Five Strategies for the New ‘Civil’ War

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  • 09/19/2023

Whether one realizes it or not, America is in a civil war. It is a war of culture – a war of ideology vs. principles. Who are the aggressors? The simple answer is Marxists. What are their tactics? To be aggressively passive-aggressive. If America is to have any chance of remaining the land of the free, patriots who are brave must have strategies for defending the country. That’s what this column is about. In a subsequent column I’ll address strategies for retaking ground that has already been lost.

Not all the aggressors trying to take down America think of themselves as Marxists, and even if they do, they rarely refer to themselves as such. However, their goal of a godless oligarchy taking over the United States places them squarely in the Marxist ideology.

Who are they? Leftists, mostly, although more and more establishment Republicans are joining their ranks. Thanks to over 100 years of “community organizing,” Marxist ideology has permeated our educational institutions, our law schools, our entertainment industry, our government, and yes, even our churches.

As a result, many Americans are being fooled. America’s leadership will SOUND patriotic, but their patriotic words have new definitions. Anyone who’s read the book 1984 knows this as Doublespeak – a deliberate distortion of the meaning of words. It’s almost like Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, and the rest of the Marxist armada added Doublespeak as the 14th chapter to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War because many Americans are being sucked unwittingly into the Marxist vortex.

After dissecting and discussing this issue with multiple students of history, the following strategies are suggested for American patriots.

Step 1: Acknowledge we are at war

If America is to survive, patriots must realize that we’re in an actual civil war. It’s not a shooting war (thank God), and nobody should want it to be, but the enemies of America are making changes in an aggressively passive-aggressive manner. Look around. Biden and the Marxist cohorts in Congress – along with alphabet agencies in the US and around the world – are working overtime to replace our Constitutionally protected rights with centralized control. It’s the emergence of a totalitarian regime, and even liberals are acknowledging this. Washington’s leaders are practicing Doublespeak with great agility to bring it about, and because they hold the reins of political power and have much of the media in their pocket, they have the advantage.

Interestingly, what we’re experiencing parallels the run-up to the Revolutionary War in many ways. Before the colonies declared independence in 1776, King George was waging a passive-aggressive war against his own people. The Declaration of Independence lists these offenses, and they are not unlike the oppressive edicts occurring today. Interestingly, British officers were even paying Indians to attack colonists. Today we have Antifa and BLM getting paid to destroy storefronts and loot (while committing a few murders along the way) while Democrat “leaders” like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were raising funds to bail them out.

In the same way that someone with a problem must acknowledge the problem before it can be resolved, it’s vital for patriots to realize that, yes, we are in the middle of a “civil” war.

Step 2: Stop funding the enemy

In war, one strategy used to gain advantage is coercion. It means getting one’s enemy to behave in a certain way by targeting their leadership, communications, and their economy. Examples of the Marxist doing this in America are Twitter and Facebook removing high-profile patriots such as Donald Trump, General Flynn, and Sidney Powell from their platforms. Also, have you noticed that any social media post sharing content that doesn’t align with the Marxist narrative is quickly labeled “false information”?

This isn’t a new practice in America’s “civil” war. Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was forced to resign in 2014 simply because he donated $1000 of his own money for a cause that was opposed by Marxist sympathizers. However, since the Nov. 2020 election, Marxists have become emboldened to expand this practice and to pick up the pace. Some banks have stopped processing payments for conservative companies and politicians. Stores have stopped carrying products made by conservative-owned companies. People are fired simply because they supported Trump or were in Washington DC on Jan. 6. (Amazingly, nearly half of Americans under 30 think that’s okay.)

And yet, because of habit, convenience, and/or inexpensive pricing, patriots keep purchasing merchandise and using services from Marxist-friendly companies. Many patriots have not yet realized that by continuing to do so, they are funding the enemy’s war effort. Marxists are quietly laughing at this, all while using the patriots’ own money to destroy them. Remember, we are in a war, so patriots must stop funding the enemy.

By the way, a key strategy for surviving – and eventually winning – the civil war will be building a patriot economy. Much more needs to be said than room allows in this column, so I’ll address this more in my follow-up piece, but for now realize that if patriots don’t build their own economy, they will certainly lose the war.

Some patriots do not agree with this strategy, advocating that we should strive for unity and that creating two economies will bifurcate the country even more. In response, I say the war has already started, and despite the hollow words of the current White House occupant, the other side does not consider unity to be an option.

In a flip of my Revolutionary War comparison, recall how the Colonists fought guerrilla-style, while the British fought as most European armies did – standing in rows and firing at each other until one army was decimated – or chose to retreat. The colonists won battles by employing guerrilla warfare tactics while the British stuck to their centuries-long practice of fighting like gentlemen. Eventually the British came around, but it was too late. Had they adapted sooner, they may have won the war!

Similarly, if modern-day patriots don’t stop funding the enemy and rapidly adapt to the new “civil” method of economic warfare, they will be canceled beyond their ability to operate financially and the war will be lost.

Step 3: Stop apologizing

No need exists for anyone to apologize for the principles upon which the Constitution was built, or for positions that require no apology. Demanding apologies are a way to demoralize people and put them in a weakened position. Unless egregious sin has occurred, patriots should NEVER apologize for being patriots, nor for doing anything that harms no one else.

Remember Mike Gundy, coach of the Oklahoma State University football team, who apologized because there was a picture of him wearing an OAN (One America News) t-shirt while he was fishing? Some running back on the team sympathetic to the Marxist cause took (imagined) offense and Gundy bowed to the pressure. Big mistake. After Gundy apologized, the running back told CBS Sports, “It's not over ... Don't get it twisted. Foots [SIC] still on the gas.”

That one example explains it all: Apologizing never appeases Marxists. On the contrary, standing one’s ground maintains one’s strength. Consider Chick-fil-A’s CEO Dan Cathy in 2012, standing his ground and not caving to the pressure about his stance on gay marriage. The LGBTQ crowd tried to cancel Chick-fil-A with a boycott, but patriots were proud of Cathy taking a principled stance and Chick-fil-A’s business boomed.

However, in 2019, the company shifted its position and started funding pro-LGBTQ groups. You’d think that would’ve made the Marxists happy, but it wasn’t enough for them. They demanded more.

Then, in 2020, Cathy called on Christians to “repent” for their racism and suggested white people shine black people’s shoes. And, as before, Cathy’s comments and actions still weren’t enough to please the Marxists. Adding to Cathy’s problem, more than a few disgusted patriots found a different place to buy lunch.

Apologizing gets you nowhere. The truth is you lose ground when you apologize for acting on your principles. Stop doing it.

Step 4: Stop trying to be nice; be good instead

People often conflate being nice with being good, and Marxists use this to their advantage. By definition, being nice means having a pleasing or agreeable demeanor. Marxists don’t care how nice you are. However, they know many patriots think it’s important, so they guilt people into being nice because they know it draws their energy and focuses away from the fight.

Marxist don’t care about being nice, they care only about being good, and to the Marxist, whatever furthers the cause of Marxism is good; anything that gets in the way of Marxism is evil. (See my opening comments about Doublespeak.) In the same way, patriots must stop trying to be nice, and focus instead on promoting the truly good – the principles upon which our Founders stood when they created the United States.

Think of it this way: Jesus was always good, but he wasn’t always nice. Referring to his community leaders as “a brood of vipers” and “whitewashed tombs” isn’t being nice. Patriots must take the same attitude, focusing on doing what is truly good no matter what the Marxists say.

Think of it this way: If by being nice, you enable evil, you are giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and that is treason. Stop trying to be nice. Be good instead.

Step 5: Stop giving away rights

Nobody is taking away patriots’ rights; patriots are giving them away. This must stop. By way of reminder, we are in a “civil” war, and wars involve conflict. This means patriots must get out of their comfort zones and stand up for principles, even in the face of social opposition and the possibility of arrest. Obviously, I don’t recommend getting physically violent, but when passive-aggressive actions are levied against you (or the patriots around you), patriots must stand firm and act on principles to keep their rights.

This is a winning strategy. When legal push has come to shove regarding Covid issues this past year, courts have been ruling in favor of patriots.

A great example is Karl Manke, the 77-year-old barber in Michigan who stood up to the governor’s unconstitutional lockdown orders. In May of 2020, Manke defied the governor’s illegal orders and opened his barbershop. He was cited twice by police, but he continued to work. The state then revoked his license, but he kept cutting hair.

When the order was given to arrest him, patriots surrounded his place of business and the local sheriff refused to make the arrest. Instead, he issued a statement:

“[O]ur priority focus will be on enforcing duly passed laws for the protection of Shiawassee County citizens. I have decided, within my authority, that our office cannot and will not divert our primary resources and efforts towards enforcement of Governor Whitmer’s executive orders.”

The Manke case was subsequently dismissed by the courts, but that’s not an isolated example. Cases against people arrested for not wearing masks are also being dismissed by the courts. Standing up for one’s inalienable rights is rarely comfortable. In fact, at times it’s quite inconvenient. But if patriots are too afraid to get a ticket or get arrested, they will be passively giving away their rights.

What else needs to be done?

Essentially, the five things listed in this column could be summarized as follows:

  • Stop being in denial
  • Stop participating in socialist economic policy
  • Stop apologizing
  • Stop trying to be nice
  • Stop giving away rights

These are defensive actions that must be taken, but they won’t be enough to win the war. Positive, offensive maneuvers must also be incorporated to take back lost ground (such as building a patriot economy), or patriots can never win.

Yes, I know developing proactive strategies to “win” a war against our fellow citizens may be uncomfortable to think about, but guess what? Marxists are betting patriots won’t do it (because doing so wouldn’t be nice). Their bet is that patriots will try to call it a draw in the hopes that all Americans return to our founding principles.

Because Marxists believe America is evil, that’s not going to happen. And so, they hope that patriots will attempt to call this war a draw, because then a Marxist victory is guaranteed.

What proactive action must be taken to win? That is a topic for a different column. Stay tuned.


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