News from Around the Web for Apr 2, 2024

News From Around the Web

#10 Governor Youngkin Vetoes Dozens of Gun Control Bills - CBS News 10 and Andrew Pollack on X

For the first time in two years since he became governor, Glenn Youngkin had to address gun control legislation — and he didn’t mince words when it came to the bills that came across his desk. “In the previous two years, he had a republican house that killed anything that came over from the democratically controlled senate,” said Legislative Director for the Virginia Shooting Sports Association David Adams. 30 vetoes, six amendments, and two signatures. It’s something Adams said he’s pleased with.  “I think he was spot on. There were bills to ban so-called assault weapons, which when you look at the bill, they’ve classified so many weapons,” Adams said. Mike Fox is the Virginia Chapter leader for Moms Demand Action — a gun control advocacy group. He tells me while they hoped Youngkin would sign more bills, he’s happy to see some progress. “I think the fact that governor was sent so many gun safety bills shows that gun safety isn’t just good policy, it’s good politics,” Fox said. Youngkin did sign two bills that had strong bipartisan support...

#9 Trump Media Stock Tanks as New Filing Reveals Heavy Losses, ‘Greater Risks’ on Trump’s Involvement - Alexandra Canal for Yahoo Finance and John Burk on X

Trump Media & Technology Group (DJT), the parent company of Donald Trump's social media platform Truth Social, sank more than 21% Monday following a blockbuster debut last week. At Monday's closing price of $48.66, Trump Media had a market cap of $6.65 billion, giving the former president a stake worth $3.8 billion. After the company's public debut last week, Trump's stake was worth just over $4.5 billion. The stock drop comes on the heels of an updated regulatory filing early Monday that showed the company taking on heavy losses and facing "greater risks" associated with the former president's ties to the platform...

#8 When a ‘Difficult Conversation’ Threatens Free Speech - Byron York for Washington Examiner and X

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) is perhaps the leading Trump inquisitor in the House of Representatives. He led one impeachment, played a key role in another, and helped produce the anti-Trump reality series that was the Jan. 6 committee. So when Raskin proposes to give a speech titled Democracy, Autocracy, and the Threat to Reason in the 21st Century, you can probably guess what it is going to be about. That was the speech Raskin was scheduled to deliver Thursday at the University of Maryland. One might ask: What could go wrong with bashing former President Donald Trump on a college campus? Such a speech would be very well received, wouldn’t it? 

#7 Florida Supreme Court Rules Abortion Rights Will Appear on Florida’s Ballot - Jacob Ogles for Florida Politics and LifeNews on X

Abortion rights will be on the Florida ballot in November. The Florida Supreme Court has approved ballot language for a proposed constitutional amendment. The measure will appear as Amendment 4 on the ballot. Of note, the court, on the same day it approved the ballot language, also upheld a state law barring most abortions 15 weeks into pregnancy and then also triggered a new state law that, beginning in 30 days, will bar most abortions six weeks into a term. “We conclude that the proposed amendment before us embraces but one subject—limiting government interference with abortion—and matter directly connected therewith,” reads a majority opinion...

#6 Trump Secures $175 Million Bond in New York Civil Fraud Case - Aaron Katersky and Peter Charalambous for ABC News and Simon Ateba on X

Former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants have secured a $175 million bond in their New York civil fraud case, according to a court filing. Trump secured the bond through Knight Specialty Insurance Company, which is owned by the privately-held Hankey Group, whose chairman told ABC News that he considers himself a Donald Trump supporter. "This is what we do at Knight Insurance, and we're happy to be able to accommodate the ex-president in this situation," Don Hankey told ABC News. "I'd say it's more of a business decision, but I happen to be a supporter also."

#6 Apple’s Upcoming Ios 18 Update — Touted as Its ‘Biggest’ — Will Only Be Compatible With These iPhone Models - Shannon Thaler for The New York Post

Apple’s “biggest” update to its operating system will leave those will older iPhones out in the cold. The iOS 18 update, slated for June, is expected to include four new artificial intelligence-powered features, including large language models (LLMS) and a generative AI app called iWork. However, those features can only work with iPhones that include its muscular A12 Bionic chip — which excludes anyone still using an iPhone 8 Plus or earlier models.
Additionally, users of the first generation of the lower-cost iPhone series SE (Special Edition) line that was introduced in 2016 also won’t have access to the updated features...

#5 Boston Residents Rip ‘Disgusting’ Plan to House Migrants at Former Veterans Shelter - Nikolas Lanum  for Fox News and Larry D Jones Jr on X

Residents are up in arms about a plan to shelter hundreds of migrants inside a former Boston-area veterans' shelter, according to the New York Post. "I can't believe the Chelsea Soldiers' Home, which is for the Vets, is going to [be] used for the immigrants overflow," Massachusetts resident George Belmonte said on social media. "How about taking care of the homeless vets first? I am all for helping people, but how about taking care of those already here and homeless." Massachusetts Democratic Governor Maura Healey announced last week that the historic Chelsea Soldiers' Home would be converted into a facility to house 100 migrant families, including pregnant women...  

#4 China Hosts ‘Memorial for Organ Donors’, Defying Evidence of Live Organ Harvesting - Frances Martel for Breitbart

The Chinese state newspaper Global Times celebrated the Communist Party on Sunday for hosting a “national commemoration event for human organ donation,” giving Beijing’s organ industry a veneer of legitimacy as evidence has mounted for years that the Party kills political prisoners to sell their bodies. Journalists, human rights activists, and eyewitnesses — including one doctor who claims to have extracted the organs out of a live and healthy political prisoner — have long accused the Communist Party of killing political prisoners on demand to sell their organs to individuals willing to pay for the ability to schedule transplants rapidly. Chinese officials reportedly target Falun Gong practitioners, known to abstain from drugs and alcohol, and Uyghur Muslims, whose organs can be sold to wealthy Muslims in the Middle East, most often potentially killing thousands of people each year...

#3 Thomas Massie Continues Advocating for US to Leave NATO - Alex Nitzberg for Blaze Media and Rep Thomas Massie on X

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky is advocating for the U.S. to sever ties with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. "Hawaii is not covered by the NATO treaty. Some experts say that needs to change. I say, let's get the other 49 states out," Massie tweeted when sharing a CNN article titled, "This US state is not covered by the NATO treaty. Some experts say that needs to change." GOP Sen. Mike Lee of Utah retweeted Massie and posed the question, "If NATO won't cover all of America, why should America cover all of NATO?"

#2 A Small Town’s Battle Against the Spirit of the Age - Steve Deace for Blaze Media and X

The people of Metropolis, Illinois, have a big decision to make. Do they plan on exorcising the demons in their midst, or will they keep dancing blindly with the devil in the pale moonlight? Now that our nation’s “devout Catholic” president has replaced Easter on his calendar with the Transgender Day of Visibility, it’s important that we understand what our options are for moving forward. Now that pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted the Easter vigil mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City (the second time that venerable house of worship has been desecrated by the spirit of the age already this year), it’s important that we understand what our options are for moving forward...

#1 UPS Announces Significant Partnership Expansion with USPS - UPS.Com and Newsmax

Today UPS announced the company has been awarded a significant air cargo contract by the United States Postal Service (USPS). This award is effective immediately and greatly expands the existing relationship between the two organizations. Following a transition period, UPS will become the USPS’s primary air cargo provider and move the majority of USPS air cargo in the US. “Together, UPS and USPS have developed an innovative solution that is mutually beneficial and complements our unique, reliable, and efficient integrated network,” said UPS Chief Executive Officer Carol B. Tome...


And Now for Something Special smiley

Wait, Does America Suddenly Have a Record Number of Bees? Andrew Van Dam for The Washington Post and Joe Montfort on X

Where in the unholy heck did all these bees come from?! After almost two decades of relentless colony collapse coverage and years of grieving suspiciously clean windshields, we were stunned to run the numbers on the new Census of Agriculture (otherwise known as that wonderful time every five years when the government counts all the llamas): America’s honeybee population has rocketed to an all-time high. We’ve added almost a million bee colonies in the past five years. We now have 3.8 million, the census shows. Since 2007, the first census after alarming bee die-offs began in 2006; the honeybee has been the fastest-growing livestock segment in the country! And that doesn’t count feral honeybees, which may outnumber their captive cousins several times over...


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