The Art Of The Steal: Volume ll Of the Navarro Report

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  • 09/19/2023

On Tuesday, Peter Navarro released the second volume of The Navarro Report called The Art of the Steal. This blockbuster report follows his first report, Volume l-The Immaculate Deception, explained in an UncoverDC article on Dec. 18. Navarro alleges that the Democrats and their political operatives unleashed a steal of the 2020 election "by implementing its Grand “Stuff the Ballot Box” Strategy, the Democrat Party and its political operatives have strategically gamed one of the most sacred elements of American democracy, our election system. This was brass-knuckle politics at the highest level which has delivered a brutal punch to the nose of the American people and a vicious kick to the groin of American democracy."

The Art of the Steal Report/Volume 11 of The Navarro/ Report/Dr. Peter Navarro/Jan.5, 2021

Navarro contends that the Democrats and its operatives stole the election from President Trump by using a "two-pronged strategy" to stuff the ballot boxes in six key battleground states—Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. They used the cover of the pandemic to send out massive numbers of mail-in and absentee ballots so they could flood these states with enough illegal ballots to "turn a decisive Trump victory into a narrow and illegitimate Biden alleged, “win.”

"Prong One dramatically INCREASED the amount of absentee and mail-in ballots in the battleground states. Prong Two dramatically DECREASED the level of scrutiny of such ballots—effectively taking the election “cops” off the beat." Navarro alleges that the flood of ballots tipped the victory from a huge legitimate win margin for Trump to a narrow, illegitimate win for Biden.

In addition, he said that state officials changed election laws in several states to aid in the steal, as in the case of Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, who “illegally extended the deadline for mail-in voters to supply any missing ID requirements,” in contravention of state election laws. "The U.S. Constitution gives state legislatures, not state courts, authority to govern federal elections." Several other states violated those laws.

Navarro said that court rulings, political operatives on the ground, and funding from George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, with his donation of $300 million to voter integrity projects, boosted local election officials' resources. Those projects funded additional polling places and ballot drop boxes. Critics contend that the money went to heavily Democratic areas, thus tipping the balance and violating equal protection laws. The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) received an additional $100 million in mid-October. The Amistad Project brought lawsuits in numerous states to fight private funding of elections.

While The Immaculate Deception laid out the coordinated strategy to steal the election, The Art of the Steal takes a more granular look at the strategy used to tip the election in Biden's favor. It also looks at "how much of what the Democrats did was illegal" and how much of "what the Democrat Party and its agents did was done within the bounds of the law and rules but nonetheless led to an illegal outcome." 

The first prong of the strategy dramatically INCREASED the number of registered Democrat absentee and mail-in ballots cast in six battleground states. Figure three illustrates mostly legal means to "game" the election system to achieve "what was, in effect, an illegal end— a FLOOD of illegal ballots sufficient to tip the election to Joe Biden."

Figure three/The Art of the Steal/Dr. Peter Navarro

The gaming strategies used were: "law changes by state legislatures; rule changes by Secretaries of State (SOS) and other election officials; various court rulings, court interventions, and petitions; the aggressive use of so-called “Public-Private Partnerships,” like those funded by Zuckerberg and Soros.

Figure four shows how the Democrats dramatically INCREASED the flood of absentee and mail-in ballots:

Figure four/The Art of the Steal/Dr. Peter Navarro

In this scheme, they relaxed mail-in ballot rules, sent ballots to every voter (universal mailing), used illegal drop boxes, performed ballot harvesting, and allegedly used corrupted voting machines.

Figure five shows how they dramatically DECREASED the scrutiny of absentee and mail-in ballots.

Figure five/The Art of the Steal/Dr. Peter Navarro

The rest of the report breaks down this previously introduced figure, seen above as Figure three, posted here again to more easily follow:

Figure three/The Art of the Steal/Dr. Peter Navarro

Here, Navarro explains more thoroughly the eight gambits employed to game the election. He breaks it down into a series of tables that detail the following strategies used to impact the 2020 election:

  • Law Changes by State Legislatures (Table One)
  • Court Rulings (Table Two)
  • Law Changes through Public Referenda (Table Three)

The tables are pictured below:

Table One/Law Changes by State Legislatures/Dr. Peter Navarro

Table Two/The Art of the Steal/Dr. Peter Navarro

Table Three/The Art of the Steal/Dr. Peter Navarro

The accompanying narrative for each of the tables goes into great detail about how the various actions of the people allegedly involved in the steal impacted the election in the swing states.

The narrative accompanying Table One discusses the impact of the rule changes by the secretaries of state and other state officials. For example, he alleges that there was a Secretary of State project funded by Soros to strategically place "liberal extremist puppets" in positions of power to "build a Democratic firewall" in key states, such as Pennsylvania and Michigan. He cites the example of SoS Boockvar, whose "arguably unlawful guidance on September 15, 2020... directed local election officials not to perform on-the-spot signature analysis for absentee and mail-in ballots. In effect, mail-in ballots could not be rejected even if election officials deemed there was an improper signature match."

Table Two narrative details the impact of court rulings and interventions that materially impacted the election in favor of Biden. One such example cited the "ruling of September 10, 2020, by Obama-appointed Judge Douglas Reyes of the U.S. District Court of Arizona. He ordered an extension period for absentee ballots for the 2020 General Election and thereby allowed missing signatures to be added to vote-by-mail ballots. In this dramatic expansion of the rules for curing ballots, election officials were allowed to give voters until 5:00 PM on the fifth business day after the election to sign their vote-by-mail ballot envelopes if they failed to sign at the time they submitted the ballots."

Table Three illustrates the use of public referenda to change election laws in both Michigan and Nevada. Navarro also highlights how the "Public-Private Partnerships (Zuckerberg-Soros Effect)" and the "Propaganda “Public Awareness” Campaign" advanced the Democrat's strategy. They helped fund resources and tools with their partnerships that allegedly tipped the balance for Biden and the public awareness campaigns allegedly propagandized the American public by "softening public attitudes towards the liberalization of absentee and mail-in voting."

"For example, in March of 2020, the Brennan Center issued a memo to influence mail-in ballot election law changes as a result of the CCP Virus pandemic. The memo stated: “All voters should be offered the option to cast their ballot by mail (with multiple submission options, as provided below), so as to enable voters to avoid lines at the polls and exposure to COVID-19."

The strategies used to steal the 2020 election were principally aimed to INCREASE mail-in and absentee ballots exponentially and to DECREASE the scrutiny of absentee and mail-in ballots. The descriptions of each prong are expansive and potentially damning. Navarro is careful to footnote and substantiate all of his allegations.

Navarro ends his report with the following statement that makes a case for continued, meaningful investigation of an election that was, in his words, "stolen."

"That the Democrat Party and its operatives have, up to this point, gotten away with their Immaculate Deception and Art of the Steal represents a signal failure of the media, Republican state legislators, and other Republican government officials across the battleground states, the US Congress, and our judicial branch of government at both the state and federal levels.

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Navarro Report—The Immaculate Deception and The Art of the Steal—together make the strong case for a full investigation of the election irregularities and strategic gaming of our political process that in all likelihood have led to a stolen presidential election. Any such investigation must begin immediately as this nation simply cannot risk the inauguration of a president who will be perceived by a large segment of the American people as illegitimate."

In Dr. Navarro's press conference today he said to the reporters present, "This is one of the most important stories in American history and you shunned the story because you didn't want to ask your outlets to publish the story."  He added, "I shouldn't have to do your job for you."

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