The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 30, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Florida’s amazing governor, Ron DeSantis, has vetoed the legislature’s congressional map as overly kind to DemoKKKrats and unfair.

2) File under “Totally Predictable,” Senator Susan “Tom” Collins has said she will support Biteme’s Supreme Court pick, Jumpin’ Brown Jackson.

3) The Rutabaga, exposing more of his Rutabaga-ness, said he had a meeting with the “head” of the United States.

4) A Washington Compost writer has ripped the media’s dismissal of the Hunter Biteme laptop saying the media isn’t trustworthy.

-Yeah, duh. We figured that out in 2015.

5) Austin’s airport has warned it is running out of jet fuel.

6) Good news story of the day: A judge in Chester County, Pennsylvania has ordered all five DemoKKKrats on the school board to be immediately removed from office in a dispute over mandatory maskies.

7) And good news story #2: Jim Renacci now is ahead of Ohio Governor and vaxiopath Mike DeWeenie in the race for the nomination there.

8) Not surprisingly, President Donald Trump said he is uninterested in being Speaker of the House when the GOP retakes the House in November. (History note: the only American president ever to serve in the House after being President was John Quincy Adams, who nevertheless established himself as a force by ending the infamous “gag rule” about slavery).

9) This canary in the coal mine is the size of a hippo: GOP candidate Mike Reichenbach won a special election in South Carolina’s 31st legislative district. The district was R +13 which went 60:40 Trump. No big deal right?

-Reichenbach got 90% of the vote. That’s 9 0 %.

10) North Carolina’s voter rolls (like those of almost all other states) are rife with dead people and duplicate registrations. And this is a state Trump won, and a state that has seen more than 80,000 net new Republicans added to the rolls.

11) It’s election time! Senator Chuck (“Lawnmower”) Grassley has revealed financial links between the ChiComs and Hunter Biteme on the Senate Floor.

And how long was this known to the Lawnmower?

12) Congressman Madison Cawthorne (R-NC) has said D.C. is full of drug use and orgies.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya.

13) The teachers’ unions wrote part of Biteme’s guidance to reopen schools while receiving millions in donations, all with “uncommon” links to the CDC.

14) A former Yale administrator stole $40 million pretending to buy computer equipment while instead purchasing a fleet of luxury cars.

-Of course, with today’s inflation, “a fleet” means two or three.



15) Predictably, mortgage refinancings fell 15% since last week with fed rate hikes.

16) Meanwhile, in Kollyfornia, a bill to cut gas taxes has failed for the third time. Gubment can’t do without that money.

17) The president of Black Rock warned of a shock coming from shortages and inflation as experts say Americans will pay $433 more a month for basic goods.

-Thanks Biteme.



18) Disney is doubling down on the homosexual and transoid content with the president saying she wants at least half of all future characters to be deviants.



19) The Shanghai China Virus lockdown is exacerbating China’s growing economic and social problems.

-Recall here I’ve warned you several times that China is not as powerful as everyone thinks and has massive energy and population problems.

20) This is a surprise: a Finnish court has actually upheld the right to free speech by dismissing charges against a member of parliament and a bishop for their religious views.

21) Germany has warned of natural gas rationing due to its anti-Russia policies.,risk%20of%20a%20full%20supply%20disruption%20from%20Russia.

22) The EU has planned a crackdown on “fast fashion” (i.e., non-reusable clothes as environmental weenies continue their assault on both the planet and humanity.

23) Canada has ramped up production of potash and oil to try to offset losses from Russian suppliers.

-Just wait till the environmental weenies discover this.

24) “Distressing” footage has emerged showing Ukrainian nationalists torturing fellow citizens and shooting prisoners of war. This is significant because it’s beginning to make the “mainstream” Hoax Media.

25) The head of the North Caucasus' Muslim coalition says negotiations with Ukraine are pointless.



26) Yesterday we had no news but the China Virus is back with a 100% vaccinated cruise ship hit with a China Virus outbreak.

-Do ya think just maybe it’s the vaxxes?

27) And the entire Navy has just won an injunction on the vax mandate.

28) Despite admitting vaxxes can cause “serious side effects” and “death,” the German high court has nevertheless upheld the mandatory vaxxes for medical care workers.

-They can’t give it up, can they? Can’t admit they were badly wrong. Deadly wrong.

29) In Kollyfornia, one of the most lunatic and far-reaching vaxiopathic laws was shelved. It would have required all employees in both public and private sectors to be vaxxed.

30) Buried in a 40-page report from the World (UN) Health Organization, evidence showed a new vaxxes’ side effect that many have yet to recover from.

-And dangling prepositions are something up with which I will not put.

31) Finally, an armed woman who drove her Porsche SUV from Virginia to Palo Alto to stalk Apple CEO Tim Cook was hit with a restraining order.

-Reportedly, she was just trying to get her iPhone to work and couldn’t get through to support.


And that's Today's News

Larry Schweikart is the co-author with Michael Allen of the NYTimes #1 bestseller, A Patriot’s History of the United States, and is the founder of the history curriculum site, the  Wild World of History. Larry can be found at Substack under Larry Schweikart and, for as long as they allow him, at Twitter @WallsOther and on Gettr at @OtherWalls and SOON on TruthSocial!

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