News from Around the Web for Apr 19, 2024

News From Around the Web

#10 Google Teaches 28 Employees a Lesson for Disrupting Workplace to Protest Contracts With Israel — And It Took Just Two Words - Chris Enloe for Blaze Media

More than two dozen Google employees are learning a hard lesson after using their workplaces to protest Google's contracts with Israel. On Tuesday, dozens of Google employees participated in a protest of Google's $1.2 billion contract with Israel to provide the country's military and government with cloud computing services. The employees demonstrated inside Google's New York office and the Sunnyvale, California, office of Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian. Protesters held signs reading, "No more genocide for profit" and "Googlers against genocide." Nine of the protesters were eventually arrested. The demonstration was organized by No Tech For Apartheid...

#9 Lab Chief Faces Sentencing in Michigan 12 Years After Fatal US Meningitis Outbreak - Ed White for AP News

Days after a routine injection to ease back pain, Donna Kruzich and a friend drove across the border to Canada in 2012 to see end-of-summer theater in Stratford, Ontario. The 78-year-old Michigan woman suddenly became ill and returned home. By early October, she was dead.  “Most of the time, she could not communicate with us. She was basically in a coma,” son Michael Kruzich recalled. “We knew she had meningitis — but we didn’t know how she got it.” Evidence soon emerged: Donna Kruzich was one of at least 64 people in the U.S. who died because of tainted steroids made by a specialty pharmacy in Massachusetts. Nearly 12 years later, the operator of New England Compounding Center is returning to a Michigan court Thursday for his sentence for involuntary manslaughter...

#8 Credential Spraying From Thousands of IP Addresses Are Targeting VPNs; Cisco Warns - Sead Fadilpašić for Tech Radar

For a month now, hackers have been mounting a large-scale credential stuffing attack against multiple Virtual Private Network (VPN) instances around the world. At the moment, it’s hard to say who is behind the attack or what the motives are, but researchers have some clues. As reported by Ars Technica, Cisco’s Talos security team recently warned of an ongoing campaign in which attackers keep trying more than 2,000 usernames and some 100 passwords against different VPNs. Some of the products in the attackers’ crosshairs include Cisco Secure Firewall VPN, Checkpoint VPN, Fortinet VPN, SonicWall VPN, RD Web Services, Mikrotik, Draytek, and Ubiquiti. However, others could be targeted, as well...

#7 If the Windows ‘Update and Shut Down’ Option Restarts Your PC Instead, It’s Not Just You - Tyler Wilde for PC Gamer

Have you ever seen the Windows login screen on your monitor and thought, "Wait a minute, didn't I tell it to shut down?" For a while, I doubted myself: Maybe I had told Windows to "update and restart" instead of "update and shut down." And maybe I should go check the burners on the stove because clearly I can't be trusted with on/off states. But no, it wasn't me. When I mentioned this experience in a meeting recently, another PC Gamer editor said, Wait a minute, you too

#6 Lawmakers Berate Mayorkas on Laken Riley Murder: ‘Your Policies in Action’ - Adam Shaw for Fox News and Josh Hawley on X

Republican lawmakers on Thursday tore into Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over the release of the Venezuelan illegal immigrant now charged with the murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley -- accusing the agency of having released him into the U.S. unlawfully. Lawmakers grilled the embattled secretary on Jose Ibarra, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, who is accused of killing Riley on Feb. 22 while she was jogging at the University of Georgia in Athens. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed with Fox News Digital previously that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had encountered Ibarra on Sept. 8, 2022, and he had been "paroled and released for further processing."


#5 911 Outages Reported in Several States Throughout Us - Washington Examiner and Kyle Becker on X

Several states throughout the United States reported 911 emergency services outages on Wednesday night. The largest city affected appeared to be Las Vegas, Nevada. Nevada State Police alerted people through social media platforms that the outage affected people living in areas throughout Southern Nevada. Residents in parts of Nevada were unable to call 911 from cell phones and landline phones, starting around 7 p.m. local time, according to reports...

#4 More Than Two Dozen AGs Sue Biden Administration Over EV Mandate - Tristan Justice for The Federalist

A coalition of 25 attorneys general led by Kentucky’s Russell Coleman filed a lawsuit against an economy-commandeering Biden administration electric vehicle mandate Thursday. In March, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new emissions demands for carmakers to reduce “fleetwide average carbon emissions” by 56 percent in eight years. The regulations would require car manufacturers to sell more electric vehicles. Daren Bakst, director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center on Energy and Environment, called the new emissions rules “one of the most extreme rules ever finalized by a federal agency.” “The EPA’s rule would restrict the ability of Americans to buy gas-powered vehicles, a chilling abuse of power and a wanton disregard for individual freedom,” Bakst said when the regulations were unveiled...

#3 Musk Warns X Accounts on Engagement Farming, Threatens Suspension - Business Today and Elon Musk and Mama Bear on X

Elon Musk, CEO of X (formerly Twitter), warned about engaging in engagement farming and threatened suspension if corrective action was not taken. In a post on X, Musk wrote, "Any accounts doing engagement farming will be suspended and traced to source." The post generated immense response, and many users hailed Musk's latest announcement.  "If this means suspending accounts that consistently reply to large accounts spamming unrelated content, that would be amazing! I miss when replies were in response to the original post," wrote one user.   "THIS is what we’ve all been waiting for. Thank you," wrote another. Musk's post also generated a lot of questions among many users about engagement farming.  What is engagement farming?

#2 Trump Campaign Says It Will Deploy Thousands of Election Workers to Monitor Poll Sites - Alex Isenstadt for Politico and Rasmussen Poll, and Juanita Broadderick on X

Former President Donald Trump’s political operation said Thursday that it plans to deploy more than 100,000 attorneys and volunteers across battleground states to monitor — and potentially challenge — vote counting in November. The initiative — which the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee described as “the most extensive and monumental election integrity program in the nation’s history” — will include training poll watchers and workers as well as lawyers. The program underscores Trump’s ongoing fixation with election security, which he deployed in an attempt to undermine the results of the 2020 election despite the widespread conclusion, even among Republican officials, that there was no widespread fraud.

#1 Kraken’ Lawyer Sidney Powell Completely Vindicated After Democrat Judges Dismiss Disciplinary Effort by State Bar of Texas - Jim Hᴏft  for The Gateway Pundit and Chuck Callesto and Real Robert on X

Dallas attorney Sidney Powell, known for her vigorous legal efforts to challenge the fraudulent 2020 election on behalf of President Donald Trump, has been fully vindicated by an appellate court decision. The Fifth District of Texas Court of Appeals in Dallas, led by a three-judge panel, all Democrats, concluded that the State Bar of Texas’ arguments were without merit. “The Dallas Court of Appeals has affirmed the Texas state court’s dismissal of the Texas Bar’s case against Powell. After three years of litigation, the Court of Appeals held the Bar had no evidence Powell violated any disciplinary rule in filing four federal lawsuits in the aftermath of the 2020 election,” Sidney Powell’s Defending the Republic said in a statement. The State Bar of Texas Commission for Lawyer Discipline had filed a complaint against Powell, accusing her of violating several Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct.


And Now for Something Special smiley

 West Virginia Girls 'Step-Out' Of Track & Field Meet To Protest Transgender Competitor - Outkick and Riley Gaines on X

On Tuesday, a United States Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a West Virginia law that bars biological boys from competing on girls' sports teams cannot be enforced with regard to a 13-year-old who competes on the girls' track and field team at the athlete's middle school.  "The defendants cannot expect that [this athlete] will countermand her social transition, her medical treatment, and all the work she has done with her schools, teachers, and coaches for nearly half her life by introducing herself to teammates, coaches, and even opponents as a boy," Judge Toby Heytens wrote in his decision, according to the Associated Press. It's important to note that this ruling does not impact the West Virginia law – it only applies to the individual in this particular case, since the individual began transitioning in third grade, prior to hitting puberty. However, the ruling does potentially pave the way for other, similar cases... 


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