When He’s “Robbed” Yet Again, Will the Bernie Bros Riot?

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  • 09/19/2023

By Brian Cates


Senator Bernie Sanders has been unique fixture in the US Congress for a very long time. Since he was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1991, Sanders has been a truly rare breed: he is an openly proud Communist/Marxist who is so radical that even today's Democratic Party is not far Left enough for his tastes. Because of this, he declared himself an Independent.

In fact, when he filed to run for President last March, Sanders made it clear that he is running for the Democratic nomination as both a Democrat and an Independent.

It very well could be that following the 2018 mid-terms, Sanders and many other Progressive Democrats came to believe they had pulled the party past the point of no return, so it was safe at last to drop their masks and begin showing the public who they really are.  This could be why it's not just Sanders, the entire slate of Democratic candidates for President have become increasingly vocal about their radical plans for the country.

During President Donald Trump’s last State of the Union Address on February 5th 2019, the cameras quickly found the crazy old socialist Marxist immediately as the President was saying that America will never become a socialist country. Sanders was visibly steaming. And he wasn't the only one.

There is indeed a rather sizable wing of the Democratic Party that is dedicated to dragging America into full blown Marxist socialism or Communism or whatever fun catchphrase they’re using this week.

There’s an old saying that it’s incredibly easy to vote Marxist totalitarians into power, but once you’ve done that, the only way you get your freedoms and your rights back is by shooting your way out.

The Democratic Party has become so corrupt, so vile, so anti-American that an out and proud raging Commie Marxist is now being presented to the American public as a viable and legitimate candidate for its presidential nomination.

Fake News Media Hypocrisy at Its Finest!

Try to imagine how Democratic Party leadership and the DNC Media Complex (but I repeat myself!) would react to even ONE Trump campaign staffer in a state like Texas or Alabama getting caught on video talking about becoming violent and breaking and burning stuff if Trump doesn’t win the next election.

Well James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas have shown FOUR...that’s right...FOUR...1..2...3...FOUR...paid Bernie Sanders campaign staff on video threatening violence, vandalism and worse if Bernie fails to receive the Democratic nomination or loses this upcoming election to President Trump. Thus far the DNC & DNC Media (but I repeat myself!) refuse comment.

One US Senator called a CNN reporter a hack and the DNC Media Complex got the vapors for a week. Here is paid campaign staff for a Senator running for President promising a violent response far beyond name calling if this next election does not conform to their desires. What is the Fake News Media doing? Ignoring the story.

Two weeks ago, after the first video dropped, O’Keefe was begging the Democratic Party leadership & The Fake News Media [but I repeat myself!] to say it was just one guy.

They not only fell right into O'Keefe's trap, they were insulting about it.  They pretty much sneered at O'Keefe  “So your ‘huge scoop’ is that you got one drunken guy to say something in a bar? Get lost!”

Now, O'Keefe has shown FOUR paid campaign staffers in different states demonstrating the same violent rhetoric. How many more videos does he have and how many MORE Bernie campaign staffers are going to end up being exposed like this?

Bernie Is Already Finished Anyway

Here's what's going to happen:  Bernie is going to crater.

The DNC & DNC Media [but I repeat myself!] are **already openly coordinating together** to make sure he's not the nominee on one front & on another front O'Keefe is exposing that Sander's campaign is riddled with extremist Antifa-types spouting violent rhetoric.

And Bernie is the YOUTH candidate. Progressives spent decades creating a youth movement in academia with their heads full of socialist/Marxist mush. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the perfect example of what has resulted. They thought they could control this radical new wing, but it is not working out as planned.

They **pretended** to the youth in the Democrat base that Bernie was a 'real' candidate back in 2016. But he wasn't. It was all rigged. We saw the emails. This is the pit the Democratic Party has fallen into, a pit of its own making.

Now the DNC & DNC Media [BIRM!] are running the SAME FRAUD on the Bernie Bros. Once again, they pretend the old raging Commie Marxist is a **real** candidate for their nomination to get all the youth into the tent. Then they are trying to nudge them towards Warren or Biden.

These morons believed they could pull this off, but its already gone South on them. If you listen to what the Bernie staffers say in these Project Veritas undercover videos, they are not just raging against TRUMP, they rage against the DNC, who they **fully expect** to try to rob Bernie yet again.

That absolute travesty that played out in the last Democratic debate where the CNN "moderators" sandbagged Sanders live on television to boost Warren was just the OPENING SHOT in the DNC's clumsy attempts to try to pivot the youth vote to the DNC's preference, Liz Warren.

While this inter-cine war breaks out between the "moderate" old wing of the Democratic Party represented by Warren & Biden and the radical youth wing of the party represented by Bernie & AOC, we have O'Keefe dropping videos exposing how Sander's campaign is riddled with extremists.

But understand this: The DNC **already picked sides in this fight**, and it will become increasingly clear who's side they picked in the coming weeks. And it wasn't the youth wing and Bernie Sanders.  And Sander's campaign staff is NOT going to take this well.

You think these kids were upset back in 2016 on reading the emails and finding out they were rigging it for The Witch?  Imagine how upset they're going to be when the DNC doesn't even bother all that much to hide how they are throwing it to Warren this time.

And this time? Bernie's campaign is chock full of Antifa types that O'Keefe & his undercover journalists had no trouble at all getting to share their violent plans if Bernie gets robbed again.

Well guess what? BERNIE IS GETTING ROBBED AGAIN. And they aren't even going to hide it this time around.

So, we're going to find out if the kids in these videos are just fantasizing and talking crap or if they really do intend to riot and burn and break stuff.

And if O'Keefe is following the usual script, guess what?

In these kind of exposé , you save the most damaging videos for LAST. And who believes at this point he doesn’t have any more videos?


Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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