The Democrats’ Conventional Wisdom Straightjacket: RBG Edition

The Democrats and their lickspittle media continually insist that Republicans (and everybody else) must conform to conventional standards and conventional wisdom. That is simply rank hypocrisy, not to mention situationally dependent, and is clearly in full display with the death of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg (RBG). It is time to realize that “conventional standards and conventional wisdom” are merely Democrat tactics to control political dialog and the narrative about key topics of the moment. Here are a few examples of the Democrats’ “narrow-band political filters.”

Decorum. For the past four-plus years, a top Democrat claim against President Trump is that he is crude, mean, and doesn’t conform to Democrat-propagated presidential decorum. Here is a perfect example of those demands from the execrable Never-Trumper Max Boot. But actions speak louder than words. They would have us forget Bill Clinton being fellated in the Oval Office.

Secularism. The Democrats-media complex have twisted the meaning of, and then trumpeted, the separation of church and state and the removal of God from public discourse for decades. Their goal was to politically neutralize Christians, especially of the evangelical variety, as they represent a large Republican voting bloc. Never mind that Islam became a protected religion during the eight long years of the Obama regime, and Obama was never challenged for his frequent public deference to Islam (bowing to Muslim heads of state) and his policy of funding the relocation of “Muslim refugees” to cities across the nation (say hello to Representative Ilhan Omar, D-MN!).

The Nuclear Option. During the Kavanaugh hearings in 2018, Democrats insisted that the “nuclear option” – a rule by which the standing rule in the US Senate requiring a two-thirds vote to close debate is set aside in favor of a simple majority vote – must not be used to confirm a US Supreme Court judge. Never mind that former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) opened the door to the nuclear option by killing the filibustering of judicial nominations in 2016 when the politics favored the Democrat Party. Enter the law of unintended political consequences for the poor Democrats, as reported here!

USSC Nominations During an Election Year. Every elected Democrat in Congress has been caterwauling that President Trump would “break precedent” if he nominates someone to replace RBG during this election year. The media have been incessantly hammering Republican senators for voicing their support to violate that (Democrat-created) convention, which is nowhere to be found in the US Constitution. Never mind that Obama nominated Merrick Garland in the waning months of 2016, and virtually all Democrats railed when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) set aside Garland’s nomination. And in a variation on that theme, the Democrat-media complex claim that senators who sustained the filibuster against Garland in 2016 are being called “hypocrites” for their willingness to vote to confirm a Trump nominee in 2020. Never mind the apples and oranges comparison: in 2016, the president was a Democrat and the Senate was majority Republican; in 2020, the presidency and the Senate are Republican. Here is one such attack on Sen. John Thune (R-SD) – weak though it is – from the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader.

Soros is Off-Limits. A recent Democrat-media circling-of-the-wagons involves discussing the deleterious impact of George Soros on US elections and public policy. Democrats demand that any discussion of Soros is “off-limits.” Recently, Fox News shut down Newt Gingrich when he brought up the adverse influence of Soros on US politics. Furthermore, as reported here, Glenn Beck was told by a Fox News producer that he could not bring up Soros’s name during an upcoming interview, as reported here. Never mind that there was an open season to attack the Koch brothers for years/decades for their support of Republican candidates and libertarian-oriented public policy issues. In fact, the Koch brothers were a key 2014 campaign issue for Democrats, as reported/echoed by the Washington Post at the time.

Speaking Ill of the Dead. This has long been a cultural taboo that the Democrat Party violates when politically convenient. Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and even Bush 41 were chastised by various left-wing media after their deaths. The left-media particularly hated Nixon and Reagan for whom they had zero respect (Reagan was frequently referred to a “stupid and senile” even while he was serving as our president). Interestingly, it is not taboo to speak ill of the likes of Adolph Hitler, Mao Zedong, and Iosef Dzhugashvili (Stalin) for their crimes against humanity, including the deaths of well over 100 million combatants and non-combatants during their respective regimes. In fact, Hitler has been turned into the Democrats’ bugbear and caricature of a right-wing monster for political purposes to attack “conservatives” over the years. Never mind that Hitler was himself a socialist (note: National Socialist German Workers Party – NAZI).

Let us turn to the recently-deceased RBG. I don’t subscribe to the admonition against speaking ill of the dead, particularly if the deceased was evil. Is it somehow not permissible to speak ill of Ted Bundy, the cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, and other serial killers? Please. While RBG was not PERSONALLY or kinetically involved in the deaths of innocent human beings, she was a leading general in the Left’s ongoing war to support and defend the practice of unlimited abortion in the US for virtually her entire adult life. [Note: abortion has been obfuscated to make it more politically palatable as a “women’s right issue” for decades, and she is continuously lauded as a “women’s rights pioneer” by the Democrat-media complex even to this very day.] For example, as a Supreme Court justice, she voted against the 2007 Gonzales vs Carhart decision that upheld restrictions on “partial-birth abortions.”

Think about that for a second. Here is a clinical description of what the procedure entails:

The term “partial-birth abortion” refers generally to an abortion procedure where the fetus is removed intact from a woman’s body. The procedure is described by the medical community as “intact dilation and evacuation” or “dilation and extraction” (“D & X”) depending on the presentation of the fetus. Intact dilation and evacuation involve a vertex or “head first” presentation, the induced dilation of the cervix, the collapsing of the skull, and the extraction of the entire fetus through the cervix. D & X involves a breech or “feet first” presentation, the induced dilation of the cervix, the removal of the fetal body through the cervix, the collapsing of the skull, and the extraction of the fetus through the cervix.

I despise the Left’s use of the word “fetus” to dehumanize a living-but-unborn human being. Partial-birth abortion is simply the killing of a viable human being after an induced-but-early birth. The procedure is barbaric, evil and a complete perversion of the right to human life as enshrined in the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness clause of the US Declaration of Independence.

There have been over 61 million abortions in the US since a Democrat activist-controlled US Supreme Court voted in the 1973 Roe v Wade decision to make abortion legal in the country. And RBG has supported unlimited abortions as a women’s rights activist, top ACLU lawyer, and ultimately the US Supreme Court justice throughout the 47 years since Roe v Wade was passed. The Democrat-media complex insists that RBG is a “giant among past Supreme Court justices” while shading the true evil she enabled during her legal career.

The Democrats’ insistence – for any and all of their morally-bankrupt reasons – that President Trump be denied his constitutional authority to appoint a successor to RBG makes me furious. Here is my take on what needs to be done: nominate and confirm a conservative to the court in short order, stick the whole process right down the Democrats' craws, and watch them lose more Senate seats for their crazed antics during the process that will surely be worse than those during the Kavanaugh farce.

We should not speak ill about Hitler because he pulled the German economy out of the Great Depression and treated his mistress Eva Braun well? And no one can speak ill of RBG because of her career of advancing women’s rights in America and being devoted to her family? The 61 million souls of aborted human beings in the US since 1973 could not be reached for comment.


Stu Cvrk served 30 years in the US Navy in a variety of active and reserve capacities, with considerable operational experience in the Middle East and the Western Pacific. An oceanographer and systems analyst through education and experience, Stu is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, where he received a classical liberal education. This functions as the key foundation for his political commentary. He threads daily on Twitter on a wide range of political topics, such as the military, foreign policy, government, economics, and world affairs.

Twitter: @STUinSD


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