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  • 09/19/2023

by David Prentice


According to Josephus, this fortress in Israel was finally overrun by the Romans in 73 AD. It was there that the Jewish rebellion was crushed, but the night before the triumphal entry of the Romans, the rebels made one last defiant act. They decided they would all die first.

This Jewish rebellion had held out against Rome for months in a virtually impregnable fortress. A fortress that had stockpiles of food and water to hold off the most determined foe. It was unapproachable for an army to assault. It was designed to be a safe place to hold out for almost any length of time. When it became clear to the rebels the Romans would finally breach the wall, they decided to make one last stand.

Rather than be conquered and brought into slavery, they entered a pact of mass death, one that killed every man, woman, and child that night. When the Romans entered, they would not take one prisoner, nor have one more slave for their empire. There would be no one to cower before them. They would all be dead.

It was the ultimate act of defiance.  An act in the face of what looked like an impossible future. The Jewish nation had fallen, and as it turned, wouldn’t rise again for some two thousand years. The mark of that ending was the devastating defeat at Masada, after the destruction of the city of Jerusalem.


This is not far from Masada, less than a one-hour drive today. But the important story about this place came a thousand years before Masada’s siege. David and his warriors hid there as King Saul pursued them in his desire to kill them all. While he was in hiding, he wrote the following (from Psalm 142):

“When my spirit was overwhelmed within me”

I think that describes what most of us have experienced recently, after what some have called the most devastating time in our lives. An election was stolen. A country was put on notice that it will be subservient, and the puppet masters who were installed will prevail.

For now.

Psalm 142 reveals David’s innermost heart while in hiding, in caves, in the place called En Gedi. Hiding from the specter of being hunted by a foe who looked unbeatable.

Called the Spring of goats, it’s a place of remarkable beauty. A small stream in a steep canyon. There are beautiful waterfalls there. It has a hint of serenity and safety. The caves David hid in are high up above the stream.

It is fitting to understand a few things here. Yes, there is a time for everything under heaven, including a time for war. We are right now in a war for the soul of this country. It’s here and there is no turning back. We are all faced with the choices of where to go, who to turn to, what and who to believe. No one can hide from this choice.

Drunk on power, the hard left is making its push to destroy its socio/political opposition. Us. We are in the crosshairs. All of us who disagree with them, to the slightest degree. The cabal of the media and the tech giants have demonstrated they are all in with their censorship and information manipulation of the last years. War. And they appear more powerful than us.

They want us to believe they are the Romans before breaching the walls of Masada. The radical-left wants us to do one of two things. They want us to give up or try to wage a hot civil war we are not yet ready for. They hope for the former but would love the latter. Because for them, it would be our Masada. Now, it’s possible it comes to that, but I think we can defeat them first.

Why, you ask? Because of what they fear most, an information war they can’t control.

They still fear and hate Trump because he beat them at their game for so long (and he did, pre-covid). It’s why, after successfully stealing an election, they want to bury him, shred him, destroy him, parade him in front of the country (as the Romans would have done after Masada). It’s why their tech/media cabal is doing the same to anyone who dares to confront their narratives. It’s why they are fully conflating ALL Trump supporters for being as bad as Trump.  Support him in the slightest, and you’re evil. Anyone who opposes them, including libertarians and independents are now in the cross-hairs.

Nobody is safe from their tyranny.

But herein lies our advantage:  Their arrogance will be their undoing. Psalm 57 was also written in En Gedi. “They have dug a pit for me, In the midst of it, they themselves have fallen.”

This is the most important thing to know right now: They will fail if we hang tough together, and so far, we are. There are too many of us, and enough of us working to undress their narratives actively, with talented people joining every day. The left sees this.

I would suggest the following: Form small, tight-knit local groups of people you know and trust. Be capable of communicating WITHOUT our current digital devices. Communicate with other groups you know and trust.

Exercise the right to free speech and the right to bear arms, these are our God-given rights, not given by leftist governments. Above all, do NOT succumb to their lies, do NOT fall for their narratives. Stand, be courageous, and have each other’s backs.

David’s band of warriors is the perfect example. Pray, do what is right, be prepared to fight, and do not flinch. Above all, do not back down, we are in the right, and we will prevail.

I do not know the Trump plans for alternatives for countering the disinformation superhighway of the left. I do know they are forthcoming. I do know we need to actively seek to support his plans. I do know that those on our side need to press actively to form alternatives to their disinformation superhighway.

It’s happening, and efforts to have a media/technical platform available to communicate truth is one of the most important things we can focus on. Done well, it will be a pivotal stroke in our fight. In our current information war, we are in a position of strength.  Because we focus on truth.

The hard left wants us to give up life, as happened in Masada. They are stampeding us to think that way. Do not fall for it. As so many Republican leaders have.

Rather, take a better path, stand courageously for what is right, engage in the battle. Fight smart. But above all, band together, hang together and be confident.

We will prevail.

David Prentice has written for the American Thinker, The Epoch Times and Backbone America. He resides in the Midwest.

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