Dark to Light: On the Lighter Side

There will be lots of links in the show notes today because we got a lot in, and it jumps around. We start with Fani in GA, and where we are there, then we move to the SC primary and the stream of boos coming from the audience. Next, some feel-good material, some hope for the future, and a caller shares her perspective on how to better communicate with your significant other. Really good Monday show, IMO. Check those show notes below!

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Links We Discussed


It's all about perspective: 

Is your day worth more than $10m: 

Fani Willis: 

State Objection
Cell Records

The Fulton County Hack

Our kids are the future: 

Tractor Boy

Professor had career destroyed for telling the truth: 

A free house? 

The College Scam: 


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