The Summer of Our Gaslighting Discontent

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  • 09/19/2023

I’ve got some bad news for you, folks. To get to that massive Trump landslide in November, we’re going to have to go through an ordeal because there will be a relentless and almost overwhelming amount of gaslighting until the election gets here.

A massive amount of time, effort and money will be invested by the Progressive Left to hide the real cultural shift going on in this country, as they use the legacy media to try to manufacture a fake cultural shift in the other direction.

Confederate statues were the start, now in less than two weeks the mob has moved on to founding father Thomas Jefferson and President Abraham Lincoln.

Major corporations are sending out press releases and emails to all their customers vowing to help fight America’s systemic racism and play an important role in the cultural shift away from the country’s irredeemably racist past.  Netflix, Amazon, Patreon, GoFundMe, OpenTable, Nike, the NFL, MLB, NBA, the list is endless.

More statues will be removed. More brands will change their name. More corporations will announce massive donations to black causes, including and especially Black Lives Matters, the Marxist Socialist group that functions as the foot soldiers on the ground, driving mass protests.

Thanks to Democrat governors and mayors like Bill DeBlasio, Jenny Durkan, Lori Lightfoot, Jacob Frey, Tim Walz, Gretchen Whitmer, Andrew Cuomo and many others, Americans are getting a LONG HARD LOOK at what happens when you elect ideological lunatics to crucially important jobs in their state/city.

Just the day before he sent city workers to weld shut the gates to Jewish public parks in New York City, DeBlasio was very publicly rubbing shoulders with hundreds of thousands of people at mass protests.

The sane citizens in these blue states have now got to be asking themselves:  How did we end up with these incompetent ideologues having such control over our lives?

Remember what I wrote months ago: The Progressive Left **across the cultural spectrum** has set themselves up to fail at an **impossible task**.

The constant relentless never-ending gaslighting this Summer and into the Fall will be coming from every direction: from network news channels, from sports channels, from movie-streaming services, from chain restaurants, from many major corporations, and all of them will be delivering the same smothering message.

Ever since Donald Trump shocked them by winning that 2016 election, the Progressive Leftist leadership has been preparing for this sustained ideological blitzkrieg on the rest of America as they go all "1984" on the rest of us.

Very carefully and very deliberately the Progressive Left has spent the past 3 1/2 years positioning its resources and its people for a massive sustained gaslighting campaign they would immerse this entire country in starting the summer before the election.

Yes, they have been carefully positioning and preparing for this epic gaslighting campaign targeting the rest of the country for 3 1/2 years.

In the news rooms...

In the corporate board rooms...

In the broadcast booths...

In the sports leagues...

In the major magazines...

In video games...

In comic books...

Who could ever deny the reality of the gigantic, Mt. Everest-sized cultural shift **away from the white supremacist Donald J. Trump** that the country is presently going through? Especially when it’s coming at everyone in America from all different directions across the cultural spectrum with one unified voice?

A massive cultural shift **away from** systemic racism, white privilege and the pathetic white fragility upon which President Donald Trump has built his entire presidency? A huge shift **towards** Joe Biden, the man who will give us all the highly desired third term of Barack H. Obama?

This Is Only the Beginning

If you’re already sick of this gaslighting, well gird your loins: we’ve all got 4 ½ more months of this insanity to go.

Wait until the NFL season starts in August. The gaslighting campaign will be in full swing by that point. They're just warming up their throats at this point here in mid-June, testing the gaslighting machinery, running the quality control tests.

By August, when the NFL’s preseason games start, you're going to see the network broadcasters go back to showing the anthem before every single game, **just so they can show the kneelers and talk about them**.

After a big viewership plunge in 2018 due to the constant showcasing of the kneeling for the national anthem, the NFL went back to what it had always done before: not showing the anthem except at special games, such as the Thanksgiving game and the Super Bowl.  Players stayed in the locker rooms.

See, the NFL only began showing the anthem before every game when Colin Kaepernick started kneeling. Before Kaepernick started doing this, most NFL broadcasts skipped the national anthem, just like they always skipped the player introductions and the coin toss.

Watch what happens this upcoming season every single time Drew Brees or JJ Watt refuse to take a knee during the national anthem when the US flag is being displayed. They seem to think they managed this flag controversy with a couple of comments. They have no idea. The mob is never satisfied.

Every single week they're going to have to kneel or be forced to apologize...again...for not kneeling. This will begin in the preseason, which will run all through August. Then in September the regular season will start. There will be eight weeks of games thru September and October.

So, this will be twelve weeks with every game broadcast beginning with the national anthem, cameras finding the kneeling people, broadcasters discussing white privilege and America's systemic racism problem and how wonderful it is that the culture is shifting away from it at last.

Every single game will start this way. With a political protest followed by a political lecture disguised as sports coverage. Three months of this. And this is just what the NFL is going to have on tap for its dwindling fan base from August to November 3. Other sports leagues are also preparing to ‘do their part’.

Because remember, November 3 is the target. All this relentless gaslighting has but one true purpose: to get Donald J. Trump out of the White House. It'll be coming from all directions, celebrities, actors, musicians, authors, athletes, politicians, in one never-ending wave.

Their Power Is an Illusion

It’s all fake. There **is** no "huge cultural shift here in America" away from its supposedly "systemic racist" roots. It's all an illusion. Tiny Marxist mobs are running around pulling down statues and dancing on top of them, celebrating the erasure of the 'racist past'.

They aren't really erasing anything. America is still here. But we're in for an awful 4 1/2 months of relentless gaslighting and I want you to all be prepared for it. Endure to the end. And then pay the Marxist mobs back for what they put the rest of us through.

Their attempts to relentlessly gaslight us "1984-style" for over 5 months is only going to build Trump's coming massive red wave even bigger.

Gaslighting us about our "systemic racism".

Our "white privilege".

About Trump's [and his supporter’s] "white supremacy".

About Biden's mental deterioration.

About the economic comeback.

About the jobs explosion.

About SpyGate and UkraineGate developments.

All this is going to end up doing is enraging all the normal people in the blue states.

Believe you me, every single sane American citizen in this country that can vote is going to be properly motivated to do that by the time November 3 gets here.

After 4 1/2 months of this insanity? Trust me on this, they're going to have all the motivation they need.

4 1/2 months of being relentlessly ideologically assaulted by this 1984 cult rabidly yelling at us if we're 'down for the glorious cause' and are we 'ready to join the revolution yet' and **prove** we have embraced their Big Brother by taking the knee and saying the words.

They don't understand. We’ll have already joined a real revolution. And it's not the one they are babbling to us about. It's a popular movement made of Americans, not fanatical 1984-type cult members spouting Marxist socialist crap.

There actually has been a dramatic cultural shift in this country over the past few years. But it's been in the wrong direction as far as these Marxist losers are concerned.

So, the Herculean task the Progressive Left here in America to set itself up to fail at is this: They have to hide the real cultural shift while manufacturing a fake one.

We'll be relentlessly gaslighted for the next several months about 'an increasingly unpopular President Trump under siege from all directions’ while the entire culture SHIFTS to Joe Biden [or whoever comes out of the DNC in August as the nominee].

Ever see the movie "Labyrinth"? Jennifer Connelly is a young girl named Sarah whose infant brother has been taken captive by the Goblin King [David Bowie]. He tries one deception after another to get Sarah to yield to him & in the end...he must beg.

In the final dramatic confrontation, Sarah defeats the Goblin King forever by coming to a powerful realization of the truth:

“You have no power over me!”

All the "power" of these tiny Marxist goon squads and their corporate benefactors is an illusion. It's not real. It only looks impressive and powerful when it's seen through the lens of popular and social media.

So keep this truth in mind the next 4 1/2 months as you watch many prominent celebrities, newscasters, sports stars, musicians, and major companies all endlessly babbling about this awesome cool cultural shift away from America's systemic racism [and Donald Trump!] to Marxist Social Justice and Joe Biden.

Well let them babble. This 2020 election is not the referendum on America's Systemic Racist Past as the gaslighters are so desperate to frame it.

It's about a return to SANITY. That's what most Americans will demand, and the elections results will demonstrate that.


Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

Twitter: @drawandstrike
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