Stealing the Last Best Hope

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  • 09/19/2023

Op-Ed By David Prentice

In plain sight. They’re trying to do it. No doubt about it. There is plenty of evidence. Yet, we may not be able to avert this disaster. The forces stacked against us are legion. The putrid, corrupt inner-city Democrat machines. The repulsive tech oligarchs. The evil leftist media. The corrupt deep state. Communist China. All wicked, all colluding, all conspiring, and unfortunately, they seemingly have the power to prevail.

That’s the simple layout of the conspiracy.

And don’t let anyone tell you it’s not happening.

The big tell-all, the proof, is in the gaslighting and all the censorship you see from these groups. All of them are hiding the truth in plain sight. Each of them is doing their part. They are making sure at least half of America has no idea there is a mountain of genuine evidence that fraud occurred on a massive scale. They are making sure that the wishy-washy GOP members are playing their part. The Bush family. The Romney/McCain's. The sellouts. All lining up to play Judas. They are making sure to divide the center-right with their disinformation campaign.

After all, nobody but a conspiracy nut would believe what’s happening in front of their eyes, right?

Let’s look at what just transpired. Joe Biden, a career politician who has zero accomplishments to note, with no real following in 47 years, has just been anointed as the president-elect by our Democrat/media/tech/Chinese alliance.


He ran no campaign. He stood for nothing. He could barely muster a dozen people to come to see him at any event.  Most times, he got out of his basement, he muttered incoherently, with multiple gaffes. An obvious shell of his former propped-up political self he had manufactured in the past. The man had a clear history of plagiarism, lying about his past, and in past attempts to run for president, he never got more than a few percent of the vote and never lasted long. He’s a smarmy politician and a mediocre one at best.

Then there’s his family corruption. His ascent to power and riches, not because of his great talent, but because he played the game cunningly. He used his connections to amass a fortune, houses, even fame. All accomplished by getting kickbacks from his family members who took money from other countries, even our enemies, to gain influence and access to power through him.

These two things are known. This lousy politician became the nominee, then the president-elect. A corrupt man betrayed his country over and over again. Yet at least half the country never knew.


Because the evil left-wing media purposefully never reported these things.

Because the Democratic Party is so corrupt; no one will step out of line to tell the truth. Power, they lust for power.

Because the left-wing tech oligarchs censored anything and anyone that dared disclose the truth. They de-platformed people. Facebook, Google, Twitter, all of them in concert with one another, literally took away the evidence of the Biden family's criminality. They took away evidence of Joe’s incompetence, his corruption, only allowing him to be placed with a halo over his head.

This all happened in plain sight. Such is the power these organizations hold over America. We all watched it happen. We know they did it. The evidence is overwhelming.

From the moment Fox called Arizona. When no network would report the obvious landslide for Trump in states where he was crushing it. When they called states with zero vote counts for Biden instantly. When they wouldn’t call any state for Trump. When they eagerly misreported time after time the Biden lead.

That didn’t exist.

Because the Trump vote was terrifying.

Then, suddenly, four major polling places stopped counting. Yes. That happened. A first.

The news networks actually cut off Trump as he began to say the election was being fraudulently stolen.

The four big-city machines supposedly went home, claiming they stopped. Except none of them stopped.

Then they began the steal. They threw out GOP poll watchers and anyone or anything that would stop them. They knew the media would not report this. They knew the fat-cat tech oligarchs would have their backs. They knew the corrupt Democratic party would never even blush.

Somehow, they took a Trumpslide and made it into a Biden win.

And the collude-rs reported the triumph. Biden wins! Suddenly.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, and Toto, if you do tug on his leg, we’ll de-platform you, make it as if you never existed, and put you into the outer darkness. Imagine if the Wizard of Oz ended that way. Then you need not imagine any more.

Because it’s happening.

Dissent is not allowed. Biden won in the cleanest election ever. Ever. Trump has no evidence of fraud because THEY say there is no evidence of fraud. At least not enough to matter, right Tucker, right media shills, right all of you silly rubes that love America?

Gaslighting. Telling you what’s obvious isn’t. Telling you to go home and shut up, telling you to give up, threatening anyone who gets in their way.

And yes, it has come to that.

They are stealing the last best hope. Trading our heritage for a bowl of pottage. Opening up our country to be taken by the hard-left.

If they succeed, there is no coming back. If they succeed, our lives will forever change into the dystopian horror the left wants for America. There is no other chance to win back our country again. They will ensure their power is institutionalized, that no one will overthrow them again.

The power-hungry will have absolute power, and their full corruption will rampage until we are destroyed.

America, it’s time to stand up, not stand down. You confused GOPers; if you don’t stand now, there will be nothing to stand for again. This is it. There will be no second chances. The left will make certain of that. There will be no regrouping for the GOP, merely second-class citizenship. There will be no possible road back. Real patriots know that.

The left will allow a flood of illegals here. Granting amnesty to them all. They will change the election rules forever, allowing banana republic voting to continue unfettered. They will enable their minions in BLM, Antifa, and the cancel culture to destroy everything good. They will shove critical race theory down our throat. They will prop up Iran and the terrorists once again. They will force the asinine theory of climate change down our throats. They will lock down our country in an attempt to control it all, claiming pandemic or whatever they want.

Plain and simple, it will be over.

What happened to Venezuela will be a cakewalk.

So again, wake up, America. It’s now or never. If we allow this steal to happen, everything any of us have worked for will be gone. There will not be another chance. It’s hanging in the balance.

It’s time to listen to Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. They KNOW this is all true. It’s time to stand up with Donald Trump. Donate to them, stand with them. They’re the only thing between us and chaos. It’s our last chance. Send the battle cry viral.

We will not submit! We will not let them steal. We will not let them succeed in their coup. Never give up to these people. Never give in. Never, ever, never give an inch.

Stand up now, or forever be silent.

David Prentice has written for the American Thinker, The Epoch Times, UncoverDC, and Backbone America.  He resides in the Midwest.


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