New Video Raising Questions About Election Fraud Allegations

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  • Source: UncoverDC
  • 09/19/2023

A video is circulating today that shows Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Freeman Moss allegedly conspiring to hand a USB flash drive to an election worker. The footage shows the two huddled and talking at a table when a young man approaches them and Shae Freeman hands him what looks like a USB flash drive. Freeman surreptitiously puts the USB in the election worker's pocket and he then walks away. Several Trump campaign expert witnesses have testified that USB drives can easily be used to alter data, even flip votes, in the Dominion machines.

At first glance, it is difficult to understand what is transpiring. Twitter user Airik Henderson, seems to put the missing pieces in place with his analysis of the behavior in the video which he has slowed down so that the viewer can better understand what allegedly happened.

The USB video showing Freeman and her daughter is significant because it follows on the heels of an explosive suitcase video revealed in yesterday's hearing by lawyer Jacki Pick, showing both Freeman and her daughter working late on Nov. 3. They were among the four election workers left unobserved inside the tabulation center in the State Farm Arena in Fulton County between approximately 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. the nights of Nov. 3 and 4. They were seen pulling four suitcases out from under tables cloaked in tablecloths and then running those ballots through the tabulation machines. While it is difficult to confirm their identities with 100 percent accuracy, there are identifying characteristics that seem to confirm their presence in both videos.

President Trump filed a new lawsuit today following the explosive suitcase video revealed at yesterday's state Senate hearing. The suit was filed on behalf of Trump and David Shafer, a presidential elector pledged to the president. It alleges that the Georgia election was filled with “significant systemic misconduct, fraud, and other irregularities” resulting in “many thousands of illegal votes” being cast and counted, according to NewsMax.

The release of the suitcase video evidence seemed to spur Governor Brian Kemp to action on Thursday when he ordered a signature audit. Volunteer lawyer for the Trump campaign, Jacki Pick, said in an interview with Newsmax today that, "in the state of Georgia, the way the law works is that to be able to contest an election, you simply have to show that there are enough votes in question—that were either illegal or we don't know were legal, to outpace the margin of victory."

There is concern that the signature audit being ordered by Kemp will not be sufficient to expose fraud. Lawyer Sidney Powell tweeted that there must be a "forensic audit" of the nature detailed yesterday by expert cybersecurity witness Phil Waldron. Powell is calling for the forensic audit to include machine algorithms, servers, conduct at the unobserved warehouse lunchroom, ballot envelopes, and registration cards. Without it, she says, "it is a meaningless exercise and wasted tax dollars." 

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