The “Corona Situation”: An ongoing Investigative Series

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  • 09/19/2023

Story by Celia Farber with research contributions from Tracy Beanz

Part one of an UncoverDC Investigation

It’s breathtaking how we have all become self-invented virologists; how strong our opinions are on “viruses,” and what they have in mind for us. It’s never good. I am known for “denying” the horrors attributed to HIV, which was projected to kill 90 million Americans by 1993, and my denialism brought violent retaliation—but if you check the numbers, I was correct. So were many others, all similarly destroyed for the sin of countering wild fear in an age of viral-mania.

Fear drives markets, and HIV is now a trillion-dollar industry. The level of HIV (measured by questionable technologies) has remained a steady line in the US population since they began measuring. It has not “gone up.” Africa, predicted to be “wiped off the map,” has instead seen a population explosion the same size as the entire US population; over 350 million, since the mid-1980’s.

They (the globalists) have been gunning for the next AIDS for a long time.

Bird flu fizzled, SARS, MERS—all of them fizzled. Now we have a new monster, and we are calling it “corona,” instead of its actual name which is 2019 n-CoV, also known as the “novel” coronavirus. This is indeed a new nightmare, but not necessarily for the reasons we are being told.

Tracy Beanz and I have been studying the “Corona Situation”, as I will call it, and we are ready to separate some wheat from some chaff. Please know that “viruses” are the most dangerous geo-political pieces on the chess board. Globalists know this and have known it since AIDS.

Classical virology, along with classical virologists, were destroyed by AIDS and displaced by industries of population control and control of the earth’s resources. That said, let’s look closely at the "Corona Situation”. The story is directed by mass media, and therefore, we must navigate via media “events.” However, before we can say anything intelligible, we must go back, and set the stage. We must tell the back story, and separate media stories from what is actually happening.

China just locked down 14 million people. Only China can do something on that scale. Someone should tell Bernie Sanders’ lusty socialists that this is precisely what their revered ideology can deliver. That said, we have to presume there is an enormous problem in China. What is the nature of it?

What our Creator calls a “virus” verses what the mass globalist media, UN, Bill Gates, or Laurie Garret call a “virus” are very different. In many cases, “viruses” are technological artifacts, “seen” in the lucrative tests patented to “detect” them, lacking any real scientific rigor or model to find out what- left to their own devices- and without trillion dollar geopolitical warfare and industry, they might actually do to cells.

Viruses are, with few exceptions, benign, harmless, sometimes even helpful. The notion that we must declare “war” on them emerges from the post federal reserve military industrial complex, central to which, is the CDC—a military organization. Some recommended reading: Fear Of The Invisible by Janine Roberts. Roberts revealed that “retroviruses” are in fact helpful DNA messenger systems working to protect us against a barrage of toxic threats.

The idea that “viruses” (especially RNA viruses) have extreme pathogenicity, super-evil intention, high intelligence, and capacity to spread via human contact, is the single greatest concept a globalist controller has at his disposal. So, we proceed with respect for nature, and begin with a quote from Rudolph Steiner, that perfectly addresses the spiritual battle we face.

In 1914, Rudolf Steiner said

“People today are haunted by a fear we can compare with the medieval fear of ghosts.  It is the fear of germs.  … The modern age has lost this belief in the spiritual world; it believes in material things.  It therefore has a fear of material beings, be they ever so small….Germs flourish most intensively when we take nothing but materialistic thoughts into sleep with us…(or) live in the center of an epidemic or endemic illness, and (tend) to think of nothing but the sickness all around, filled only with a fear of getting sick….If this fear can be reduced, even a little by, for example, active love and, while tending the sick, forgetting for a time that one might also be infected, the conditions are less favorable for the germs….If people were given thoughts that lead them away from materialism and spur them on to active love out of the spirit, it would serve the future of humanity better.”  

Presence of the Dead on the Spiritual Path, May 5, 1914

Rudolf Steiner and Germ Ghosts,

Dr. Kelly Sutton 

This is important. Viruses have become negative deities in a secular world. If there is a unifying global religion, it is the faith in the necessity of fearing “emerging” viruses, pandemics, “novel” diseases and so forth. Hype, speed, media, guilt, globalism—all of this breaks down foundational epidemiology, which depends on slowness and rigor. With all these new “viral outbreaks,” we can’t distinguish between the media’s movie and reality. Generally lacking? Viral purification, reliable gold-standard testing, causation modeling, and Koch’s Postulates; four principles that must be met before you can state that an organism causes a disease.

So, what do we know for sure?

Coronaviruses are a family of common cold viruses. They were detected in the 1960’s and have likely been “around” since the dawn of mankind. There are said to be seven of them. They all cause cough, fever, headache, and respiratory issues. None have ever been considered highly lethal, though it’s hard to separate them from common pneumonia, which is the leading cause of death from infectious disease in the world.  

The most famous corona-associated illness is SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.) Another, less famous, was called MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.) MERS was thought to have originated in camels. For SARS, which “emerged” in China in 2002 and set off its own panic industrial complex, the final statistics were 8,437 cases in 30 countries, 813 deaths. For MERS, identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012, they were 2,494 cases in 27 countries, with 858 deaths. This, despite the fact that Saudi farmers kissed their camels in defiance of government orders to practice “camel avoidance.”

From a 2012 BBC report, this delightful bit:

In recent days, Saudi Arabia has urged people to wear masks and gloves when dealing with camels, to stay away from raw camel meat and camel milk, and not to go near sick animals, the newspaper Gulf News reports. But some people have refused to listen to the government's advice, posting videos and sending messages in support of camels.

In one video, a man stands between a pair of camels and asks it to sneeze. "Look at me! Sneeze, sneeze! They say there's Corona in this," the man says, while hugging and kissing his two camels. Then he shakes one of the camels' heads and says, "She says no. Is there Corona in you? She says no."

In a 2005 paper, coronavirus was described in children hospitalized with respiratory tract infections in the Netherlands, where 9.3% of 300 specimens tested positive for human coronavirus. None died. Ah, you say, but this was not the novel Corona virus. This is true, and the significance of that we will get to shortly.

Pneumonia is the leading cause of death in adults and children in rural China, and the fourth leading cause of death overall. As biochemist Dr. Dave Rasnick points out in a recent interview, 2.8 million to 17 million Chinese die of pneumonia every year.

Still, the narrative about the new coronavirus (2019 nCoV) is this: A “string of mysterious pneumonia cases” appeared in the city of Wuhan, population 11 million, thought (for reasons never explained) to be associated with a seafood market, selling a variety of animals, including live ones. I am not clear what makes one pneumonia “mysterious” but not another, in China.

According to

“Officials reported the outbreak to the World Health Organization on Dec 31….By Jan. 7, Chinese authorities had isolated 2019 nCoV as the cause of the disease, and shared the genome a few days later. This allowed other countries to test for the virus, and for scientists to begin devising treatments and investigating how the outbreak began.”

The WHO declared the Corona outbreak a “public health emergency” on January 30th.  There are reports of mass cremations, of people being arrested, imprisoned for shooting video inside hospitals; but there is also seemingly state sanctioned video of brave doctors tearfully bidding their families goodbye to march off into certain death on the Corona battle front. It’s never been more important to use the word “ostensibly” in front of every “fact” we believe we see on our screens.

The media landscape is this: legacy media are scolding “conspiracy” theorists for spreading “falsehoods” about the novel coronavirus. Chief among them? That it is a biological weapon that “escaped” a level 4 lab or was possibly stolen by Chinese spies working at level 4 labs in Canada. Said conspiracy theorists, many of them, are citing a draft paper, now retracted, that claimed there were four “HIV inserts” in the nCoV genome; a genome which China shared as soon as it was sequenced. For more information on genomes, you can find that interview mentioned above in a link at the bottom of this piece.

Dr. Francis Boyle of The Council for Responsible Genetics has been featured on InfoWars and other outlets with his theory that this is a bio-weapon, with a fusion of HIV, SARS, and synthetic vectors. He is coining the term "death scientists," scientists working with the weaponization of organisms, who seek out pathogens to DNA splice, enhance, and reverse engineer with vaccines. "The whole synthetic biology field has been financed by The Pentagon, for biological warfare purposes," he told Owen Shroyer, pointing out that there is a BSL-4 lab in Wuhan.

My point does not necessarily conflict with his: My point is that none of this goes on in nature. The Globalists' evil is precisely that they impose upon nature their own dark works. The effect is to displace that which is nature, creation, which aims always at life, with something that aims always at death.

This is, in my mind, the great danger.

I don't deny that any weaponized pathogen could cause a "pandemic." I deny that a coronavirus as seen in medical literature past and present shows any signs of sudden death pathogenic impact, and possibly even more so one that was briefly reported to contain “HIV”. As a scholar of twenty years on the topic of HIV, I speak from a position of some stature.

The other conspiracy theorists are being derided over the notion that corona scare is a prelude for a vaccine that already exists. Here it gets interesting. The best way to find truth in this arena is to look at the admonishment and derision in mainstream media and investigate the opposite. There is always a very precise way you are meant to respond to viral terror campaigns, to be a good person, appropriately aware of the threat.

A January 25th USA Today article scolds:

“Following the outbreak of a respiratory disease caused by a new coronavirus in Wuhan, China in December and the announcement of the first American case Jan. 21, several groups and individuals are circulating false rumors on Facebook about the mystery pathogen.

Numerous posts claim the virus has been patented — and some even suggest, incorrectly, that the virus was made in a lab and a vaccine already exists.

“The new fad disease called the ‘coronavirus’ is sweeping headlines,” one Facebook posttaken from Twitter, reads.

Another, which was shared by others, and is part of a series of false coronavirus posts, proclaims that the virus is “‘new’ yet it was lab created and patented in 2015 (in development since 03’).

In fact, there is no vaccine yet available for the new coronavirus, which for now goes by the unwieldy moniker of 2019 novel coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV. And there is no patent related to the new virus, either.”

This makes it sound like no vaccines exist for any coronavirus. In fact, the US developed a vaccine for SARS, and it was used in China. To wit, from HowStuffWorks:

“In 2004, U.S. researchers successfully gave a SARS vaccine to mice in a trial. The researchers later exposed these mice to the actual SARS vaccine; they found that these mice had very few virus particles in their lungs compared to mice who never received the SARS vaccine. This type of vaccine is much safer than other vaccines that are commonly used, as it uses DNA, rather than killed forms of the actual virus, such as in the conventional flu vaccine.

In China, in 2004, researchers successfully vaccinated people with the SARS vaccine. They found that there were very few side effects associated with the vaccine. Researchers claim that an effective and approved SARS vaccine takes three to five years to produce. There is hope, therefore, that if there is another SARS outbreak in the future, the world will be well-equipped with an effective vaccine [source: SciDevNet].”

On Del Bigtree’s show The Highwire, scientist James Lyons-Weiler from The Institute for Applied Knowledge stepped forward and said he had analyzed the new Corona virus’ entire genetic sequence and found a “weird element.” He said:

I’ve analyzed the entire genome sequence of this and compared to the entire genome sequence of all the other coronavirus….There is this weird element that doesn’t belong there. I have found that it actually did match a vector technology that was from the 1998, that was the first time it was published in the National Academy of Sciences. This victor technology is a mechanism by which molecular biologists insert new genes into viruses and bacteria. It’s really unusual to find a vector technology in a virus that is circulating among humans. So one thing we can say for certain is this particular virus has a laboratory origin. It should not be in the wild. If you take that sequence and compare it to other proteins that it encodes we find that it is actually a SARS protein that was put into coronavirus for the purpose of making the vaccine work better.”

I would implore you to visit Dr. Lyons-Weiler’s website and take a read through some of the research done into this recent outbreak. Eye opening, for sure. There will be more we address here. Much more, in fact.

Put simply, the SARS scare led to a SARS vaccine. The new coronavirus has a “weird element” that is an “insert,” or “vector technology” that is a “SARS protein,” that was supposed to make the vaccine work better. The mystery is, why is a coronavirus, a family of viruses which cause respiratory distress but are not commonly fatal, (basically cold viruses) and have been around seemingly forever, suddenly causing China to shut down, leading to global panic?

I found five words in a PLoS paper from 2006, that worried me. The paper is called “Vaccine Efficacy In Senescent Mice Challenged with Recombinant SARS-CoV Bearing Epidemic and Zoonotic Spike Variants”. The five words are: “…pathological changes in the lungs.” Never mind that it worried me, it worried the authors of the paper. They wrote:

“The researchers created vaccines based on SARS-CoV S and SARS-CoV N by taking the genes coding for those proteins and inserting them into another type of virus particle that acted as a delivery vehicle. They injected mice with these vaccines and then tested whether the mice generated an immune response against the specific SARS proteins, which they did. The next step was to work out whether mice injected with the vaccines would be protected against later infection with SARS-CoV. The researchers found that mice injected with vaccine based on SARS-CoV S were protected against later infection with a standard SARS-CoV strain, both in the short term (eight weeks after vaccination) and the long term (54 weeks after vaccination). However, the vaccine based on SARS-CoV N did not seem to result in protection, and, worryingly, caused pathological changes in the lungs of mice following virus challenge.” (emphasis added) 

If we are looking at a bio-lab catastrophe here, it seems likely the catastrophe was caused by genetic tampering gone wrong. What happens to Chinese people, vaccinated with SARS vaccine, who are then re-exposed to a coronavirus? Is this what is making this coronavirus so deadly? Or, is it deadly? Is it deadly only in Chinese? Have any non-Chinese died? The literature on 2019 n-CoV does not reflect catastrophic pathogenicity that would explain events in China. We must also factor in that we don’t know what the true death toll is, nor can we know who to trust. We are dealing with the nation of China; a communist authoritarian society not well known for truthfulness in information, especially when that information could be detrimental to their image.

In a paper titled Corona Virus Panic, David Crowe, who hosts a podcast called The Infectious Myth, and heads the largely ignored think tank “Rethinking AIDS,” established in the early 90’s to give voice to the many scientists objecting to Robert Gallo’s infectious HIV/AIDS hypothesis, the following puzzling facts were cited about actual Corona cases:

“The symptom onset date of the first patient identified was Dec 1, 2019. None of his family members developed fever or any respiratory symptoms. No epidemiological link was found between the first patient and later cases.

Crowe has broken down cluster groups exposed to 2019 n-CoV.  In an email to UncoverDC, he said:

“In one paper trying to establish a transmission chain, one of the important people in the chain, who did get quite sick, tested negative despite 18 different samples being tested in various ways. While her son, the 10-year-old, was positive without clinical symptoms.

In another paper trying to establish a transmission chain, three German employees tested positive after meeting with a healthy Chinese woman whose first symptoms were on the plane back to China. Two of those three had no major illness. The third had something similar to a flu, took 3 days off work (not knowing at this time about the Chinese woman’s diagnosis), took no special precautions, and came back to work the same day the Chinese woman informed the company she’d tested positive.”

Well that’s interesting.

Either the test is useless, or Germans are immune.

At, I found this:

“Most corona viruses that infect humans are relatively benign and cause mild respiratory diseases such as the common cold,” said Susan Weiss, a corona virus researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, in a phone interview.”

The reported case fatality rate of 2019 nCoV is around 2-3%, as compared to 10% for SARS. There have been a handful of cases in the United States, people returning from China, and one transmission between a married couple in close proximity. All so far have had mild symptoms and recovered.

Again, according to Fact

“Initial reports indicate that while healthy people can fall seriously ill, deaths are largely confined to older folks and those with pre-existing conditions such a diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and liver cirrhosis.”

From reporting, this does not appear to be a “level 4” pathogen. Neither particularly infectious nor particularly pathogenic. But why then, would China elect to quarantine 14 million and shut down its own economy? Something is very, very wrong here.

I happened upon—who else—Laurie Garrett (CFR, Bill Gates’ favorite author) on a talk show the other day, setting us straight about coronavirus. She was honest enough to admit coronaviruses are one of two common families of cold viruses, then she advised the usual precautions: hand washing, gloves, and avoidance of human contact. When asked about that part by one of the hosts, a change came over her. Her voice became louder, and she grew extra animated when she said, in an almost irritated tone of voice: “We call it social distancing.”

We do?

How many millions of dollars in Globalist slush funds did it take for them to produce that little gem of social engineering?

None of the deferential hosts challenged her on the long list of plagues she has peddled that failed to materialize, including AIDS, Bird Flu, SARS, Zika--

Here’s a classic Laurie Garrett lede, from a 2005 article in Foreign Affairs titled The Next Pandemic?

“Scientists have long forecast the appearance of an influenza virus capable of infecting 40 percent of the world's human population and killing unimaginable numbers. Recently, a new strain, H5N1 avian influenza, has shown all the earmarks of becoming that disease. Until now, it has largely been confined to certain bird species, but that may be changing.”

And this graph is also a classic:

“In short, doom may loom. But note the "may." If the relentlessly evolving virus becomes capable of human-to-human transmission, develops a power of contagion typical of human influenzas, and maintains its extraordinary virulence, humanity could well face a pandemic unlike any ever witnessed. Or nothing at all could happen. Scientists cannot predict with certainty what this H5N1 influenza will do.”

Yes, Laurie, we note the “may.” It’s one of your favorite words. A great many things “may” happen, but media ought to devote itself to what has happened.

Johns Hopkins University has launched a “visualization tool,” to help you see all the countries where Corona cases turn up. The CDC has also “…launched its own state and global maps to show the location of confirmed cases.”

And what’s more? Every single detail of the script for this corona “pandemic” was foreshadowed in the CDC-backed Soderberg propaganda film Contagion, in 2011: The virus originates from Hong Kong. People keel over dead. It came from bats. The CDC recommends “social distancing.” It is feared to be a biological weapon. It trashes “conspiracy theorists” and people who peddle “herbs” and “snake oil” on the internet. Public quarantines are imposed. It was filmed literally on the grounds (Druid Hills) of CDC headquarters in Atlanta, EIS officers were script consultants, as well as CDC, and Laurie Garrett, Lawrence Brilliant, the WHO, W. Ian Lipkin and a host of other plague luminaries. Scientists praised the ghastly movie—even Paul Offit loved it.

It was produced by Jeffrey Skoll’s Participant Productions “dedicated to entertainment intended to spur social change.” And its budget was a whopping $60 million.

There are many ways to interpret the mass quarantine in China. Most media, and NIH's Anthony Fauci, have taken Chinese action as an indication of a coming "pandemic." But the Chinese are already suggesting the worst is over--that early detection and "timely quarantine," while waiting out the incubation period will end the crisis. Zhong Nanshan, described as a "renowned Chinese respiratory expert," has said the death rate can be expected to drop soon. Unlike HIV, the Chinese themselves have promised this will not be rolled out as a "forever virus", but rather, as Nanshan says, "Those without clinical symptoms do not actually have the disease." That means it likely won't become a parallel monetary system, like the HIV industry.

But that doesn't mean the trillion dollar HIV industry isn't getting in on the action. A combination of two anti-HIV drugs is being used to treat novel corona patients, which is alarming, as it could peg highly toxic drugs to a lung related illness that scientists, by their own admission, don’t have really any answers about. That is worrying many scientists in the field, and many of them are sounding the alarm. We've already established that up to 17 million Chinese die of pneumonia (as opposed to "mysterious pneumonia") every year. I still do not understand what made these pneumonia cases stand out, leading to the lock-down and the global panic. HIV drugs are certainly not indicated as first line treatment for pneumonia.

Globalists like global diseases and pandemics. They love contagion and nothing else. Environmentally induced illnesses don’t interest them at all. All their conferences, grants, NGO's, galas-- all of that depends upon contagion as religion. A curious and off-putting faith in the invisible viral deity’s capacity to do supernatural things we can’t see yet.

Nobody should listen to a word Anthony Fauci says, that much is certain. He has yet to come clean that none of his propaganda about HIV's sexual spread has panned out, never mind its lack of purification, pathogenicity, etc. A 10-year study was done that Tony Fauci would prefer we never mention. Known as the "Padian study," it was a study to see how infectious HIV was. The focus was on HIV antibodies. In the study were 175 "discordant" couples, one HIV positive, one HIV negative. The couples had sex freely and often unprotected over a 10 year period. No seroconversions were observed. Padian has expressed fury at "deniers" who cite her study as proof the HIV theory is wrong. But the study is hard to deny or erase from history. All they can ever do is destroy the messengers.

We don’t know what is going on in China—not yet. It’s clear that something is very wrong, and that it has lots of people, from government bureaucrats to the citizens experiencing these conditions in China, to our elected officials, and even the CDC, confused. The only question is, what exactly are they confused about? Does anybody have the script or are we working from a tear in the globalist’s tightly spun fabric?

Or better to say: Straight-jacket.

This is a continuing series from UncoverDC. Please continue to check back here for new information. To read more of Celia’s work on HIV, and view the full interview with Dr. David Rasnick, please click here.

Celia Farber is s a contributor to UncoverDC and The Epoch Times, and has in the past written for Harper’s, Esquire, Rolling Stone and more. Having been gravely injured in legacy media, she never wants to go back. She is the recipient of the Semmelweis International Society Clean Hands Award For Investigative Journalism, the author of “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS”. She is also the editor of The Truth Barrier, an investigative and literary website.

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