Fight or Flight? The Course of Resistance

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  • 09/19/2023

One of the first writers to capture the growing chasm between the elites and the rest of us was Angelo Codevilla in his article “America’s Ruling Class—and the Perils of Revolution” in The American Spectator in 2010. He identified a “ruling class” and a “country class” with the former consisting of the elites of both parties, the journalistic Hoax Media establishment, and much of corporate America. In particular, it was the issue of illegal immigration that the elites supported but which the “country class” in large majorities opposed. Barack Obama, John McCain, Jeb Bush, almost all Democrats, the journalistic infrastructure, the Wall Street Journal, and the National Chamber of Commerce all supported amnesty or “immigration reform,” while the public so vehemently opposed it that Bush had to withdraw his plan for it, and Barack Obama never even got around to attempting to pass amnesty. But there were other issues that divided the ruling class from the country class, including the giant bailout (“porkulus”) bills, gun control, “global warming,” and trade.

Following Donald Trump’s election, save for the President and a small handful of advisors, the American political scene could be envisioned as a giant deli sandwich, with Trump as the top loaf, the people as the bottom loaf, and a giant filling of bureaucracy and party obstructionists in between. The country class had the power and the top leadership, but not all the functionaries in-between that brought to reality the wishes of the top and bottom “loaves.

Now, five months after the Great Election Robbery, the ruling class has control of the two layers of the sandwich and can now exert power on the country class almost without opposition. In his latest piece on what Americans can do when the enemy holds the commanding heights, “American Exodus,” Codevilla notes that “the coalition of masters controls the levers of the state and the press,” and that thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars in public and private funding, they “fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time.” Of course, we knew that and Time magazine flaunted it.

The reaction to any challenges to the fraud in the system that “elected” Joe Biden was slime, smear, and dismissal. With near-full control of the Hoax News media, the ruling class was able to intimidate state legislatures (which only now are admitting there was fraud in Georgia and Montana, or are in the process of investigating fraud in Arizona). Before it is over, there will likely be investigations of 2020 fraud in Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and perhaps also Michigan—all, of course, to do anything about the gigantic evil that has taken over the White House.

As Codevilla notes that the entire campaign to get rid of Trump was an effort to eliminate us. We all know that. His analysis is fresh because he points out that the ruling class has given up all attempts to persuade or win in the traditional political arena (where they tend to lose, even with control of the major urban centers). Instead, they have moved to coerce-and-silence mode. Their strategy reached its apex with the China Virus epidemic that dismissed arguments that viral infections must run their course and cannot end till there is herd immunity. Instead, through the murderous lockdowns and silly mask mandates, they “made life for most Americans worse in every way.” Those measures, he noted, also worked to damage the American institutions most resistant to the ruling class, including churches and small businesses.

In the process, Codevilla stated how the ruling class irrevocably alienated half of America destroyed any moral legitimacy it had to rule, and in the process meant that its power would “prove less significant than the manner in which it did the gathering.” In response, a “peaceful exodus” is occurring—a flight rather than fight—that to a large degree ignores the ruling class’s claims to legitimacy, from withdrawing from entertainment that offends them (including pro sports, which suffered a severe drop in 2020), to the introduction of bills at the state levels to prevent another fraudulent election, to open defiance of lockdown governors’ orders. Since California and New York, among others, ignored national laws regarding immigration with their “sanctuary cities” and “sanctuary states,” so too Florida now has already pretty much ignored the federal government (and Texas is following) when it comes to China Virus restrictions. Codevilla also points out that selected boycotts can work (Gillette), though the tactic cannot be so overused as to become too diffuse for impact. And as many countries have enacted—or are in the process of enacting—tort laws to make the social media giants criminally liable for censoring speech on their platforms opens the door for the same types of suits that did in the asbestos and tobacco companies.

The biggest hurdle in this “flight” is that the big corporations still have a lot of money to throw at states, especially as they retreat from sick cows such as California, Illinois, and New York. They can bribe their way in with massive new jobs and stick their employees with nosey mandates and corporate oaths to transgenderism. Codevilla has no answer for this. Few states will voluntarily leave so much money on the table, as is seen by the cowardly actions of governor Kristi Noem, who vetoed a bill in her state banning biological males from competing in female sports, regardless of how they “identify.” Nevertheless, as I’ve written extensively here in UncoverDC, the exodus is afoot in the education community where homeschooling is.

Arm in arm with Codevilla’s article is Yoram Hazony’s piece called “The Challenge of Marxism,” which examines the pending clash between the Marxist true-believers and the soft-core porn of liberalism. In a nutshell, Hazony says what many of us have known from the get-go: ultimately, the liberals will be unable to withstand the full march into Red Square. No “medium” measures will be accepted. And as Hazony insists, “institutional liberalism lacks the resources to contend with this threat [i.e., full-blown Marxism].” While Codevilla foresees a flight of the country class from the institutions of the country, Hazony sees “some brave liberals will soon be waging war on the very institutions they so recently controlled.” They will, he predicts, try to build alternative educational and media platforms “in the shadow of the prestigious, wealthy, powerful institutions they have lost.” (Think the Lincoln Project in reverse). Hazony speaks from historical evidence when he says, “the New Marxists will not rest content with their recent victories [but will] press their advantage to try to seize the Democratic Party.”

Psst. Yoram: They’re already way past that. They had the Democrat Party 12 years ago when they got Barack Obama in.

What is most important about Hazony’s piece is his understanding of the leftists’ strategy: “They disorient their opponents by referring to their beliefs with a shifting vocabulary of terms, including ‘the Left,’ ‘Progressivism,’ ‘Social Justice,’ ‘Anti-Racism,’ ‘Anti-Fascism,’ ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘Critical Race Theory,’ ‘Identity Politics,’ ‘Political Correctness,’ ‘Workeness,’ and more. Liberalism, which sprang from the Enlightenment and the “Age of Reason,” under duress from Marxism has abandoned all reason. We are to “trust the science” except when the science says masks are mostly useless; that social distancing and lockdowns didn’t work, and that vaccines have been introduced without anywhere near the kind of necessary long-term testing required for safety. We are to consider “vaccination passports” and travel controls (as in England) but cannot consider clear and verifiable identification for voting. We are to accept that there are multiple “genders” when it is clear even from the science that so-called transgender males retain more than enough of their testosterone to have a massive unfair advantage over women in sports. Liberalism tells us that we cannot trust “right-wing” news sources, even as they ban all contrary discussion or ideas from their own sites.

In short, Liberalism is in the crosshairs of Marxism. As Hazony explains, “Enlightenment liberalism is a rationalist system built on the premise that human beings are, by nature, free and equal.” But virtually all modern “woke” thinking says people are not by nature free and equal and must be positioned that way by government. Hazony argues from tradition, namely that it is the traditions of liberalism that sustain it, and once those traditions are gone, it will cease to exist.
My old mentor at Arizona State, the late Prof. Robert Loewenberg, put Hazony’s argument much more succinctly: the Left seeks the open society where all is permissible. Since human society by nature is not open, nor will it/can it ever be open, the Left is always opposed to “what is” and demands what is not. Modern liberals are about to find out that no position they hold has boundaries or limitations. There is no such thing to the Left as “we’re finished now.” Thus, in this cycle, it’s only a matter of time before liberals themselves become the targets, just as the “moderate” Russian communists became in the October Revolution in 1917, and, before them, the Jacobins became in the Reign of Terror in 1789.
Conservatives have apparently chosen flight in the struggle against this monstrous evil; Liberals have chosen—or will be forced to choose—fight. Whether either strategy is viable in the long run rests largely on how many of the traditions and love for America as it was founded still exists in the United States of America.

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