News from Around the Web for Apr 10, 2024

News From Around the Web

#10 Is Bird Flu the Pandemic of Choice to Exploit the 2024 Election? - Tracy Beanz and Michelle Edwards for The HighWire and Dr. Peter McCullough on X

A pivotal presidential election is on the horizon in the United States, and those determined to destroy this country need a new way to manipulate and control American voters. The COVID-19 pandemic did the trick in 2020, but its ability to stoke fear for the 2024 election has undoubtedly run its course. Conveniently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been prepping the planet for a catastrophic bird flu pandemic for decades, highlighting it regularly to remind us of its dangerous potential. Thus, it’s no surprise that, as the election race heats up, H5N1 is front and center in the mainstream news. Right on queue, the virus has been detected in cows in multiple states, three pet cats have died from it, roughly two million chickens have been killed after bird flu was detected at the nation’s largest egg producer, and a farm worker in Texas came down with the infection after being exposed to a cow sick with H5N1, sparking a growing alarm that the disease could spread to more people...

#9 The Great COVID Cover-Up: Shocking Truth About Wuhan and 15 Federal Agencies -Sen. Rand Paul for Fox News and Citizen Free Press on X

How vast was the Great COVID Cover-up? Well, my investigation has recently discovered that government officials from 15 federal agencies knew in 2018 that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was trying to create a coronavirus like COVID-19. These officials knew that the Chinese lab was proposing to create a COVID-19-like virus, and not one of these officials revealed this scheme to the public. In fact, 15 agencies with knowledge of this project have continuously refused to release any information concerning this alarming and dangerous research. Government officials representing at least 15 federal agencies were briefed on a project proposed by Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology...

#8 Desantis Signs Retail-Theft Bill, ‘Laying Down the Gauntlet’ for Criminals -Keith Burbank and Gianna Montesano for TC Palm and Christina Pushaw on X

A bill signed into law here Tuesday by Gov. Ron DeSantis aims to deter retail theft, organized looting of businesses, and the theft of packages from porches. At a news conference at a Walgreens store, DeSantis signed House Bill 549, which increases penalties for those offenses, despite a 30% drop in shoplifting in the state in roughly the last five years. ‘We’re a law-and-order state,” DeSantis said. Florida holds criminals accountable, he said...

#7 Arizona Supreme Court Rules State Can Enforce Abortion Ban, Protect Babies From Abortions - Steven Ertelt  for Life News and MSNBC

In a huge pro-life victory, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the state can enforce its abortion ban and protect babies from abortions. Planned Parenthood was challenging the potential reinstatement of the state’s near-total abortion ban from 1864, which has exceptions for life-threatening emergencies but had been blocked by the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. The Dobbs ruling should allow it to go into effect, but the nation’s biggest abortion business challenged it. The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Tuesday to uphold the state’s pro-life law as written by overturning a lower court decision that misinterpreted the law...

#6 TN FBI Overreach Bill Dies Because 7 Republicans Fail to Bring Motion To Hear - Wendi Strauch Mahoney for UncoverDC and Steve Friend on X
FBI Whistleblower Steve Friend gave his all but was nevertheless unable to help the grassroots in Tennessee block undue overreach from the FBI in state investigations. Friend believes some FBI investigations are more appropriately handled by local law enforcement. The bill in question, HB2912, ultimately failed in Tennessee's Senate Judiciary Committee on April 2. The bill failed, not because of Steve Friend but because Jon Lundberg and six other Republican Senators killed it. Not one would bring a motion to hear the bill. In addition to touring the state to talk with citizens about a weaponized FBI, Friend stayed all day on March 26 to testify and answer legislator questions. He was there for both the early afternoon session, as reported by UncoverDC, and another session hours later in the day. 

#5 Country Announces Plans to Ban Import of Gas-Powered Vehicles With Unprecedented New Law: ‘A Decision Has Been Made' - Kaiyo Funaki for The Cool Down and Dave Swinford

Ethiopia announced earlier this year its plan to ban the import of all non-electric automobiles, becoming the first country to outlaw the entry of internal combustion engine vehicles.  Electrek noted that specifics were scant but that the resolution served as a win for the nation's environmental impact and economy. "A decision has been made that automobiles cannot enter Ethiopia unless they are electric ones," Minister for Transport and Logistics Alemu Sime said.  Comment from Dave Swinford: In a country with only 54% of the population having electricity, this might be the most stupid move ever….Ethiopia banning the import of gas vehicles.

#4 The WHO Accord: Global Governance is a Real Threat to American Sovereignty - Wendi Strauch Mahoney for UncoverDC and Concerned Citizen on X

The COVID-19 mandates and resulting lockdowns taught us that, given the chance, governments worldwide will seek to control citizens if a pandemic emergency is declared. The World Health Organization (WHO) closed its negotiations on May 27 with the production of an accord consisting of two treaties that could meaningfully impinge on our sovereignty as Americans. The proposed WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty threatens to give unprecedented power in real or maybe even perceived "public health emergencies of international concern." 

#3 Lunchables Found to Contain Relatively High Lead Levels - Miranda Nazzaro for The Hill and Mario Nawfal for X

The popular kids snack Lunchables contains relatively high levels of lead and sodium, a consumer watchdog group warned Tuesday. Consumer Reports (CR), a consumer advocacy group, said it tested 12 store-bought versions of Lunchables — which are made by Kraft Heinz — along with similar lunch and snack kits and found “relatively high levels of lead and cadmium” in the Lunchables kits. Cadmium is a chemical element linked to negative effects on the kidney and the skeletal and respiratory systems and is classified as a human carcinogen, according to the World Health Organization. There is not a safe level of lead for children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes. The sodium levels in the kits ranged from 460 to 740 milligrams per serving, nearly a quarter to half of a child’s daily recommended limit for sodium, CR said...

#2 Thousands of Social Security Numbers Stolen From Government Firm - Sead Fadilpašić for Tech Radar and CyberNews on X

Hackers recently stole hundreds of thousands of social security numbers from an American consulting firm, with victims across the US possibly affected. Greylock McKinnon Associates (GMA) has filed a new report with the Office of the Maine Attorney General and sent a breach notification email to affected individuals. In its filing, the company said that 341,650 individuals have had their sensitive data and Social Security Numbers (SSN) stolen by unidentified threat actors.

#1 Military Doctor: Transgender Surgery Uptick Paid for with US Tax Dollars - Tracy Beanz for UncoverDC and HiJacking Democrats on X
Did you know that the US Military is enthusiastically (and frequently) performing gender reassignment surgery on active-duty service members using your tax dollars? I received a tip from a doctor at a military hospital and investigated the policy. I was stunned by what I found. The doctor who contacted me wishes to remain nameless for fear of retribution but said these surgeries are happening weekly and perhaps multiple times per week. The details of this policy aren't "new," but there has been a notable uptick in the number of procedures being performed, likely because of the requirement for at least 12 months of hormone therapy in most cases...


And Now for Something Special smiley

Joyous New York City Coffee Shop Hires and Trains People with Autism and Down Syndrome - Andy Corbley for GNN

While a cup of joe from Cafe Joyeux is a normal experience in European cities, this radical and tremendous coffee chain just opened its doors in the Big Apple. Located at 599 Lexington Avenue, East 52nd Street, the first American Cafe Joyeux employs crew members with intellectual and developmental disabilities, empowering them through meaningful training and employment. With Autism Awareness Day having just passed, it’s the perfect time to go for a coffee there.


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