News from Around the Web for Jan 12, 2024

News From Around the Web

#10 Harvard University Slapped with Massive Lawsuit Alleging Civil Rights Violations - The Western Journal for AP
Several Jewish students have filed a lawsuit against Harvard University, accusing it of becoming “a bastion of rampant anti-Jewish hatred and harassment.” The lawsuit filed Wednesday mirrors others filed since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel, including against The Art Institute of Chicago, New York University, and the University of Pennsylvania. In the Harvard lawsuit, the plaintiffs include members of the Students Against Antisemitism, Inc. They accuse Harvard of violating Jewish students’ civil rights and allege that the university tolerated Jewish students being harassed, assaulted, and intimidated — behavior that has intensified since the Oct. 7 attack.#9 

#9 Maine Builds New Rent-Free Apartments for Migrants Paid by State’s Taxpayers - John Binder for Breitbart
Maine’s taxpayers are footing the bill for new apartments built specifically for newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens who will have at least two years’ worth of rent paid for.

#8 Cisco Urges Users to Update this Dangerous Software Flaw Immediately, or Put Devices at Risk of Being Hacked - Sead Fadilpašić for Tech Radar
Cisco has urged customers to apply its latest security patch to protect their endpoints from a vulnerability tracked as CVE-2024-20272, found in its Unity Connection platform. This vulnerability allows threat actors to gain root privileges on unpatched endpoints remotely, which, in turn, grants them the ability to install malware on the devices. Unity Connection is a virtualized messaging and voicemail platform that works with email inboxes, web browsers, smartphones, tablets, and other Cisco solutions.

#7 US and Britain Strike Yemen in Retaliation for Houthi Attacks on Shipping - Reuters
WASHINGTON/ADEN, Yemen, Jan 12 (Reuters) - U.S. and British warplanes, ships, and submarines launched dozens of air strikes across Yemen overnight in retaliation against Iran-backed Houthi forces for attacks on Red Sea shipping, widening regional conflict stemming from Israel's war in Gaza.  "These targeted strikes are a clear message that the United States and our partners will not tolerate attacks on our personnel or allow hostile actors to imperil freedom of navigation," U.S. President Joe Biden said. The Houthis said five of their fighters had been killed in a total of 73 air strikes and that they would retaliate and continue their attacks on shipping, which they describe as intended to support Palestinians against Israel.
#6 Democrats Fume After Biden Orders Yemen Airstrikes Without Congressional Approval: ‘Unacceptable Violation of the Constitution’ - Victor Nava for The New York Post

Several Democrats on Capitol Hill scolded President Biden on Thursday for launching airstrikes against Houthi targets in Yemen without congressional approval, arguing that the action was unconstitutional.  “The President needs to come to Congress before launching a strike against the Houthis in Yemen and involving us in another Middle East [sic] conflict,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) tweeted. “That is Article I of the Constitution. I will stand up for that regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican is in the White House.”

#5 Hertz is selling 20,000 Electric Vehicles to Buy Gasoline Cars Instead - Peter Valdes-Dapena for CNN

Hertz, which has made a big push into electric vehicles in recent years, has decided it’s time to cut back. The company will sell off a third of its electric fleet, totaling roughly 20,000 vehicles, and use the money they bring to purchase more gasoline-powered vehicles. Electric vehicles have been hurting Hertz’s financials, executives have said, because, despite costing less to maintain, they have higher damage-repair costs and also higher depreciation. “[C]ollision and damage repairs on an EV can often run about twice that associated with a comparable combustion engine vehicle,” Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr said in a recent analyst call.

#4 Amazon, BlackRock Announce First Round of Layoffs in 2024 - Angel Smith for Yahoo Finance
Amazon (AMZN) and BlackRock (BLK) unveiled new rounds of job cuts on Wednesday, joining the wave of tech and financial giants moving to trim head counts. Amazon is notably laying off hundreds of staff members from Prime Video, MGM Studios, and Twitch. 

#3 Pentagon Report Finds Failure to Track $1 Billion in Weaponry for Ukraine - RT

More than $1 billion worth of sophisticated weaponry sent to Ukraine by the US was poorly tracked, according to a new report by the Pentagon's inspector general. The redacted version of the inquiry's findings was made public on Thursday, one day after it was submitted to the US Congress. The investigation focuses on the implementation of enhanced end-use monitoring (EEUM) procedures by the Pentagon. These procedures apply to a limited range of highly sensitive and sophisticated equipment and weaponry, including shoulder-mounted missile systems, kamikaze drones, night-vision devices, and other hardware.

#2 Former Bank Manager Stands to Scoop $637,000 Settlement After Being Fired for Using the N-word in an Anti-Racism Class - Ryan Hogg for Fortune 
A Bank manager who was fired when he used the N-word in an anti-racism seminar has received up to £500,000 ($637,000) in damages after judges ruled he acted without malice and used the word as a result of his dyslexia. Carl Borg-Neal was sacked by the British bank Lloyds in 2021 after upsetting an instructor when he used the offensive slur during an online class discussing race in the workplace. The offending statement took place during a segment of the class that examined intent vs effect in racially charged language, according to a published ruling. Borg-Neal had asked the trainer of the class how he should handle a situation when someone from an ethnic minority uses a word that might be considered offensive if used by someone not within that minority. When the instructor didn’t respond, Borg-Neal followed up by saying: “The most common example being use of the N-word in the black community.” However, he used the full word rather than the abbreviation.

#1 California to Provide Free Sex Changes for Illegal Immigrants - RT

California’s taxpayer-funded healthcare system now covers sex changes for illegal immigrants, thanks to legislation recently signed by Governor Gavin Newsom. The cost of the program is expected to top $3 billion. California became the first state in the US to provide health insurance to all adults regardless of immigration status on January 1, when legislation signed by Newsom last summer came into effect. Approximately 700,000 illegal immigrants will now have their healthcare covered by the state’s taxpayer-funded Medi-Cal insurance system.


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'Your Hand Is Fine, They Gave You Mine': Daughter Hilariously Pranks Mom After Surgery - Sunny Skyz
In a heartwarming yet hilariously orchestrated prank, one daughter decided to lighten the mood for her mom, who was still groggy from anesthesia. Armed with a tiny hand toy and a mischievous sense of humor, this daughter turned an ordinary post-surgery moment into a laughter-filled memory. The look on Mom's face when she first showed her the little hand... I lost it.

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