Wisconsin Report Claims Illegal Ballots Exceed Margin of Victory

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  • 09/19/2023

Look Ahead America (LAA) released the final version of their "Wisconsin Report" Tuesday. LAA Executive Director Matt Braynard says the report demonstrates ~157,000 illegal ballots in Wisconsin, while the margin of victory in Wisconsin is currently tallied at around 20,000.


An LAA press release that came with the report reads:

"This report is the product of the Voter Integrity Project (“VIP”), part of Look Ahead America’s Research Group. It builds on and supplements the initial analysis conducted by the VIP late last year and establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that the deserved winner of Wisconsin is unknowable...

This report is the result of countless hours of work by our research volunteers under the leadership of our Research Director, Ian Camacho. For their help, I am truly grateful. I’m also grateful to the many donors to this project that funded the extraordinary data acquisition and processing costs."

The report begins by noting that the Wisconsin analysis cost $98,573 and offers a contextual history of its creation:

"Given the close margins across many states, Matt Braynard and a team of researchers commenced the Voter Integrity Project to run several experimental analyses. The team designed these analyses in such a way so as to determine if illegal ballots were cast and, if so, whether that number significantly impacted the outcome of the election."

The project identified seven "tranches of illegal ballots," only four of which were analyzed due to "time, budget, and inability to access necessary government databases."

Screenshot from the LAA Wisconsin Report

During the analysis of tranche one, early and absentee ballots were found to be cast in the names of voters who were illegally registered to an address that is not a residence, such as a post office or private mailbox. These ballots alone would not have affected the election result.  

The second tranche had even more significant findings. A sampling of voters who claimed to be 'Indefinitely Confined' for the first time was analyzed, but it was determined that a high percentage of them were not. It is noted that in a case challenging guidance issued by a local clerk, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled COVID is not a condition that justifies indefinite confinement status.

Out of a review of 309 cases of voters newly claiming indefinite confinement, LAA claims 165 were not indefinitely confined, 17 were indefinitely confined, and 127 were unconfirmed. That ratio of ~9.7 to 1, when applied to the 169,282 Wisconsin voters who claimed indefinite confinement for the first time in 2020, resulted in headlines that estimate 150,000+ voters are illegally registered.

The report further states:

"In one case, we found a voter who not only illegally claimed indefinite confinement but happened to be the wife of a state representative who famously claimed in the aftermath of the 2020 General Election that there was no widespread voter fraud in Wisconsin. When Matt Braynard publicized this discovery of an illegal vote status on his social media accounts, she immediately locked down and wiped her social media accounts. Fortunately, we kept the records and a redacted copy is available in Appendix A."

Tranche three is a group of 6,207 voters who had filed "permanent, out of state changes of residency" with the U.S. Postal Service "more than a month prior to the 2020 General Election." LAA says these were found by comparing voter rolls databases to USPS National Change of Address database.

Tranche four contains 765 voters that were shown to be registered in multiple states and registered in the other state after their registration date in Wisconsin.

As a result of these findings, the report claims that the true total number of illegal ballots that a full audit would find is in excess of the margin of victory and that voter integrity reforms are in order. The report's conclusion lists a series of recommendations for such reforms:

  • Encrypted, machine-readable thumbprint authentication of absentee ballots.
  • "Public Voter List Hygiene" —Mandatory cleaning of voter rolls that ensures the list of registered voters only contains legal voters.
  • Ban on "black box" voting equipment; requiring machines with open-source software design if any are used at all.
  • Appointment of a "Citizens Elections Supervisory Committee" that grants similar access of an election director to representatives of various political parties and non-partisan organizations.
  • Creation and funding for a "Voter Fraud" division under the State Attorney General that codifies standing for investigations.
  • Disallowing targeted contributions to election operations by private individuals and corporations.

We have reported on the similar "Georgia Report" produced by LAA and their efforts to identify attempts to reintroduce portions of the infamous election reform omnibus H.R.1 into state legislatures within other new bills. We also reported when LAA initiated a major election integrity lawsuit against the Ohio Elections board for closed-door meetings about Dominion contracts.

UncoverDC has reported extensively on election integrity issues in Wisconsin, including Representative Janel Brandtjen's May 25 promise to initiate requests for information needed to add a 'comprehensive forensic examination' to the ongoing review of the 2020 General election results.

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