The Coming Chaos: A Primer

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  • 09/19/2023

For the last several years, we’ve seen quite a few misconceptions about the insurgents and Marxist subversives hiding among us in this nation. Some of it is deliberate disinformation, some originates from people who are misinformed, and others come from a simple misunderstanding of what’s going on around them.

I’d like to dispel the misinformation and provide some reasons for optimism and ways that you can prepare by presenting some insights that the 1st Amendment Praetorian (a volunteer force of military, law enforcement and intelligence agency veterans) have collected regarding their structure and their plans for election day and beyond.

Our mission is typically to provide pro bono intelligence and security services to religious and patriotic events. But when our analysts passed along their observations on the national threat intelligence we received, we knew that it had to be spread far and wide so as many Americans as possible could be informed in advance. The worst time to prepare for an emergency is in the middle of it and it’s imperative that Americans know what is being planned by these subversive groups.

Who are they?

The reason a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate like Joe Biden can call ANTIFA “just an idea” is because it was set up and organized specifically for the purpose of making it difficult to track and understand.

In the aspects of organizing, planning and funding, these groups have been directed and led by '60s and '70s-era radicals who have been evading federal law enforcement for decades.

They use the same “hub and spoke” model of organization that the communists used in Vietnam in order to ensure their leadership stays off the radar of both the public and law enforcement, but they’ve slipped several times lately showing their hand and revealing the identities of several of their inner-circle planning committee members.

We will address how that model works, but first consider that these "different" groups share the same tactics, uniforms, language, communications and signage on the East Coast that they have on the West Coast and in the Midwest. They have teams of lawyers and millions of dollars at the ready to defend and bail out their street soldiers at a moment’s notice. They have logistics, pre-positioned piles of bricks, weapons, and even U-Haul trucks full of riot gear and supplies that deliver to the forward lines of their battle space.

As one of our analysts put it, “Ideas don’t need logistics. Ideas don’t have SOPs [standard operating procedures] that travel thousands of miles. Organic, spur-of-the-moment reactions and riots don’t have pre-positioned riot supplies.” Here's an example of some of the tactics they use at the events they attempt to disrupt.

Hub and spoke

The hub and spoke model is easy to visualize and will help give you a better idea of how each of these seemingly disparate groups can all arrive at “protests” via bus or rental cars at the same time, to the same location, often from far away yet all on the same mission using the same tactics and funded by the same groups. And members of the inner-circle have all been trained at educational and training institutions that have been present in this nation for decades: The Highland Center in Kentucky and The Blue Mountain Center in Appalachia.

The “hub” or inner-circle are the planners, organizers and funders who the media and
democrats swear to you don’t exist. These are the life-long radicals like Susan Rosenberg, a convicted domestic terrorist who was pardoned by Bill Clinton on his last day in office.
Susan was outed as running funding for BLM via the Thousand Currents program. (Sounds an awful lot like the Chinese intelligence Thousand Talents program that uses assets in the United States to spy domestically.) More recently, Lisa Fithian was caught on a recorded video conference helping to plan riots to overtake Washington, D.C. beginning on election day. Who is Fithian? She is a longtime radical whose job in her words is “to create crisis, because crisis is the edge of where change is possible.” Here’s a brief clip giving a breakdown of her experience with the Occupy movement, along with some insights into her tactic of creating “arrestables” a term for people pre-designated to be arrested in front of cameras so a compliant media can garner empathy for the cause du jour.

At the end of the day all these Marxists share the same cause: the destruction of America as we know it. If you believe that’s hyperbole, you haven’t been paying attention. Fithian was caught on a video teleconference recording released by Millie Weaver this week helping to plan the riots and shutdowns that are scheduled for Washington, D.C. beginning on election day. While this video talks about their plans for D.C., our intelligence shows they are planning similar actions around the nation. By now we know the media will call these peaceful protests no matter how much violence and bloodshed they bring. The involvement of these two helps to shed some light on the falsity of the media and Democrats' insistence that ANTIFA is nothing more than an idea, and gives you a look behind the curtain to explain how street-level orcs or subversive soldiers in this culture war can all operate with the same modus operandi, using the same funding toward the same overall objectives across the entirety of our country. This inner-circle does far more than just plan single riots or events.

Our intelligence shows that it is highly likely these members of the inner-circle are also coordinating with our adversaries from China and Russia to arrange planning, funding and training (even sending members to Syria to train with ISIS and the YPG) to assist these state actors in the destruction of the United States of America.

The women previously mentioned are merely two pieces of a very large and complex puzzle whose identities and associations became public only recently. If you want to identify all the leaders of these groups, find the graduates of the Highland Center in Kentucky and the Blue Mountain Center in Appalachia.

The spokes of the wheel

ANTIFA, BLM, Shutdown, Occupy and other subversive or Marxist groups are set up in cells, or affinity groups in order to create a shell game of sorts. For a better idea of how many of these affinity groups exist, visit,, and various other sites all created using the same infrastructure. (Please do so with caution and only if you know how to fully protect yourself and stay anonymous online - with more than simply a VPN.)

From Right to Left: Antifa Black Bloc, BLM, Occupy, ShutdownDC

A word of caution: While many would have you believe that these foot soldiers and Marxist
subversives are nothing more than stupid and silly misguided liberal arts majors who live in their mother’s basements, we’ve seen substantial intelligence and evidence that they have very sophisticated intelligence and counterintelligence collection teams and systems in place. We’ve tracked some of the systems they use to dox people (myself included) and some of those systems are highly advanced and were used by our members during their work for military or federal intelligence work to track enemy associations and networks.

These cells or affinity groups that form the diaspora that is ANTIFA can have any number of members from five to a thousand or more each. They often do not communicate with each other to plan, but rather receive their marching orders from the hub or inner-circle.

The hub of the wheel and glue that holds it all together

In terms of infrastructure, we’ve found a few points that seem to be the glue that holds
everything together. As Napoleon said, “An army fights on its stomach,” meaning that no organization can be successful for very long without logistics and infrastructure to keep it going. For each of the groups that we’ve dug into, there seems to be a single organization to act as the glue that holds the greater ANTIFA network and its affinity groups together.

The Action Network (TAN) provides a one-stop-shop of sorts for these radical groups who want to create their own affinity group to work in concert with the rest. TAN provides fundraising (think ActBlue for BLM), single-point collection, distribution of funds, networking training, and internal communications.

The Action Network also provides services for legitimate nonprofits and organizations, but it's been directly tied into many of these subversive and radical groups that we’ve investigated.


The scary part about all of this is that a substantial part of the ANTIFA funding mechanism was made public in the Panama Papers released in 2015 when financial documents showed funds moving from the Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ) to many of these radical groups.

AFGJ was founded in 1998 by members of the Nicaragua Network, an organization that was
created in 1979 to support the Marxist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. By financially supporting ANTIFA it's staying very true to its Marxist roots.

Another financial link that we’ve found for these groups is the Torch network, which can be
found at If you click a donate button on the vast majority of the ANTIFA groups, it takes you to The Action Network. Upstream of TAN and Torch is AFGJ, with a maze between them of complicated nonprofits and shell games to keep their transactions hidden and off the books.

Much like the funding of Color Revolutions around the world that were reported on in Glen
Beck’s, “Hydra” special, nonprofit organizations play a key part in keeping these money
streams hidden and laundered so they can evade detection by law enforcement. Additionally, the virtually nonexistent curiosity of an activist media that either supports ANTIFA or is part of the greater organization itself, ensures that reporters won’t bother investigating any of these money trails. Even if you could trace each of the financial transactions listed in this maze, there are different cutouts or human interactions along the maze that we’ve found. In these instances, a member of ANTIFA, either the inner-circle or a member of an affinity group, has an agreement in place where they will receive money directly from one of the nonprofits to then personally insert into another financial stream.

Here’s a great example of that using the Colorado Freedom Fund, which is merely a small
speck in the greater context of these operations and the money involved.

What are they planning?

Now that you’ve had a brief overview of who these Marxist subversive and insurgent groups are, where their money comes from and how it stays hidden, let’s get to the most important part: What are they planning?

Refit and regroup

When soldiers need to take a break from the frontlines in a war, they are sent back to an area where they can refit their equipment, bring on replacements or additions to their numbers and take a much needed break from the toils of war to prepare for the next offensive.

We’ve noticed that for the past several weeks, ANTIFA's communications and activities have been slowing down, and our analysts theorized from the very beginning that they were refitting and regrouping.


To understand the greater planning and methods of these groups, you need to understand just how long this has been in the works. These groups require a catalyzing event for their movements to truly take hold, and 2020 provided several.

We believe the Jussie Smollet incident was planned to be a catalyzing event (a social
movement that can be exploited and used to incite violence and social unrest to allow the
Marxist cadre and foot soldiers to implement their greater strategic goals via tactical ground movements, narrative construction, PSYOPs, propaganda, and action.)

When the Jussie Smollet incident occurred, it was proven to be a hoax too quickly for them to take the appropriate actions, and the Chicago Chief of Police who didn’t play ball and actually did his job appears to have foiled their plans.

George Floyd, however, a man who had been hospitalized previously for eating large quantities of drugs to avoid drug charges when he came in contact with police, created another opportunity for a catalyzing event. Minnesota has an attorney general who was in a position to hide any evidence showing the Floyd arrest for what it truly was; a means to effectively push the desired narratives and tactical activities for as long as necessary to achieve national social unrest. Because the required infrastructure was in place in Minnesota, we saw the Floyd incident become the catalyzing force for the current Marxist subversive movement.

Likewise, we’ve since seen them take advantage of any incident involving police around the
nation, even when the perpetrator is threatening police with weapons or being used as a human shield while shooting at police (the Breonna Taylor case), or would typically be considered a justified shooting by law enforcement in any sane and rational world. We believe that the rioting in Philadelphia was ahead of the scheduled unrest that was to begin on election day and carry over beyond election day, merely because a catalyzing event occurred that the organizers and leaders wanted to take advantage of.

It doesn’t matter who wins

We need to stress a specific point as there has been substantial misinformation and misunderstanding going around based on comments made by Kamala Harris and others: It does not matter who wins the election, they are planning to instigate riots and violence across the nation regardless of the election outcome. Americans are stuck in a paradigm of Blue vs. Red or Democrat vs. Republican because of the polarizing political climate, but you must understand that these groups are not doing this for purely American political reasons.

"They are doing this to entirely destroy the American way of life."

Project Veritas caught Bernie Sanders staffers on undercover video saying that if Sanders didn’t get the Democrat 2020 presidential nomination, they would burn down cities. To use Joe Biden parlance, whaddya know? Bernie didn’t get the nomination, and they began burning down cities.

Many ANTIFA and Bernie Bros are one and the same and the foreign adversaries, anarchists,
Marxists, jihadists, eco-terrorists, and domestic terrorists who make up the diaspora of subversive groups working together in a syndicate of terror around the nation right now are bent solely on anarchy with the goal of bringing down the entirety of the U.S. system, even publicly proclaiming that they want to portray the United States as “ungovernable under President Trump.”

But don’t let that fool you. These groups hate Joe Biden and the corporate
Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer as much as they hate President Trump.
On the conservative side of the house, we loathe RINOs, but these progressive Marxist groups hate anyone (I use the term “hate” by all definitions) who doesn’t align with their values and goals to completely reshape our society.

What’s the point?

As previously noted, a syndicate or diaspora of groups hell-bent on destroying America have been brought together for this push that we have seen termed as the ANTIFA Tet Offensive. These are people who fight for different reasons with the same outcome: The destruction of the United States of America.

These Marxist subversive groups have a few main goals they’d like to bring about via their
wanton violence and very public movement. They want to attract potential supporters and financial contributors, and they want to terrify anyone who disagrees with them to silence dissenting opinions and discourage Americans from defending their country. This is what true fascists and dictators do.

When you see George Soros-funded district attorneys breaking state and federal constitutions to press charges against people who dare stand up to these Marxists, it's yet another way they move toward the goal of silencing dissenters.

Be forewarned: These local mayors, governors, district attorneys, and even police chiefs in some localities who decide to allow violent rioters and looters out of jail with no charges within 24 hours of the incident will likely prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law if you stand up to them. Yes, that shows a two-tiered system of justice, which isn’t supposed to happen in this country. Yes, nearly every state has laws that make it legal for you to defend yourself if you fear for your life or limb. Yes, it’s all likely illegal, unconstitutional and just plain unfair.

But if you have that in your head, you’re missing the point of the Tet Offensive strategy.
The point of the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War was to throw enough resources and bodies at our defenses to completely overwhelm them resulting in everything breaking down. We've seen this in many of the Democrat-controlled cities with the worst rioting already, where good citizens who called the police for help were told that there weren’t enough resources to send anyone to their aid.

Since then, we’ve seen many of these deep-blue strongholds vote to defund or reduce the police force, and additionally many on the police force have filed for early retirement or simply quit. When they realized the politicians, and even some in their own chain of command, not only refused to support them but actively worked against them and were willing to file charges against police officers for completely justified actions, they had seen enough. It bears repeating that the point of this is to overwhelm our defenses and alienate,
marginalize and strike fear into the hearts of anyone who stands against these Marxist groups trying to paint the U.S as ungovernable under President Trump.

Be prepared, as all indicators are showing that they plan to make this very ugly, and they have personal data on many conservatives and Republican donors. We’ve even seen evidence that in certain cities they have direct access to local government data and records to be used specifically to identify anyone guilty of wrong think in their areas.

Where will this happen?

We have a listing of specific, posted protests (riots as we’ve seen before) from the various Marxist, subversive and insurgent groups. To this point, every time ANTIFA or any of their groups have tried to move out of those deep blue and Democrat-controlled power bases, they’ve been beaten handily. But we’ve seen intelligence that shows they have been collecting a large amount of information regarding addresses and locations of people who stand against them or who support President Trump. They have been threatening to go into the suburbs for several months, and have actually brought their activities there recently.

If you live in one of these deeply Democrat-controlled, large urban areas that has already seen riots, there is a high likelihood that they are coming back to your area beginning on election day and progressing until they are either defeated or they get their way.

When is this planned?

From what we’re seeing, these groups are planning to begin their operations on election day and will continue until one of two things happens: either they succeed in forcing President Trump out of office or their numbers are diminished to the point that they cannot continue operations. Based on what we know about the size and strength of both sides of that equation, all of our bets are on the United States government being victoriousbut it may still be quite ugly, especially in those deep-blue strongholds, until these groups can be successfully stopped.

We have also seen intelligence indicating that they are planning to try to sow chaos at election polling locations, and this brings up an important point. We’ve seen different patriot groups discussing the need to send their members to polling locations as a show of force to try to prevent these Marxists from disrupting the voting process. This is a dangerous gambit, for multiple reasons. Federal and local law enforcement are aware of the Marxists’ plans and are taking them seriously. By going to polling locations visibly armed, there’s a possibility that not only will you become a target of officers trying to maintain the sanctity of our voting process, but that you will also become the focus of a propaganda campaign by the left and their media activists.

The Stacey Abrams campaign (and her opposition who actually won) successfully encouraged more people in Georgia to go to the polls to vote in a governor election than is typical for that state. But when she lost, they still decided to use the voter suppression narrative to explain away the losseven the data shows that was absolutely not the case. These people have no morals in terms of the truth, and you can believe that if patriot groups are visibly in place at polling locations, especially if they are armed, it will be a major talking point by the leftist media to use as an explanation for why Joe Biden lost and to call the vote illegitimate.

Be vigilant, be prepared, stay alert. But don’t do anything that will allow the Marxists and the leftist media to spin a new narrative to explain away their impending loss.
Furthermore, we know that most of these violent Marxist groups save their mayhem for nighttime, except in certain circumstances. This means that you should try to be home and indoors, especially if you live in one of these Democrat-controlled strongholds, after nightfall beginning on election day.

The silver lining

We are not trying to be purveyors of fear with this warning. We’re trying to let Americans know what is being planned so that they may prepare accordingly. There are also several reasons to be optimistic regarding this situation, but they do not give you any reason to not be ready for the worst-case scenario. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

The first piece of optimism deals with our federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The Deep State and Marxist infiltrators of our government at the highest levels tend to garner the most attention these days, but that doesn’t tell the entire story. Despite sleepers, moles and activists being spread across the entirety of our governmental
agencies, there are also plenty of patriots who still exist there as well. These patriots take the oath to defend the constitution against “all enemies, foreign and domestic” extremely seriously and will do everything in their power to ensure that our nation remains a bastion of freedom for the world to look up to. And if our group has this intelligence and knows what is being planned, you can believe that our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies have had it much longer than us and were able to anticipate these moves far in advance.

The second point of optimism comes from the demoralization and breaking of the will and spirit of these Marxist subversive groups. As I’m writing this, 1st Amendment Praetorian today completed two more successful operations: one to protect the MAGA Drag the Interstate rally in Denver (which had a 60-mile Trump Train of more than 8,000 vehicles) and a Walkaway Campaign rally in Atlanta, GA.

Our intelligence team watched as various subversive groups in the Atlanta area attempted to rally enough of its members to go and protest (riot and destroy) the event, but couldn’t garner enough people and support to make any impact.

What does this tell you?

It tells you that much of their spirit has been broken. Sure, they still have freedom of movement and power bases in Seattle, Portland, New York, Philadelphia, and other places, but their footprint across much of the nation has drastically shrunk and only the most hardcore of soldiers remain vigilant.

I cannot emphasize enough how successful the videos of the “shriekers” being arrested by
federal officers and local deputized police were in breaking the spirit of anyone who was on the fence regarding their support for these Marxist movements. Many of these street soldiers were promised that they would not be held accountable for their actions in the locations that had Soros-funded district attorneys, mayors, and/or police chiefs. When the federal agents showed that to be untrue, their numbers greatly diminished as many realized that 10 years in federal prison for sedition was not worth it.

What can you do about it?

The most important advice we can give you right now regarding the potential for more
violence and riots over the coming week is to have a plan, rehearse your plan, and be prepared. If you live in one of the Democrat-controlled, deep blue strongholds where your local government and district attorney have shown a preference for defending the violent rioters and/or prosecuting people who stand up to the mob, perhaps it’s a good idea for you to get out of town until the smoke clears. Personally, I’m a “defend your castle” type of person in most situations, but there are a few reasons why this situation is different:

  • The government in some places has proved itself to be against you and on the
    side of the Marxists, meaning they will be let free to continue their mayhem
    while you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for standing up to them.
  • As we saw in the previous rounds of riots, if they can mass their full support and
    numbers in these areas, especially those with already diminished police forces, you may
    be on your own if the police and first responders are overwhelmed.

If you are in one of these locations and cannot afford to leave, ensure that you have a plan and that you prepare for the worst-case scenario, especially if you have a family to protect.
We know that they do have subversives placed across the government in many of these areas, but we do not know the full extent of their placement. With the ANTIFA-created fires across the West Coast just a few months ago (which, of course, were blamed on climate change), we know that they are willing to go to extreme lengths to accomplish their goals.

As such, your plan should include possibilities that the communications and/or power networks could potentially go down. If you have to leave the house daily, ensure that your plan includes how you will link up with your family if communications networks fail, where you will meet if you are not back at your home by a certain time, and contingency plans for everything.

If you haven't already, form a plan with neighbors for what you should do if these plans come to fruition. We know these groups prefer to hit soft targets and are easily repelled when they meet resistance. The neighborhoods in the previous rounds of riots who had neighborhood watches and placed blockades at their street entrances were very successful in keeping themselves free of destruction, looting and violence.

Do you know your neighbors? Do you already have a neighborhood watch? Do you have plans to assist each other in times of need? Do you know who will be home, who will be leaving for work and who may need assistance if things get ugly?

America is a republic that is, in its whole, a conglomeration of communities. If your community is one that has drifted apart or existed without strong bonds, perhaps this is the onus required to change that and come together. God willing, these plans will be foiled by local and federal law enforcement before they are even allowed to be put into action, but we’ve seen the lengths that certain localities will go to in order to allow this mayhem to continue.

Be informed

Unfortunately, we live in a time when it’s difficult to know who you can trust, especially where news is concerned. There is a wonderful intelligence service that tracks the planned protests by these subversive groups and pushes intelligence and other information about planned events out to all of its members.

Forward Observer is relatively cheap, and from what we’ve tracked extremely accurate. We
have no relation to or financial stake in the group, but we’ve found them to be very good at what they do and a great resource if any of these planned actions take place near you.

In conclusion

Be not afraid, but be prepared. As Steve Bannon said, “You didn’t think they were going to give you back your country without a fight, did you?” We are seeing these drastic actions because none of their other plots or ploys have workedtheir activists in the media are having less effectiveness than ever, their hoaxes are repelled now within hours or even minutes and all data shows that President Trump will win this election by a landslide.

What we are anticipating are the last clawings of a dying animal. A last-ditch effort to cling to the power they’ve held for too long. We are taking our country back, we are taking our culture back and we are taking our society back. Once the election is over, they will have no desire to keep their masks on and pretend they love or care about this country as it currently exists. It’s a dangerous place to be, but it also shows that we are winning, we have forced their hand into revealing themselves and they know it’s their last chance.

Robert Patrick Lewis is one of the co-founding members of 1st Amendment Praetorian, a group of military, law enforcement and intelligence community veterans who provide pro bono intelligence and security services to patriotic and religious events. To support their mission, you can visit and donate via their crowdfunding links. You can also follow their updates via Twitter or Robert’s videos on YouTube.

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