News from Around the Web for Mar 26, 2024

News From Around the Web

#10 Illegal Aliens: Poor Documentation at Airport TSA Checkpoints - Wendi Strauch Mahoney for UncoverDC
According to a Mar. 20, 2024 letter sent to TSA Director David Pekoske from Rep. Mark Green (R-TN), Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, "TSA is reportedly allowing aliens without verifying identity documents to pass through airport security checkpoints" nationwide." Instead, TSA is "relying on unverified biographical information gathered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) through the CBP One application (CBP One)," the letter continues. The CBP One app allegedly allows many illegal aliens to go through airport TSA checkpoints with minimal identification while Americans are required to undergo rigorous security checks. This has some Americans up in arms. Sonya LaBosco and the Air Marshal National Council have partnered closely with the Committee to keep pressure on Pekoske to address this and other national security issues...

#9 Three Types of GMO Potatoes Are Finally Here, and as Usual, They Will Not Be Labeled - Healthy Holistic Living
The Simplot Co. has a long history of being in the potato business. In the late 1920s, a young J. R. Simplot worked the Idaho ground to grow potatoes. In the 1960s, Simplot was the first to create a process for commercially cooking french fries. Many years later, the company has grown into a diverse billion-dollar company. They entered the GMO world in the mid-2010s with their Innate line of engineered potatoes...

#8 Feds’ Raid on Diddy’s Miami Beach Mansions Goes Into the Night in Sex-Trafficking Probe - Grethel Aguila and Jay Weaver for the Miami Herald, CNN News, Chief Nerd on X, Candace Owens on X, Collin Rugg on X

As night fell on the ultra-exclusive enclave of Star Island off Miami Beach, federal agents were still scurrying around two of its priciest homes. The mansions belong to rap mogul Sean Combs, better known as Diddy. The agents raided the places — one of which Combs bought from two other Miami luminaries, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, for $35 million in 2021 — Monday as part of an investigation into sex trafficking. A van with flashing red-and-blue lights was backed into the driveway, about 25 feet from a large trailer. An officer walked up the driveway with a police dog, stepping past an iron gate that appeared to be damaged...

#7 Florida’s DeSantis Signs One of the Country’s Most Restrictive Social Media Bans for Minors -  Brendan Farrington for AP News and Ron DeSantis on X and Gabrielle Clark on X
Florida will have one of the country’s most restrictive social media bans for minors — if it withstands expected legal challenges — under a bill signed by Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday. The bill will ban social media accounts for children under 14 and require parental permission for 14- and 15-year-olds. It was slightly watered down from a proposal DeSantis vetoed earlier this month, a week before the annual legislative session ended.

The new law was Republican Speaker Paul Renner’s top legislative priority. It takes effect Jan. 1. “A child in their brain development doesn’t have the ability to know that they’re being sucked into these addictive technologies and to see the harm and step away from it, and because of that, we have to step in for them,” Renner said at the bill-signing ceremony held at a Jacksonville school...

#6 Trump Calls on Republicans to Challenge DeSantis’ Lone Florida Supporter in Congress - Gary Fineout for Politico and John Cardillo on X

Former President Donald Trump wants a Republican to mount a primary challenge to Rep. Laurel Lee, the lone member of Florida’s congressional delegation to endorse Gov. Ron DeSantis in his unsuccessful bid for president. Lee, who won a crowded GOP primary two years ago in a safe red district, served as Florida’s top election official under DeSantis and resisted calls by a faction of vocal Republicans and Trump supporters to do a complete audit of the 2020 election in the state. DeSantis, at the time, also rejected calls for an audit of the results that showed that Trump defeated now-President Joe Biden by three percentage points in the state...

#5 Key Bridge Collapses Into Patapsco River in Baltimore After Vessel Hits Support Column - Hayes Gardner and Christine Condon for The Baltimore Sun and The WSJ

Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed early Tuesday after a container ship struck a support column, sending at least seven cars into the Patapsco River, launching a search-and-rescue operation and prompting Gov. Wes Moore to declare a state of emergency. In a news conference just a few hours after the 1:20 a.m. collision, Baltimore Fire Department Chief James Wallace said authorities are “still very much in an active search and rescue posture,” noting they are searching for “upwards of seven individuals” and that sonar has detected the presence of vehicles in the water. There was no indication that the event was intentional, Wallace said...

#4 A U.K. Court Delays Extradition of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange to the U.S. - Lauren Frayer and Fatima Al-Kassab for NPR and The Independent

Julian Assange won't be heading to the United States — at least not immediately. In a partial victory for the WikiLeaks founder, London's High Court on Tuesday delayed his extradition to the U.S., where he faces espionage charges for one of the biggest national security leaks in American history. Assange's lawyers had asked the court to grant him one last appeal against his extradition. The two-judge panel delayed a ruling on that. Instead, it gave the U.S. government three weeks to send assurances that Assange would get a fair trial. Otherwise, the judges wrote, an appeal may proceed.


#3 NYC Council Asking State's Highest Court to Let Non-Citizens Vote in Local Elections After Law Struck Down - Louis Casiano for Fox News

The New York City Council is asking the state's highest court to reverse rulings that struck down a law that would let non-citizens vote in local elections. An appeals court in February ruled the election law, passed by the council in 2021, unconstitutional. The law would have let upwards of 800,000 green card holders vote in local elections.  "The Council passed Local Law 11 of 2022 to enfranchise 800,000 New Yorkers who live in our city, pay taxes, and contribute to our communities," council spokesperson Rendy Desamours said in a statement. "Today’s filing to appeal the Second Department’s recent decision seeks a determination from the state’s highest court that the law is consistent with the State Constitution, Election Law, and the Municipal Home Rule Law."

#2 RFK Jr. to Announce Running Mate for Independent Presidential Bid - Allison Novelo for CBS News

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is set to announce his running mate Tuesday in Oakland, California, as his campaign faces questions about ballot access in several states that require a named vice presidential candidate during the petition process. A few names have already been circulating, including NFL player Aaron Rodgers, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, and wealthy Democratic donor Nicole Shanahan.  The Kennedy campaign has so far kept the name secret and denied it wanted to turn the process into "a guessing game."

#1 ‘The Don Lemon Show’ in Tailspin After Being Dumped by Elon Musk: ‘Nobody is Watching’ - Alexandra Steigrad for The New York Post and Dave Rubin on X

Don Lemon’s new online show is grappling with a fast-shrinking audience after he was unceremoniously dumped by Elon Musk — and the pittance in revenue may not even cover the costs of his bare-bones production, The Post has learned. The former CNN anchor — who had demanded millions of dollars, a flight on a SpaceX rocket, and a Cybertruck before being fired by Musk’s social network X following a testy sit-down interview — suffered a massive decline in viewers for the second episode of “The Don Lemon Show.” “Nobody is watching,” one media watcher told The Post. “Poor Don, he doesn’t realize people watched the first interview because of Elon — not him! Watching the Elon interview reminded everyone of how much they dislike Don.”


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The Meadow by Tracy Beanz - Substack
She walked out of the home she had made with her family and settled in her spot underneath the giant willow tree planted centuries ago. Its long, wispy branches provided just the tranquil place she needed to connect back to her heart. As she nestled in underneath the tree, the mossy grass cradling her like a thousand pillows, she took out her book. She tried to begin reading, but before she could open the cover, she began to notice everything around her...


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