Have 400,000 Americans Died of Covid-19?

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  • 09/19/2023

Many assumed, lots screamed it, but now there is proof: The Covid-19 death count is a fabrication. However, the story is much bigger than number manipulation within our government. It's a story told best with an introduction. For those who may be impatient, scroll down to the section titled "The Natural Enemy of the PSYOP is the True Scientist" and read from there. Otherwise, learn what they have done and will continue to do. Learn about the PSYOP. - Editor

A Scientist Finds Something Shocking In CDC Covid Stats

“In less than 12 months, they closed our businesses, forced us to wear muzzles, kept us from our families, killed off our sports, burned down our cities, forcibly seized power.
Then they accused us of the coup.” —Raheem Kassam.

“Besides being the first President to get impeached twice, Donald Trump will have a stain on his legacy with arguably longer-lasting consequences: He’s about to become the only American leader in a century with more than 400,000 deaths from one event on his watch.” —Jose Ortiz, USA Today.

“But, you know, I feel more fellowship with the defeated than with saints. Heroism and sanctity don't really appeal to me, I imagine. What interests me is being a man.” —Albert Camus

"I don't want to jump up and down and start screaming, 'Death! Death!'" —Donald Trump

A PSYOP is a most dangerous thing—a fusion of reality, simulation, and projection. A form of a storm—monsoon or typhoon—that moves in fast, breaks and soaks, changes everything, and kills in a variety of ways.

Its guilt grip is so powerful, you will also be stripped of the right to reject or even resent it.  Powerful and merciless, it splits people, weaponizes our thoughts and feelings about one another, tears apart families, old friendships, gets people fired, and above all, makes everybody miserable.

Even when it’s wrong (and it’s always wrong), you can’t put an end to it. It is essentially mass media’s mental implants that people mistake for their own thoughts and feelings. It violently demands certain “emotions” while it cruelly strips away all individual, natural human ones.

PSYOPS, or “Influence Operations,” don’t have to correlate with reality because they create a new hyper-reality, seen only through specific virtual reality goggles. Inside the virtualized media dome, all of its promises come true, funnily enough—like clockwork, whereas a natural story will contain surprise twists.

The generators and controllers of the PSYOPS know how to use large numbers with which to savagely club people. If a number is suspiciously big and suspiciously even, you can be sure it is a PSYOP number.

Right now, we are all being clobbered hard by the number 400,000—but none so viciously as former President Donald Trump.

The 400,000 PSYOP was timed to coincide with the days before, during, and after Joe Biden’s inauguration. Thus, Donald Trump was accused of essentially killing all “400,000,” as the Empire State Building lit up in red (the same color as the AIDS PSYOP, now retired). It was suggested on National Public Radio that perhaps Donald Trump should be executed for this crime.

The media drums on the 400,000 began just before Joe Biden’s Covid-centric inauguration. A few headlines bearing the accusation of genocide:

"Blood On His Hands’: As US nears 400,000 Covid-19 deaths, experts blame Trump administration for a ‘preventable’ loss of life."  USA Today, Jan 17

  "One Year, 400,000 coronavirus deaths: How the US Guaranteed Its Own Failure."  The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, Jan 17.

These media attacks brought together the two titanic PSYOPS of our era: Trump Is Hitler and Covid is Eternal Mass Death. In the second week of January, the two mated, giving birth to a new PSYOP, never fully flogged before, namely: Covid is Eternal Mass death because of Trump.

 Covid is not a respiratory illness so much as a blunt force perception and guilt weapon to “kill” Donald Trump with. Decent people can’t locate what former President Trump did wrong exactly. Nor why none of this was the highly paid and revered Dr. Anthony Fauci’s responsibility, especially since he said years ago, ominously, that President Trump could “expect” a new pandemic during his tenure.  (For the record, I think what he did wrong was to listen to Anthony Fauci. This was no minor error; The country has fallen.) But the Covid PSYOP has that precisely the other way around.

Here’s a cloudy, highly revealing PSYOP-adherent Trump flogging from Nathalie Baptiste, writing in Mother Jones, with all the cliches in bold:

“The staggering death toll was both preventable and entirely predictable. Even aside from his vast personal incompetence—we’ll get to that later—President Trump blithely put into practice cherished conservative principles that are incompatible with a decent pandemic response. Castigating and de-legitimizing government institutions, demonizing minority communities, and playing into white grievances may help Republicans win elections, but when it comes to beating back a massive public health catastrophe, what’s paramount is robust public agencies, a strong health care system, and special attention to the vulnerable. In many ways, we were doomed from the start.”

Incredibly, this is from the side that claims to believe in science.

I was troubled enough to see the spate of articles and TV reports chiming the 400,000 death bells, but soon I saw what it was preparation for: The inauguration.

US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris (2nd L) and husband Douglas Emhoff and US President-elect Joe Biden (R) and wife Dr. Jill Biden attend a Covid-19 Memorial at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, on January 19, 2021, to honor the lives of those lost to Covid-19. (Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP)

Biden/Harris and their production teams had long since made this new number—400,000—centrally symbolic to its eerie, choreographed, virtualized inauguration ceremony.

Milan Kundera called this kind of thing “Communist Kitsch.” Exploiting the dead (no matter what they, in truth, died of, but primarily old age), the pageant was all about Covid, with flags representing those who could not attend due to the Covid Scare and the Domestic Terrorism (from Patriots) scare. Throughout the ceremony, those who died "of Covid" were remembered, though no mention of those who have died from lockdowns. PSYOPS hyper-direct our allowed emotions. In the end, the supposed “blood on hands” of the outgoing President was fused with the (dark) triumphalism of the incoming one. Meaning: The very theme of Biden’s Presidency would not be, say, America, but rather, “Covid.” Don’t serve America; serve Covid, as the new America. The new America is actually America inverted, prepared, and served up to The Great Reset and the final destruction of all human freedoms, in the name of a “virus” you may not question without risking prison.

Little detail: 400,000 Americans did not die of “Covid-19” in 2020. Neither did half that number. Nor a third, nor one 10th. If we are generous to the scare-mongers, the real number is only 4.2% of the genocidal drama number, 400,000, namely: 16,848.

And if they were held to further scrutiny and forced to explain the difference between an influenza death and a Covid death, the number would go down even further, possibly down to zero.

The Natural Enemy of the PSYOP is the True Scientist

Unbeknownst (of course) to the architects of the two Covid PSYOPS of 2020 and 2021, an atmospheric scientist in Greensprings, Oregon, himself unafraid of controversy, was putting the finishing touches on a Covid-19 paper hed begun to write three months earlier.

The bombshell paper is titled: “A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdown.” It was posted on two of his academic webpages on 16 Jan 2021. The links are here and here.

In it, Dr. James DeMeo, Ph.D., demolishes the central premise of global lock-down policies. That people are dying in massive and alarming numbers from a novel disease. He’d been waiting for the final statistics to come in for 2020. When they did, he noticed two spectacularly odd things:  Firstly, if one subtracted the numbers of Covid deaths (around 315,000) from the total number of people who died from all causes in 2020 (around 2.9 million), one obtained a dramatically low number of total deaths, lower than in any year since 2014. It appeared to him that the reported number of "Covid" deaths were being re-defined and subtracted from other causes of deaths; the people who died of “co-morbidities" were being shifted over into the Covid category. Secondly, on January 3rd, the CDC released its year-end  final week count of all-cause deaths in one dramatically high number—268,259 to be exact.

These deaths did not appear anywhere in the CDC’s records previously but turn up as a “data dump” in the very first days of 2021, as though there had been some catastrophic event or mass die-off of older Americans in a single week. In a very unsettling way, it echoed the middle of the night miraculous Joe Biden lead over Donald Trump between Nov 3 and 4, 2020.  

“I have never seen anything like it,” said Dr. DeMeo, when I reached him at home to discuss his paper, which a mutual friend had brought to my attention.

“It’s extremely odd. The only thing I can compare it to is when people in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission were trying to cover up large radiation discharges from nuclear power plants. They took the radiation levels and put a "0." They were stupid; they didn't realize, background radiation never goes to zero.”

But where might those deaths have come from? I pressed.

“I could not tell you,” DeMeo replied“The end of year data I used was the CDC’s data as of Dec 26, and that was a figure of 2 million 900,000 deaths from all causes with 301,679 deaths from Covid. I went to Our World In Data—they have a dynamic, interactive graph. You can hold your mouse over any part of the graph, and it will show you the numbers. That’s how I got my numbers. It did not have this massive data dump. There was nothing like that.”

“I cannot know what the heck happened. Why would they dump so many all-cause deaths on that last week? There was no atom bomb going off, in Miami or some other place where a lot of old people live, to kill that many people at the tail end of December. I tried calling the AP reporter who first came out with an article around Christmas where he said there would be 3-3.2 million deaths in the US—he made it sound like most would be from Covid.”

The Dec 22, 2020 article Dr. DeMeo refers to was written by Mike Stobbe in AP. It opens:

“This is the deadliest year in U.S. history, with deaths expected to top 3 million for the first time—due mainly to the coronavirus pandemic. Final mortality data for this year will not be available for months. But preliminary numbers suggest that the United States is on track to see more than 3.2 million deaths this year, or at least 400,000 more than in 2019.”

DeMeo remarks:

 “When people hear “cases in the millions” They start thinking of people who are dying and on the way to death or who have already died, and it’s not true, but they’re not even trying to clarify that to the public. They’re very deliberately sending people into a panic. It’s irresponsible as hell.”

DeMeo says he sent Stobbe an email, asking him what statistics he was referencing.

“I didn’t get a response."

DeMeo is well equipped to deconstruct Covid statistics if that word even applies anymore.

I’m a geographer and an atmospheric scientist by training; we work with data sets of all different kinds. Moisture, humidity, barometric pressure, and so on. Agriculture and human health, Climate factors around the world. I have a background in epidemiology, and I used to teach university courses covering epidemiology and population dynamics. So I’m used to looking at those kinds of numbers, and they just didn’t make any sense. So that’s how it all got uncovered."

The mutual friend who brought the paper to my attention was Tom DiFerdinando, who’s worked closely with Dr. DeMeo on various research projects for many years, and has a long history deconstructing medical tyranny. DiFerdinando is the President of a Non-Profit called 'Unmasking Covid and AIDS', formerly known as Rethinking AIDS, a think-tank established in the 1990's to counter the deceptions in HIV/AIDS science. His email, clarifying the “trick,” put it like this:

"If there were 315,507 excess deaths due to Covid-19, why is the difference in all-cause deaths between the end of 2020 and the end of 2019 only 61,654? That's 61,654 more all-cause deaths in 2020 than in 2019, where the increase in all-cause deaths over each of the past ten years has averaged 44,806. That's a difference of 16,848 from the median in a year with an alleged 315,507 extra Covid-related deaths.

When you subtract the alleged 2020 Covid death total from the all-cause 2020 death total, i.e., 2,916,492 - 315,507, you get 2,600,985.

That figure, 2,600,985, is less than the all-cause death counts each year going back to 2014! That means the total death count for all fatal diseases and accidents in 2020, excluding Covid-19, dropped mysteriously and substantially—right about to the same degree that Covid-19 went up. For the Covid deaths to be genuinely new "excess" deaths, that all-cause total of 2.9 million—which already includes "Covid-19" deaths—should be something like 3.2 million, with an annual increase in 2020 of at least 360,000 deaths, not 61,000. 

What these two points mean, of course, is that the 315,507 Covid death count does not represent Covid deaths but a displacement of deaths from other causes.

In his January 7 postscript, DeMeo catches the CDC red-handed. Earlier in the paper, he points out, as I did above, that there are nearly 300,000 missing deaths in the all-cause category for the numbers to pan out. On that day, Jan 7, he discovered the CDC had suddenly added 269,249 all-cause deaths into their end of year all-cause death totals!

Evidently, 269,249 people suddenly died in the last week of 2020. How convenient for the Covid narrative!"

In a phone interview, DiFerdinando elaborated:

“Without those added deaths, there would be no evidence of a Covid pandemic,” he said. ”This triangulation of facts: essentially no excess deaths beyond the normal annual background count; absolutely NO relationship between Covid "confirmed" cases and Covid "confirmed" deaths; and the mysterious, last-minute dump of 268,259 all-cause deaths into the 2020 end-of-year all-cause death totals; completely demolish any pretext of there having been a 2020 viral pandemic, whether caused by a novel coronavirus or by anything else and that therefore there is no rational reason to  be putting masks on children, isolating elders, destroying businesses, locking down populations or shattering the public trust.”

Says Dr. DeMeo:

“The people who are dying of so-called Covid, it’s all happening in the wintertime. So, all this correlates with the idea that this is a big error, a big mistake. Maybe with nefarious motivations. You don’t even have to reference why to understand that it is indeed a falsehood, the whole construct of a Covid pandemic. The numbers do not lie; the numbers tell the story. Where are the massive, massive numbers of people dying, which you would correlate with positive PCR and antigen tests, which is what you would expect to happen. People who are dying of old age diseases, they’re re-defining them as Covid 19, but the symptomatology is so exactly similar to influenza and other lung diseases.”

It comes down to a truly devastating assault of PSYOP by media and a fast-growing class of super-predators; Covid careerists. We must have our lives destroyed because they must assert and enrich themselves.

“I would not trust anything I read in the American newspapers or media, Johns Hopkins, CDC, WHO—all untrustworthy,” says DeMeo. “Where are they coming up with 400,000 deaths?” He continues. “They’re talking about approximately 318,000 people who died as of Jan 2.  Where are they coming up with another 82,000 dead within a few days? I don’t think so. This is data magic.”

One of the most astonishing features of “Covid 19” is that nobody can quite define what it is or why it is so spectacular as to force almost the entire world into lock-down.

“I think what we’re dealing with absolutely is a confusion of ordinary lung and heart diseases that take out a lot of old people as they approach the end of their lives,” says DeMeo. “And it’s being redefined in very ugly ways.

“What’s going on with influenza statistics? They’ve gone down to a very low number, the figure I found was 0.2%. Two-tenths of one percent, when at this time of year, we should be having something between 5 and 20 percent. In terms of the number of influenza deaths, that happens every winter. The numbers they are throwing out make no sense whatsoever.”

Shortly before press time, Dr. DeMeo followed up, having cross-checked his numbers yet again. He wrote in an email:

"I now feel fully confident that my method for making that excess deaths calculation is the best and most scientific method possible, given all the other factors revealed in the paper. It may actually be the only scientifically-sound method, making the fewest assumptions. I could stand before Fauci or any of them with high confidence. They are like powdered-wig fops and dandies in the French Court of the Louies, commanding "respect" only due to position and faux-authority, but not by scientific accuracy or empathy for the ordinary people they were appointed to serve."

From the towers of academic science to bold citizen journalism, “Covid 19” has been assailed all around the world as the least credible, most diabolical pack of lies ever launched upon innocent people.

Richard Citizen Journalist has posted many videos to his Twitter feed, inside US hospitals, always empty. His Profile says: “Empty Hospitals Are The Smoking Gun.”

This video is his pinned Tweet:

Scientist, Social Theorist, and former Professor of Physics Denis Rancourt tweeted:

And one of my favorite ever Covid tweets came from Dr. Thomas Bender, one of the 22 authors of the paper, requesting withdrawal of the Corman/Drosten paper that spawned this whole nightmare with an unavailable viral isolate turned into a global hell-PSYOP, presumably for economic and socio-political reasons. He wrote:

Dr. Kevin Corbett, Ph.D., also an author of the challenge to the Corman/Drosten PCR paper, said in a telephone call from London:

“This paper joins the ranks of academic works around the world, all pointing to the same conclusion: They’re lying. They’re doing it very deliberately, and we all know statistics are a convenient tool of the Big Lie. At this point, the actual statistical and epidemiological case for Covid-19 being a real pandemic is closed. To honest people, it’s closed. We’re done.”

The PSYOP, however, is a beast that must be fed daily, hourly, new variations of mangled, manipulated numbers, new scenarios intended to scare you anew into submission. The PSYOP depends upon you reacting with fear and guilt. Don’t be afraid, therefore, and don’t feel guilty for not being afraid. None of us know when our lives will end, but let us remain fully human—alive, loving, and trusting—until that time comes.

As Albert Camus wrote in his most famous novel, The Plague, where the real plague winds up being something well beyond the illness:

“And he knew, also, what the old man was thinking as his tears flowed, and he, Rieux, thought it too: that a loveless world is a dead world, and always there comes an hour when one is weary of prisons, of one's work, and of devotion to duty, and all one craves for is a loved face, the warmth, and wonder of a loving heart.”


Celia Farber is half Swedish, raised there, so she knows “socialism” from the inside. She has focused her writings on freedom and tyranny, with an early focus on the pharmaceutical industry and media abuses on human liberties. She has been under ferocious attack for her writings on HIV/AIDS, where she has worked to document the topic as a psychological operation and rooted in fake science. She is a contributor to UncoverDC and The Epoch Times and has in the past written for Harper’s, Esquire, Rolling Stone, and more. Having been gravely injured in legacy media, she never wants to go back. She is the recipient of the Semmelweis International Society Clean Hands Award For Investigative Journalism and was under such attack for her work; she briefly sought protection from the FBI and NYPD. She is the author of “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS” and the editor of The Truth Barrier, an investigative and literary website. She co-hosts “The Whistleblower Newsroom” with Kristina Borjesson on PRN, Fridays at 10 am. Twitter: @CeliaFarber
Web: www.truthbarrier.com FB: Celia Ingrid Farber

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