Infectious Diseases Brought to a City Near You, Courtesy of DHS



The DHS is failing miserably at protecting Americans from all manner of threats coming across our borders. At the top of the list is failure to protect the nation from the contagious, life-threatening diseases coming across our southern border.

According to Dr. Tom McGinn—a veterinarian, epidemiologist, and DHS whistleblower—DHS's incompetence, combined with Biden's open border policies, threatens our national security and public health. McGinn has witnessed failures and incompetencies by multiple agencies within the DHS. The CDC and the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office (CWMD) share responsibility for detecting diseases that threaten our safety. A pertinent section of CWMD law shows one of the missions of the office is to "coordinate with Federal, State, local, and Tribal governments, the medical community, and others within and outside the Department, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response of the Department of Health and Human Services, concerning medical and public health matters." Customs and Border Protection (CBP), U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS), and its ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) enforce those policies. Deadly diseases, under the right conditions, could be considered weapons of mass destruction.

However, DHS fails to execute accurate record-keeping practices, according to McGinn. It fails to collect, sample, and analyze data, and its data sharing is lacking. The DHS under Biden also fails to allocate adequate resources at the border. These failures are catastrophic and will severely impact our local cities and communities. McGinn told UncoverDC:

"The failures of DHS to accurately manage its responsibilities to national health requirements and to communicate to each community the aggregated health challenges are unacceptable. Proper records could provide accurate data concerning the massive numbers of immigrants overwhelming local health systems: another effort at mass destruction."

DHS failures combined with a system that is set up, funded, and staffed to manage a fraction of the flow coming across the southwest border add up to unprecedented threats to our national security. According to McGinn, the system is set up to handle 50,000 a month, not the 300,000 or more coming over now. 

COVID-19 Pandemic Laid Bare Nation's Vulnerability to Threats of Disease

When McGinn speaks about "another effort at mass destruction," he is most likely referring to the COVID-19 pandemic as his point of reference. He knows first-hand how badly our government failed its citizens. Early on, McGinn tried to tell his colleagues the virus's origin was not a market in Wuhan, China. He was also the person who blew the whistle on China's withholding of PPE. He is currently being punished with unpaid leave because he exposed DHS failures and questioned colleagues and superiors.

A 20-year veteran in the government health business, McGinn knows everyone there is to know all the way up the chain. He has consulted with individuals across the spectrum, from the NIH to USAID to Eco-Health Alliance and beyond. Since being on unpaid leave, McGinn has helped AMAC Director Sonya LaBosco with her efforts on behalf of the Federal Air Marshals. LaBosco submitted her 14th letter to Secretary Mayorkas and Acting Chief Medical Officer Wolfe on Wednesday. The 13 other letters on topics related to the abuse of Air Marshals have allegedly all gone unanswered. One of LaBosco's concerns is that Air Marshals are being exposed to infectious diseases in addition to the other stresses they face. LaBosco claims DHS has been completely silent on the matter since 2021. The 13 letters asked DHS to respond with the data and protocols to protect her Air Marshals and American citizens. LaBosco consulted McGinn to pin down DHS in an effort to produce a response that would articulate whether its collection, tracking, and analysis of disease vectors is robust enough to protect the nation's communities from communicable and infectious diseases. As McGinn points out, "The chief medical officer should easily be able to defend [what DHS is doing] with transparent measurable and accountable communications to every community in the United States."

Letter number two in the series focuses on infectious diseases and asks questions that challenge DHS protocols, requirements, and findings. While it was sent in Feb. 2021 and focused on how DHS planned to handle COVID, the questions apply to any infectious disease. There was no reply, indicating DHS may not have been adequately prepared to manage the virus. From the outside looking in, it certainly seemed apparent during the pandemic years that DHS, CDC, and its enforcement agencies had chaotic protocols at best. Name the safety protocol; Fauci was famous for his flip-flopping. The questions in the letter provide a window into the types of requirements, preparations, methods, and protocols an epidemiologist would look for to keep American citizens informed and safe from disease. McGinn said:

"I'm an epidemiologist. I understand how you take a statistical sample of people because you just randomly gather a statistical number of people and test them for all kinds of diseases coming into the country. All these people you just want to test on a group of them and then you statistically can extrapolate the numbers. How much disease, how much pregnancy, how much sexual transmission disease, how much ISIS? How much COVID are you throwing in every community in this country? It's easy to do, and they aren't doing it."

McGinn provided UncoverDC with a draft article that was ultimately denied publication. It exposes some of the ways DHS is failing Americans with a series of questions that include the following:

  • How many persons complete an I-693 medical form, and what is the average number of days that it took to complete their record with all necessary data after entering the system?
  • How many refugees' medical records are not yet completed, and what is the average length of days that they've been in the Hummingbird system without a complete record?
  • What are the health risks to DHS employees and to the county citizenry, and how has this been communicated to both on a weekly basis?
  • Why were import health requirements waived?
  • What is the actual percent of the refugee population receiving complete vaccination protection (in this case referencing COVID)
In addition, McGinn told UncoverDC that the screening and vaccination requirements are inconsistent. He also claims that "DHS has no protocols in place to randomly sample all a portion of all persons coming across the border for all the potential diseases that these persons might have. They are placed in a vector-rich environment with poor circulation and ten times too many people inside at many of these detention centers, with plastic drapes that trap viruses. These same people are being immediately put on buses and airplanes to further increase the spread of disease before being dropped off in most towns and major urban centers across our country. There is no effort to inform counties or cities what are the health challenges they are facing, and no requirement, like are required of Green Card applicants who are living in the same areas across the country as are the 10's of millions coming into our country across our southern border. 

DHS isn't even trying to protect its own employees, says McGinn:

"While neglecting their own employees and U.S. citizens' health, OHS Acting CMO Wolfe takes great pride in receiving an award for vaccinating employees who were required to be vaccinated with a vaccine that in time will be shown to create a grossly unacceptable number of adverse reactions. DHS could have easily collected the health data instead of seeking awards. And, instead of health security, there is a neglect of voluntary record gathering across all DHS components. For example, DHS should attend to] the reporting of cases, monitoring impact and risk of exposure, effective oversight of its resources and training of DHS employees, conducting traceouts and follow adverse vaccine reactions (for COVID), monitor stress, implement sleep deprivation recommendations studied by our government to the tune of millions in taxpayer dollars, investigate disease clusters. The DHS should demonstrate the ability to do what most physicians are educated and experienced in managing: disaster medicine, epidemiology and infectious diseases. Most would likely agree the DHS Office of Health Security should rightly be labeled the Gold Medal Office of Health Insecurity."

What Kinds of Infectious Diseases Are Coming Our Way?
The truth is we don't even need a guy like McGinn to tell us we are unprotected from infectious diseases migrating to America. Common sense alone would tell you our ability to screen at the border is poor. The number of illegals crossing is too many. The border is understaffed. Congress isn't funding the border effectively. The screening we are doing is mostly by self-report. Much of the potential disease is likely asymptomatic at the time of crossing. Busloads and planeloads of people are appearing in cities all over America. It is no wonder there have been spikes in TB and Measles in major urban areas.

The agencies tasked with protecting our borders are utterly and completely overwhelmed. According to two other whistleblowers who also spoke with UncoverDC about the border, USCIS and CBP lack the funding, beds, and personnel to screen and process the number of illegal aliens coming in. They say millions are unvaccinated, but no one really knows the numbers. "Most underdeveloped countries have no interest in sharing medical records with the U.S., nor do they have systems that accurately track and report infectious diseases," said one whistleblower.

What diseases are we talking about? The Department of Health and Human Services identifies many of them. In 2020, their focus was on "Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, congenital syphilis, hepatitis A and B, and bacterial enteric diseases (e.g., listeriosis, non-typhoid Salmonellosis, vibriosis)." Measles outbreaks continue to widen, according to ABC7NY. The CDC states on the same website there is a need to "monitor, control, and prevent the occurrence and spread of about 120 health conditions."

An article from 2023 states more than 50,000 illegals migrated to NYC alone in 2022 "with high rates of TB" in the population. Only "50 percent of illegals streaming in are vaccinated." The AMAC article states, "TB spreads through the air, like flu or a cold. Stand next to someone with TB for a long subway ride or sit next to them every day at school, and you can catch it. New York City's TB rate, at 6.1 cases per 100,000, is more than double the national rate. Close to 9 out of 10 (88%) of these TB cases are people born outside the United States. Every neighborhood in the city has had at least one case. Open borders import disease. Immigrants who lawfully apply for a visa must undergo health screenings and show they are vaccinated, and refugees are screened for TB before entering the U.S. Not so for those wading across the Rio Grande. Nationwide, 6,009 of the 8,300 people with TB in 2022 were foreign-born, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Florida was slammed with a 21% increase in TB since 2020. Texas border counties have a TB rate triple the national average. Most unsettling, Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, Rockland County health commissioner, cautions that 'when we see one case of paralytic polio, that means there are probably hundreds and hundreds of cases that are out there in the community but not diagnosed, because 75% of the cases are asymptomatic."

In addition, an article from James Varney for RealClearWire discusses the very real threats of disease coming across our porous borders. As with the letters from LaBosco to DHS, his inquiries to the CDC and DHS went largely unanswered. However, DHS did acknowledge that "it does not have vaccination records for the millions who have entered the U.S. since the Biden administration relaxed border controls upon taking office in January 2021." Moreover, his investigative reporting found that "at least half of the migrants who poured into New York City had not been vaccinated against Polio. The potentially paralyzing and life-threatening virus remains endemic in two countries in the world, Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to the World Health Organization. Since President Biden ordered what proved to be a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, an estimated 90,000 Afghans have come to the U.S. under the terms of Operation Allies Welcome." Varney continues:

"The situation in the United States is further complicated by the fact that DHS officials don't know where all of the more than 7.5 million migrants who've arrived since Biden took office are living. Those whom Border Patrol agents have encountered and processed have immigration court dates, but those dates are years in advance. Many people with uncertain immigration status lack health insurance and stay off the grid as much as possible, meaning even if the U.S. launched some kind of vaccination program, it would not know where to concentrate its efforts."

Add to that the fact that this "historic flood of illegal immigration during the Biden administration has also featured a much more global population," writes Varney, with "atypical countries" like China, Sudan, and others now being represented in much greater numbers. These are some of the nationalities and associated numbers coming across the U.S./Mexico border, according to in 2021 and 2022 alone. The data are staggering.


Screening For Diseases Limited

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection data provided by WOLA show how few illegals cross at the ports of entry (POEs) and how much the numbers increased in some cases, depending on the country. In other words, millions have disappeared without a trace into the interior states and cities. Record-breaking numbers of people affected by dengue fever are showing up in Peru. The toll from COVID-19 in Russia is staggering, according to reports. Outbreaks of Monkey Fever (the same family as Yellow Fever and Dengue are causing brain damage, vomiting, and bleeding in growing numbers of people in India. Leishmaniasis and measles are common in Turkey due to the influx of Syrian refugees. Nature published a study in late 2021 showing 40 notifiable infectious diseases common in mainland China. Notable among them are "gastrointestinal or enteroviral diseases, followed by respiratory diseases, sexually transmitted or blood-borne diseases, and vector-borne or zoonotic diseases." Sexually transmitted diseases are common in most migrant populations. Some of the highest numbers in 2021-2022 are represented by the countries below:

  • Peru– increase in illegals +1,485 %, 0% encountered at POEs
  • Russia– +430%, 76% encountered at POEs
  • India– +607%, 0 % encountered at POEs
  • Turkey– +996%, 1% encountered at POEs
  • China– +384%, 9% encountered at POEs

The people wading across the Rio Grande are not screened for diseases in the same way as Green Card applicants and Parolees who are being flown in. ICE detention centers screen for TB with chest X-rays and other means. But one of our whistleblowers said the vast majority are coming in at points of entry (POEs), between checkpoints, and 50 percent are gotaways. Even at the ports of entry, Border Protection shuttles thousands and thousands over to NGOs, and "I have no idea what happens there," said one of the whistleblowers. In so many cases, our government has no idea where these people go once they leave the border. And 80 percent of them never report back to an immigration court. 

Now, let's talk about how illegals are getting in. In many cases, they are being paroled, meaning they are pre-approved as eligible and will receive many of the same rights and benefits as an American citizen upon arrival. Thanks to the Biden administration and Obama before him, Asylum laws have been expanded beyond their original intent. There really is no such thing as "credible threat" claims as initially defined. Therefore, the United States is now a magnet for all, and the tests for credible threats to one's safety are no longer robust. Moreover, NGOs stand by with free attorneys to teach illegal aliens what to say to our Border Patrol. 

In addition, Biden has taken Humanitarian Parole well beyond its original intent. Some would say Mayorkas' use of the program is unlawful. Perhaps it is one of the reasons for his impeachment. Because of expanded humanitarian parole, under the auspices of USCIS, all manner of Special Immigrants and refugees are now being flown in from all over the globe. They and their minor children are offered access to Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) because, according to our whistleblowers, it is the only way to give them a photo I.D. that gives them access to schools, a social security number, social and health services, etc. An EAD is a Tier-One federal I.D. These flights include Special Immigrants from countries whose documentation is poor. One whistleblower shared that over 300,000 Cubans alone have entered. He added that "those flights could hold anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 a day." The USCIS website states clearly that these "C11s" are offered EAD "regardless of age."

The people walking over at POEs and self-reporting for infection are not the most accurate measure of disease. Even the CDC admits that. See the admission below from their website under a section entitled "Limitations of Public Health Screening at POE." It goes without saying that the gotaways are not screened.

The only time these migrants are screened at all at a POE or an NGO is if they show up with marked, visible symptoms of illness. There is no screening for TB and no health questionnaires in millions of cases. The CBP One app individuals are "considered admissible." Hence, they neither fill out health forms nor are they being screened for TB In addition, all CBP One app individuals are paroled in.

Additionally, the aliens from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, or CHNVs, are all coming as parolees. These immigrants are not being carefully screened for disease. One of the whistleblowers revealed at least "1000 CBP One parolees allowed into the country per day." They can opt to pay a fee (those fees can be waived, and NGOs often pay the fees) to fill out an I-765 form for employment. If they fill out the forms, their minor children receive work authorizations, social security numbers, etc. Between the many classes of Parolees, those walking over the border, gotaways, and CBP One applicants, our DHS whistleblowers estimate at least 20 million will have entered our nation's borders by the November election in 2024. 

While the information from these whistleblowers was helpful, much of the information concerning humanitarian parole protocols can be verified by looking through DHS agency websites such as ICE, CBP, and USCIS. Having done the research and these interviews, it is an unmistakable fact that this administration has participated in the most egregious dismantling of the policies and laws that would protect Americans from threats at the border. Bad actors, lethal drugs like Fentanyl, human trafficking, crime, child trafficking, and disease are being all but formally invited to invade communities both at the border and in the interior. The devastating effects of this open invitation cannot be understated. Teachers and schools are being inundated with children who cannot speak English and are, in many cases, unvaccinated or bringing in disease. Our social services and health systems are overloaded. Crime is on the rise. The ability of millions to apply for EADs gives them access to a multitude of services and privileges usually thought of as only reserved for American citizens. Many illegals are added to our voter rolls. The risk of them voting or using their identities for fraudulent voting is very high. There is so little oversight to ensure these non-citizens do not end up voting. Generations to come will pay the price for Mayorkas' utter failure to follow and enforce the laws that protect Americans from threats coming across the border. Congress has also failed mightily for decades to properly allocate resources to the border and hold DHS accountable.

The situation at our borders is dire. It is a ticking time bomb. 

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