News from Around the Web for Apr 24, 2024

News From Around the Web

#10 Berkeley Anti-Israel Agitators Met With Stern University Warning: ‘We Will Take the Steps Necessary' - Stepheny Price for Fox News and Mornings with Maria and Collin Rugg on X

The University of California- Berkeley is among the latest campuses to join in on the anti-Israel protests sweeping the country, as students occupied part of the Bay Area campus Monday during a sit-in. UCB Divest, a coalition of students, staff and faculty members, is one of the organizations leading the charge and calling on the community to come out and support their group, in what they call the first encampment of its kind on the West coast, during the occupation of Sproul Plaza. "WE NEED YOU HERE! We will need you every night throughout this week to take up space with us. We know the Bay Area will not disappoint," the group posted on Instagram...

#9 Dangerous Microsoft Monopoly Endangers Cybersecurity - Julio Rivera for American Greatness
In America, the Washington, D.C., uniparty types like to make you think that they are all for reining in big corporations in favor of the “little guy.” But in practice, it seems that across many industries, the practice of squeezing out competition via government subsidy or legislative or bureaucratic intervention is often carried out by legislators with a vested interest in the long-term success of their “donating constituency.” In one of the more potentially damaging examples of this type of monopolistic cronyism, during the 2023 fiscal year, the US government gifted Microsoft nearly $500 million, despite the fact that more than 50% of government workers believe that the reliance on Microsoft’s productivity technology makes them more vulnerable to ransomware, trojans, and other cyber intrusions...
#8 Chaos Breaks Out on Tennessee House Floor After Lawmakers Pass Controversial Teacher Gun Bill - Brady Knox for Washington Examiner and Heartland Signal and Robby Starbuck on X
The Tennessee legislature passed a controversial bill allowing teachers to carry guns, causing protesters to scream their disapproval and cause chaotic scenes on the state House floor. “Blood. On. Your. Hands,” the crowd in the gallery shouted, brandishing protest signs.  Republican and Democratic state representatives conversed and argued on the floor, accusing each other of breaking rules. Republican House Speaker Cameron Sexton kicked out at least one protester for being too disruptive, according to the Washington PostThe Washington Examiner reached out to Sexton for comment. House Democrats, a clear minority in the deep red state, protested the measure...

#7 Ron DeSantis on Joe Biden’s Abortion-Focused Visit: ‘Floridians Not Buying What He’s Selling’ - Katherine Hamilton for Breitbart and Modernity and Proud Elephant on X

Floridians “are not buying what Joe Biden is selling,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) told reporters ahead of the president’s abortion-focused visits to Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday. “I hear that Joe Biden is on his way to Florida this afternoon, and all I can say is this is a guy who has intentionally opened the borders of this country and caused great harm,” DeSantis said at a press conference in Naples. “His policies have caused families to suffer with higher prices and higher interest rates, and now he’s coming down to try to support a constitutional amendment that will mandate abortion up until the moment of birth, that will eliminate parental consent for minors, and that is written in a way that is intentionally designed to deceive voters,” the governor continued. “So all I can tell you is Floridians are not buying what Joe Biden is selling, and in November, we’re going to play an instrumental role in sending him back to Delaware where he belongs.”

#6 ‘It’s Only Goodbye for Now, I’ll Be Back’: George Santos Drops Congressional Bid - Alex Nitzberg for Blaze Media and Dr. Phil, George Santos and Sweet Pea Bell for X

Former Republican Rep. George Santos, who was expelled from Congress last year while representing New York's 3rd Congressional District, has announced that he is dropping his bid to represent New York's 1st Congressional District. "I have decided to withdraw from my independent run for #NY1," Santos tweeted on Tuesday. "I don't want my run to be portrayed as reprisal against Nick Lalota… Although Nick and I don’t have the same voting record, and I remain critical of his abysmal record, I don’t want to split the ticket and be responsible for handing the house to Dems," he continued. "I have met with leaders and with constituents, and I have made the decision to hang it up here and stop perusing this race, THIS YEAR!" he wrote. "The future holds countless possibilities, and I am ready, willing, and able to step up to the plate and go fight for my country at any time," he noted. "It’s only goodbye for now, I'll be back."

#5 Biden’s Former ‘Disinformation’ Czar Teams Up With Liberal Operatives For New Gig - Robert Schmad for Daily Caller and Raheem Kassam and The Researcher for X

Nina Jankowicz, previously the head of the Biden administration’s ill-fated “Disinformation Governance Board,” is teaming up with liberal operatives to head a new nonprofit aimed at “increasing the cost of lies that undermine our democracy.” The American Sunlight Project, Jankowicz’s new outfit, recently launched, sending a letter to the Republican-led House Oversight and Judiciary Committees on April 22 criticizing them for their investigation of individuals and organizations encouraging censorship. Though the group stresses its bipartisan credentials, its staff and advisory board are composed largely of alumni of left-wing activist organizations...
--Wasn't she the one who lasted about a week and was singing Mary Poppins songs?

#4 Meta Has Big Plans to Bring VR Headsets to Your 13-Year-Old Child’s Classroom - Tracy Beanz and Michelle Edwards for The HighWire
According to a study financed by Meta, a “growing research base” indicates that learning in Virtual Reality (VR) can improve students’ performance, level of engagement, attendance, and overall satisfaction in school. So, of course, welcome to the Metaverse, kids. With a well-established strategy already in place, by this fall, Meta will launch a new education product for its Quest device that will push VR and Augmented Reality (AR) technology into the learning experience of students as young as thirteen...
#3 Massie Says House Sergeant at Arms Warned of $500 Fine if He Doesn’t Delete Video Post; Johnson Says No Fine Will Be Imposed - Alex Nitzberg for Blaze Media and Rep Thomas Massie and Lauren Boebert on X

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky said in a post on X that the House Sergeant at Arms warned that he would be fined $500 if he did not delete a video post. The video features footage of lawmakers waving Ukrainian flags on the House floor. "Instead of fining democrats for waving flags, the House Sergeant at Arms just called and said I will be fined $500 if I don't delete this video post. Mike Johnson really wants to memory hole this betrayal of America," Massie tweeted. Blaze News attempted to obtain comment from the Office of the Sergeant at Arms, but so far, no comment has been provided. House Speaker Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, has indicated that Massie will not be fined, saying in a post, "Upon viewing Rep. Massie's tweet, our team reached out to the Sergeant at Arms. I do not agree with this assessment and there will be no fine imposed on Rep. Massie."

#2 Milei Announces Argentina’s First Budget Surplus in 16 Years - Insider Paper and Kyle Becker and Dave Benner on X

Argentina’s spending-slashing new President Javier Milei has hailed his country’s first quarterly budget surplus since 2008 as an “historic achievement.” In the first quarter of 2024, the South American country recorded a budget surplus of about 275 billion pesos (some $309 million at the official rate), he told national TV late Monday. This amounted to a surplus of 0.2 percent of GDP. “This is the first quarter with a financial surplus since 2008,” said Milei, referring to his left-wing rival Cristina Kirchner’s first year in the presidency. Milei, who took office in December, boasted of “a feat of historic significance on a global scale.” “If the state does not spend more than it collects and does not issue (money), there is no inflation. This is not magic,” the self-described “anarcho-capitalist” said...

#1 Supreme Court Takes up Trump’s Claim of ‘Absolute Immunity’ From Criminal Prosecution - Devin Dwyer for ABC News and Washington Times and Prime Phoenix on X

Against the backdrop of a divisive 2024 presidential campaign, the U.S. Supreme Court will on Thursday consider the monumental question of whether a former president turned presumptive GOP nominee can be criminally prosecuted for his efforts to stay in power after the last election. The case, Donald J. Trump v. United States, presents an unprecedented constitutional quandary for the court brought about by equally unprecedented actions by former President Donald Trump in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, which he lost to Joe Biden by a margin of 7 million popular votes. The outcome could determine whether Trump faces a federal trial this year on four felony counts pressed by special counsel Jack Smith, including conspiracy to defraud the U.S. and obstruction of an official proceeding, for his attempts to overturn the electoral vote count certifying Biden's victory...


And Now for Something Special smiley

Country Music Singer Davis Wants to Combat Negativity -  Adam Porter and Jacob Evans for BBC

Country music singer Jordan Davis has said people like him must play their part in helping to combat negativity. Davis was speaking following the release of his latest song Good News Sold, which is about how we would all feel better if there was less doom and gloom in the media. The 35-year old told the BBC World Service's The Happy Pod that "it feels like the news is nothing but bad". He says artists should use their platforms to encourage kindness. With more than six billion global streams and a Country Music Association Award under his belt, Davis is one of the leading talents in a new wave of American country music.


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