahead of the 2024-2025 flu season...


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‘Paws In’ Viral Trend Has Pet Owners Going Nuts About Their Dogs’ New Trick: ‘Treats Make Big Things Happen’ - Ashley J. DiMella, Fox News, and NY Post and Googi Pet Natural Products and JPNWMN on X


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