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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 30, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Shocker. In Pennsylvania, white evangelicals stayed home in the mid-term. Trump got 81%, Wizard of Oz, 73%.


2) This analysis shows that Trump gained significantly in the deepest blue areas, while Republicans as a whole slipped in the more competitive areas creating a “geography problem.” Except . . . . at some point those deep blue areas not only stop being blue, they start turning pink, creating a DemoKKKrat geography problem. But . . . worse for Republicans, this problem in the short term gets huge without Trump.

3) Wow. 46% of Republican voters and 32% of DemoKKKrat voters favor greater isolationism in foreign policy.

4) Miami fascist so-called Antifa will protest the “Gays against groomers” by bringing “masks, signs, and rage.” And probably zero arrests.

-Gov. DeSantis, are you on this?

5) In similarly slatheristic belly-badgering, climate activists have deflated 900 SUV tires.

-I wonder how many were Evs?

6) Four DemoKKKrat senators, including both Arizona senators, admitted Trump was right and have begged Rutabaga to reverse course on border policy.

Senators? He don’t need no stinkin’ senators.

7) Dr. Fallacy appears to be at it again: a tobacco plant has been engineered to produce cocaine in its leaves. Now, just add a little sugar curing, and that’s gonna be hard to beat.

8) Ron DeSantis says that Apple threatening to remove Twit from the app store should “merit a response” from Congress.

-Yeah and DemoKKKrats stealing an election from President Trump should merit a response too. Where were you?

9) Members of the Vineyard (Church) Anaheim, one of the original “seeker” churches, have sued the new pastors for fraud ($62 million).

10) The Warlock’s former church repeatedly hosted an antisemite black supremacist professor. You know, like Zero’s pal, Rev. Jeremiah (“chickens-have-come-home-to-roost”) Wright?

11) Fresh from their escape from an election shellacking, DemoKKKrats have moved to shake up their voting rules to make the grassroots less powerful.

12) Truly weird: Rutabaga’s secret service vehicles burned in flames one day after he left Nantucket. But were they vaxxed?

13) Twit has finally rolled back its China Virus “misinformation” policies—which supported lies.

14) Not surprised: a new study shows that across the country, 33 of 65 academic departments lack a single Republican professor.

-At my institution, it was 19 communists and me. Later we snuck another conservative under their noses.

15) Biteme’s whackadoodle “thing” of a nuclear waste guru (appropriate, no?) stole a woman’s $2,000 luggage at a Minneapolis airport. Yeah, nuthin’ wrong with this thing.

16) Two “alien” minerals never before seen on earth were discovered in a meteorite that crashed in Somalia two years ago.

-Wait, two years ago? Are they named “Fraudulum” and “Steal-ium?”

17) Meghan McTurd, better known as “The Meg,” warns about going to dinner with Trump.

-Er, people ought to be more concerned about going to dinner with her, or, rather, going “for” dinner. The only place more dangerous is between Stacey M1 Abrams, the Human Planet, and a buffet.

“Foah howah. You here foah howah. You go now.”



18)  Sprout Social is abandoning its Chicago Loop headquarter, looking to lease half its space.

-Who would want to leave downtown Benghazi-by-the-Lake?

19) David Blackmon notes that the White House has an energy absurdity of the day: is it “9,000 unused leases” or “9,000 unused permits.” Of course, the Rutabaga’s outfit doesn’t know.

20) AMC Networks has announced significant layoffs.

21) Forty-five years ago, an alien named Vrillon hacked a southern English television network and demanded earthlings disarm.

Vrillon hack

22) Some 13 states are waging a regulatory war on Vanguard Group over its woke ESG obsession.




23) Christians are now a minority in England and Wales. Time for another revival.

24) The green lunatics in Europe have gone wild as the Dutch government demands “compulsory purchase” of 3,000 farms to comply with EU environmental nonsense. These people are gonna yearn for Napoleon at some point.

25) The ChiComs have doubled down on “Zero COVID,” ordering police to hunt down protesters. Told ya this would come to nothing. They don’t have guns.

26) I rarely include the Babylon Bee, but this one was too perfect: “China Taps Governor Gretchen Witmer to lead Lockdown Enforcement.”

27) Apple has emerged as a villain in China shutting down iPhone apps that help protesters. Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!



28) I guess this is entertainment. I don’t find it so, but the headline is worthwhile as a Christian beats Iran in World Cup soccer. (Christian Pulistic gets the only goal of the game). Now that’s excitement right there. Excuse me . . . while . . . I . . . . naaaaaap.

29) Meanwhile, off the field, there was a lot of action, as a Qatari official put the number of World Cup deaths at “between 400 and 500.” I’m sure they were all vaxxed, though.

30) The woke Disney homosexual movie “Strange World” gets the lowest rating in box-office history for an animated film.

31) This is interesting because there is a debate about where Bob Iger will take the company. “Yellowflash” says that Iger is doubling down, while Christopher Rufo says “Disney Retreats.”

32) Country singer Jake Flint, 37, died in his sleep just hours after his wedding. I’m sure he was vaxxed, though.



33) The U.S. Air Force is to unveil the “most advanced military aircraft ever built” with cutting-edge stealth technology costing $203 billion. Per plane. In other words, we can have one of them.

-Now, I managed to get a picture of this . . . .



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