Something is Happening. Can You Feel It?

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  • 10/05/2023

I woke up this morning, and it was like any other day. I rolled over, picked up my phone, and got to work. First site? Citizen Free Press, a place I go every morning to check up on what has happened in the 4-5 hours I have been asleep.

Georgia Guidestones. Any updates? Other than the security footage that shows a car leaving the area and the actual explosion on the stones, nothing more. I don't care what anyone else thinks; the Guidestones being bombed and toppled all in one day means something, to someone, somewhere. I know, you could call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but those explosives weren't just placed there by an amateur (in my humble opinion), and we haven't been granted the opportunity to see the footage from before the explosion at 4:03:33 AM.

The legacy media is constantly crowing about how we are all crazy conspiracy theorists, but absolutely crazy things keep happening, and they never tell us the truth about any of it, so we are always going to try to figure it out on our own. They are constantly feeding us nonsense lies, so we don't believe a word they say. They need to deal with it.

Moving along, I get an alert. Boris Johnson has just resigned in the UK. Yes, there is a myriad of reasons why that could be, and we likely will never know what REALLY happened (see legacy media explanation above), but after the last few days of cabinet members resigning and Boris proclaiming he wasn't going anywhere, this is quite interesting to me. Why today? Why now?

I flip over to the "Coffee and COVID" newsletter written daily by Jeff Childers and see that he, too, is interested in the same things that have me sitting pensively in my chair. A text from my husband, with a link to RFK talking about the whistleblower suing Pfizer right now over their vaccine trial, where they basically admit that they broke the contract but claim it doesn't matter because the government knew and still kept working with them anyway.

Can we stop for a second? Super odd that my once apolitical husband is sending me texts from RFK about vaccine lawsuits. Until very recently, politics, etc., was something I didn't subject him to. He is awake, he gets it, but I would like him to maintain some semblance of sanity. He already deals with my screaming fits when something truly irks me, which is enough to drive a person mad. Over the past several months, he has been sending me more and more and more in our morning text exchanges. They used to be "Good morning! Taking the dogs to the groomer and getting coffee, I love you!" Now they are, "Beanz, check out this lawsuit against Pfizer and also another celebrity "unexpectedly died" today. See you when I get home!" Something is happening.

Next up, back to Citizen Free Press, where I stumbled across a link about the founder of the Church of Satan in South Africa who found God and is leaving the "church" of Satan. I figure out a way to get to Facebook. I sit RIVETED to the screen for FORTY full minutes as a barrage of texts and calls floods my phone. And it is then that I start to cry.

He speaks of how four Christians showed him unconditional love in the span of a few months, and he explains how he received a hug from one of them after a service at the Church of Satan and how he felt that love viscerally. He explains that as a part of your Church of Satan membership, you need to complete occult rituals to get more power, status, and influence. He continues that it was in the middle of this ritual that he says he saw Jesus. He mocked Jesus, he says, and claims he told Jesus that if he were real, he would have to prove it. He tearfully explains how he was overcome by pure love in that moment, and once he was done, he immediately left the Church of Satan and turned to Christ.

The rest of this life-changing video is him speaking about how true love is literally everything; that he has had so many experiences with Christians who would judge him, and shame him, and condemn him before he was in the Church of Satan and after. It would be because of how he looked, or because he was gay, etc., but that that wasn’t what God was about. God is love.

What he spoke about in this video was palpable. You could SEE it in his eyes; it exuded from his body; this man is now a warrior for God. Stop what you are doing right now and watch this video. I implore it of you.


This changed my entire day. I spent a good portion of the next 15 minutes sobbing as something hit me just like it hit him. This former Satanist sitting on Facebook honestly and earnestly explaining that he was a messenger of Jesus now because he finally felt unconditional love—it just hit me like a clarity bomb because it is so easy to forget.

We are in a spiritual war on this planet. Whether you are an atheist or a believer, a satanist or a witch, all people know in their hearts what's true. Which side are you playing for? Couldn't we all go a long way to wake up each day embodying the love we are all capable of showing? Could we take a moment to not harbor hate towards another? To stand in solidarity with those we are standing alongside of, or fighting against? And if people aren't able to do that, seemingly ever, if all they ever do is attack, besmirch, insult, condemn; if all they ever do is direct attacks and claim benevolence, are they any better than those who have chosen the side of the darkness?

I have grace. I have grace for all people. I feel for people who have been manipulated and lied to, those who have been led astray and weaponized against truth and love, and those who have been shown to hate, mostly based on propaganda from evil governments. But something is happening.

We are seeing more and more what love looks like. Whether they be big signs or small, God's love is seemingly everywhere. I feel like this wave started with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and it has been on a roll ever since. We just have to remember that God’s love is everywhere every single day, and we need to talk with Him every single day. I am not a preacher and have often been chided to share my religious beliefs "or else." My relationship with God is my own, and it is thriving. I spend a majority of my day in talks with Him as I try to make some sense of the abject evil we are witnessing on a global scale. I am here to tell you that I believe it's beginning to turn.

I am next sent texts of protests in Italy and the farmers in Germany standing with Dutch farmers against government tyranny, with farmers and truckers and regular PEOPLE all over the world beginning to stand in solidarity; all of this seems violent in its nature, but it is a sign that the oppressed are taking their power back. That they are uniting together for freedom and love. They are standing for what God has graced every man, woman, child, and creature on this planet with. It isn’t going to be easy, or pretty a lot of the time. We will feel battered, we will have losses, but in the end? What do you think will happen?

With all the bad that floods us every day, we each have an opportunity to make it a bit harder for darkness. We each have an opportunity to love. We should do it always, and often, and I think we are. It isn't a battle that will be won overnight, but it is a battle we are winning. I know it deep inside my heart and soul.

Global events are happening faster. Things are changing rapidly. We aren't going to have all of the answers, and quite frankly, we may never have them. Staying strong right now through all that is happening around us is one of the most important things we must do. Living in love is THE most important thing we must do.

This isn't like anything I have ever published before. But I was called to write it. I hope it inspires you the way a former satanist who suddenly and unexpectedly found God inspired me.

God bless you.


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