Have we been hoodwinked about Covid? Research published by the Students of Johns Hopkins would suggest that’s the case. A review of death rates in America over the past six years show no increase for 2020. What’s more, death rates by age bracket in 2020 are steady – meaning no increase for the age groups dying most from Covid. Daniel reviews.

Also – Boise’s Marxist-sympathizing major, Lauren McLean, wants to get rid of the oppressive white culture in Boise, AND she wants to strip business licenses from businesses that let people shop without masks – despite a medical exemption clause in her edict, and in clear violation of ADA. She set up a snitch line for people to report such businesses – what do you suppose people are doing?

By the way, if you live in the Boise area and wish to make any kind of report to the mayor’s snitch line, the phone number is in the blog post listed below.

Blog post about Mayor McLean’s snitch line

Blog post about Mayor McLean wanting to “interrupt white dominant / white supremacist culture”

Blog post about Johns Hopkins study on steady death rates in America since 2014

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