Dark to Light: Gabrielle Clarke - Using Lawfare to Fight the Woke

It is a very powerful show today as we interview Gabrielle Clarke, founder of Affirming Reality Connected, about her journey in saving her daughter from the trans ideology she was indoctrinated into at school and fighting DEI and CRT on behalf of her son. Gabrielle Clark fights indoctrination in the K-12 educational setting. Both her school-aged children were affected by indoctrination in different ways. One harmed by CRT. One harmed by SEL. She fought back, starting with CRT indoctrination. Her son was discriminated against at school. They filed the first federal lawsuit against indoctrination in America.

While she was raising awareness about CRT, her daughter was socially transitioned through the SEL program. She organized a plan to facilitate a safe environment for her daughter to desist. The Affirming Reality methodology helps people parent their children into desistance. Please check the links below to support Gabrielle in her mission to save our kids and families from this destructive ideology.

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