Open Position Needs Filling Immediately: Conservative Activist(s)

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  • 09/19/2023

The very word brings shudders and thoughts of disgust to any good, God-fearing conservative American: activist.

Hearing it brings up mental images of Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, those smelly basement dwellers of ANTIFA and any University of Chicago, Berkley or (insert entitled, rich, white d-bag activist here) trust funder with nothing better to do with their lives than try to burn the world down around them. But perhaps the result of conservatives thinking of the word activist as a dirty word is the reason we’re getting our asses kicked up and down the social sphere.

The media is full of leftist activists (dare I say, communist activists). Hollywood is full of leftist activists. Professional sports are full of leftist activists. The Democrat party is absolutely full of virtue-signaling Marxist and leftist activists. Fortune 500 company board rooms are now full of leftist activists.

The GOPe locker room, on the other hand, is full of spineless surrender monkeys, more concerned with the wrong people’s opinion of them than they are of taking action to actually solve the problems that they whine & wail about during hits on Hannity and Maria Bartiromo.

Most conservative pundits don’t dare push the Overton window, step out of line of the “approved messaging” and are downright terrified of giving their audience any action items or specific instructions on things that need to be done, lest the leftist cancel mob come to their homes and pressure their bosses and advertisers to take away their paychecks.

So, where does that leave us? Hopium and impassioned speeches were great a few years ago when we were energizing and catalyzing patriotism in Americans. Filling people with pride that we were Making American Great Again and hoped that we would once again truly fill the role of global hegemon.

But those days are gone, as evidenced by the radical nature of the first 100 days of the Biden Administration* despite his not having any mandate (Richard Barris is the only pollster left whom I have any trust in, and he places Biden’s actual popularity rate solidly below 50%). If you don’t understand the term “mandate,” here’s a high-level explanation: to make radical and dramatic shifts to the American way of life through executive orders or legislation, our entire history pre-2021 required that any politician attempting to make said drastic changes have an extraordinarily high approval rating to do so. Below 50% or even the fake polls putting him just above 50% is definitely not a mandate.

Conservative Activist, Scott Presler, Organizes Cleanup In West Baltimore

And where are the GOP politicians bringing that to light? Where are the conservative pundits bringing attention to this most basic destruction of American political rules? Most importantly, where are the conservative activists telling conservatives exactly what they should be doing, who they should be calling, where they should be protesting, and how to wake other Americans up to the wanton destruction of our society?

There are a few out there, but we need legions of them if we truly expect to win back our Republic. Dan Schultz is an excellent example of a conservative activist. His Precinct Strategies Project, highlighted and popularized by appearances on Steve Bannon’s War Room, did exactly what a conservative activist needs to do:

    • He highlighted a problem (the GOP is built to have enormous power at the local level, as our Constitution intended it to be, yet over half of those local level, Executive Committeeman positions have sat empty for years, with the “Good Old Boy Network” occupying many of the slots that were filled).
    • He gave people the tools they needed (his How to be a Precinct Committeeman book and website told people exactly what they needed to do to win these positions).
    • He catalyzed masses of people with a new understanding of just how much power they had in numbers.
    • He inspired people to get off their couches, run for their open local positions and take back their party.
    • Lin Wood, Tracy Beanz, and many others have followed Dan’s advice, and several have won positions by using Dan’s strategy.

When they hear the term activist, many conservatives believe that aligning with one means that they have to do things that are immoral, illegal, and outside of the bounds of civilized society—but Dan’s example above proves that to be far from the reality.

I’ve been working with another conservative activist, Cindy Chafian, for many months now to assist her own conservative activities and to gain her wise insights on things that we at 1st Amendment Praetorian can be doing to fight for our Republic. Whether it’s specific actions like Dan’s above or rallies across the country to not only get people engaged but also to have the opportunity to hand out action items and specific things that Patriotic Americans can do to win our country back. We need to greatly expand the number of people that are doing more than just giving inspirational speeches or bits of hopium to make people feel good.

Tracy Beanz Diaz, who won the Horry County GOP EC election, stands with Gen. Michael Flynn, who endorsed her during the Unite for The Republic Rally.

We need fighters—conservative activists—pushing the envelope and leading the army of Americans who are disgusted with the way our nation is being destroyed from within. I probably attended more Patriotic events than the vast majority of Americans at the end of last year because, as the founder of 1st Amendment Praetorian, it was our job & duty to be there to ensure that ANTIFA & BLM activists could no longer harm Americans for expressing their God-given and Constitutionally-enshrined 1st Amendment rights.

While I always left those events inspired and engaged (although flying across the country every week to attend them could be a proof-point in itself that I was highly engaged), there was always a spot of emptiness that I felt afterward, given my military and Special Forces background.

I would leave each of these events marveling at the enormous crowds of highly engaged, Patriotic Americans that had done the same as I and traveled to these events—but also with a dark sense of foreboding that those same crowds were leaving without action items, specific tasks or mission sets to ensure that we held onto this great nation.

Now that the events are beginning to pick back up—we at 1st Amendment Praetorian are already booked for multiple events and several nationwide tours for this year and next—I hope that Patriotic Americans begin to understand that we need to put away our disgust with the term activist and instead understand that they are our greatest weapons (dare I say, Generals) in this fight.

So the question now is, what are you going to do? Will you say a few Patriotic things on social media and call that enough? Will you attend these rallies and consider your duty as a Patriotic American fulfilled? Or will you seek out one of the conservative activists who is giving out action items, telling people specifically how to take our Republic back? Most importantly, will you deliver on your tasks once given to you?

U.S. Special Forces (Green Berets), my alma mater of manhood, are known as “combat multipliers” because we travel to the furthest reaches of the hottest spots of the world and train, arm & equip rebel groups to take their own freedom back. If we could begin a Special Forces-like factory, churning out conservative activists by the dozens, we would win this war of information very quickly.

Or, we can continue to consider the term activist a dirty word and prepare our children for communism.

The choice is yours—but choose wisely; our lives & livelihoods all depend on it.

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