Clinton’s Dirty Trick Haunts Democrats Before Election

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  • 09/19/2023

When the full scope of US Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the RussiaGate Hoax is finally revealed, the sheer size of it is going to shock people.

The Watergate Scandal of the early 1970s involved a small off-the-books team of dirty tricks operators dubbed ‘The Plumbers’ being run out of the White House basement, that came up with a harebrained scheme to bug the phones of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.

After the team bungled the burglary and was arrested, President Richard Nixon attempted to contain the scandal by using the CIA to block the FBI’s investigation of the break-in. The Watergate cover-up didn’t even last 30 days, and it ultimately led to President Nixon resigning in disgrace.

As bad as the Watergate scandal was, the small team of Plumbers had no official sanction or powers for the dirty work they were doing for the Nixon campaign during the 1972 election. Ironically, there was no need for any skullduggery at all, as Nixon easily beat Democratic challenger George McGovern in a historic landslide.

The True Scope of SpyGate

The SpyGate scandal is far different.  While there was a lot of effort expended in hiding the off-the-books dirty tricks team at Fusion GPS by running the money through the law firm of Perkins Coie, this time the people involved were some of the most powerful people in the federal government who were making use of the full powers of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

The full scope of SpyGate runs from the Obama/Biden White House to the Eric Holder/Loretta Lynch Justice Department, to the James Comey FBI, through the Hillary Clinton/John Kerry State Dept., on through the John Brennan CIA and even into former and current intelligence officials of foreign governments.

There has **never** been anything like it. And, if the declassification of memo’s and notes written by Brennan is any indication, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Durham Is Leading A Team of Crack US Attorneys

This present scandal is so massive that Durham oversees a team of US Attorneys handling the investigations of it. The names and roles of some of these team members have been publicly disclosed and some are not.

For some time now we had known about the US Attorneys Jeffrey Jensen and John Bash.  Jensen is handling the DOJ’s review of the Flynn case and Bash is investigating the unmasking of Flynn and very likely other members of the Trump transition team.

Unmasking Is A Branch Of SpyGate All By Itself

It should be recalled that Rep. Devin Nunes stated in a press conference in March of 2017 that he was shown intelligence intercepts that demonstrated that the private communications of the Trump transition team members had been intercepted and unmasked.

Not only was General Flynn on the Trump transition team, so was Nunes himself.  Also, Donald Trump Jr., Mike Pence, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo and many others.

Nunes stated very clearly in the unmasked intelligence intercepts he viewed, none of the transition team members were discussing foreign policy or anything to do with Russia. This directly implies that government agency surveillance powers were being utilized by Obama officials during the transition to spy on the Trump team.

That would be an incredibly serious breach of the historic norms regarding the peaceful and lawful transfer of powers between outgoing and incoming presidential administrations.

What Was Huber Really Investigating?

Only recently has it come out that US Attorney John Huber of Utah had made a successful hand-off to Durham of the results of his own deep dive into the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton presidential campaign of 2016. It’s assumed that Huber limited himself to only investigating the finances of The Clinton Foundation in the reported year and a half he was investigating.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

It may very well turn out that Huber was also engaged in taking a close look at the Clinton campaign/DNC/Perkins Coie/Fusion GPS branch of this massive tree-like scandal. And they kept quiet about this! Imagine if the DOJ had revealed back in 2018 that Huber was doing a deep dive into the Clinton **campaign** as well as the Clinton Foundation?

It was widely assumed that Huber’s investigation of the Clinton’s was a farce, a useless sideshow, maybe even a corrupt cover-up. The story went after not really doing anything, Huber ended his investigation after having found nothingThe Washington Post story upon which all these claims were based relied upon – surprise! - anonymous officials familiar with the matter.

The DOJ **itself** never made any official statement at all from what I can determine. When Huber’s office was asked for comment at the time this story was published in January of 2020, they were referred to the DOJ. No one commented on the record to even confirm that Huber’s investigation had, in fact, ended.

So, the huge story that made a big splash back in January was completely based on off-the-record sources leaking anonymously to the Washington Post. Which is why I never trusted it. The fact is, the DOJ reveals what its investigators are doing and what they’ve found when they’re damn good and ready and not one minute before. The media resorting to anonymous sources leaking the narratives media wants to publish is nothing new.

Did we not watch that happen during the Mueller investigation?  Do you not recall a plethora of news articles published based on anonymous "officials familiar with the matter” regaling reporters with tall tales about mountains of evidence of Trump/Russia collusion that Mueller was supposedly finding? About how supposedly General Flynn, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and others had flipped on Trump and were now singing like canaries to Mueller? I know I did. And I have not forgotten it. The anonymous leakers didn’t fool me then and they’re not fooling me now.

Silent Professionals Don’t Leak & They Don’t Rush

The time between US Attorney General William Barr assigning Jensen to investigate the Flynn case [January 2020] and his publicly disclosing he had done that [March 2020] was over two months. That’s unusual, the brief amount of time involved there. Most DOJ sensitive national security investigations take far longer.

The time between Durham beginning his investigation of the SpyGate leaking campaigns inside the federal agencies under former AG Jeff Sessions [April 2017] to the day current AG Barr publicly revealed his role in leading a team of US Attorneys investigating SpyGate proper [May 2019] was just over three years.

So, when it comes to what John Huber was or was not doing over the past three years, you should keep that in mind.

The Russia Gate Hoax Is Now Fully Exposed

The RussiaGate Hoax is a multi-faceted scandal where fake evidence was created via funding from the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC to place the Trump campaign under suspicion of treason. That’s where the Clinton campaign/DNC dirty tricks team at Fusion GPS was hard at work with people like Christopher Steele, Igor Danchenko and Glenn Simpson playing key roles.

The next step was to get this fake evidence into the hands of complicit government officials who could find a way to investigate the allegations.  These corrupt officials accomplished this by repeatedly leaking the fake evidence to news media organizations.

Such leaks created public pressure for the very same government officials behind the leaks to move to investigate the designated Trump targets.  I dubbed this corrupt and circular practice “strategic leaking”.

The fake evidence ranged from the notorious Steele dossier to the false claim of a server in Trump Tower being connected to a Russian Alfa bank server in Moscow.

Having leaked the Clinton campaign’s fake evidence to the media themselves, these corrupt law enforcement and intelligence agency officials could then pretend they were only moving to investigate because of these important media stories they themselves had planted.

A Minor Complication Arises!

And while then-FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan, FBI agent Peter Strzok and others were engaged in this strategic leaking activity based on the Steele Dossier, they suddenly get a referral from the Intelligence Community that contains information from a Russian source. That source claims the Clinton campaign is running a dirty tricks operation that is targeting the Trump campaign with a fake Russian collusion scandal.

[The only thing that would make this unfolding drama better would be if the Russian source were...Danchenko himself!]

After having painstakingly taken steps to hide signs they had any awareness that the Trump/Russian collusion "evidence” they were using to pursue Trump’s campaign had come from the Clinton/DNC dirty tricks team at Fusion GPS, these corrupt officials are forced to acknowledge what had come to them through official intelligence channels.

While Comey testified recently to the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was unaware of any such Clinton campaign referral from the IC in September of 2016, Brennan is on the record as having briefed President Obama on this Clinton/Russia information in July of 2016.

Those briefing records exist, Brennan’s handwritten notes exist, and current Director of National Intelligence [ODNI] John Ratcliffe has them.


Finessing A Problem with A Little Classification

Back in late 2016, what the SpyGate plotters did to get around the massive problem of the IC referral involving the Clinton campaign is that they simply **classified** all of this damning information to get it out of sight, out of mind.

Then they continued on their merry way in their pursuit of derailing the Trump campaign using the Clinton fake evidence, and upon failing in that, they attempted to abort the Trump presidency.

As former ODNI Richard Grenell has stated, using classification to hide exculpatory evidence is a favorite tactic of the corrupt officials involved in SpyGate.

Grenell himself helped expose over two years of lies by RussiaGate Hoaxers, such as Rep. Adam Schiff [D-CA] and Senator Mark Warner [D-VA] when he declassified over 50 transcripts of testimony from key SpyGate participants and targets.

Once people could read the declassified transcripts for themselves, it quickly became apparent the extravagant claims made in the news media by prominent Congressional Democrats about the supposed existence of good solid verified Trump/Russia collusion evidence was deliberate lies.

With this latest declassification, ODNI Ratcliff has laid bare the entire RussiaGate Hoax.

It’s direct documentary proof that at the very same time they were avidly pursuing the Trump team based on the fake Steele dossier information, all these DOJ/FBI people knew this fake evidence had come straight from the Clinton camp.

The DNC Media Complex is, of course, stridently trying to downplay this huge bombshell development with headlines about “unverified Russian disinformation”. These are the same “news” media outlets still trying to squeeze the last vestiges of life out of the “Russian Bounties” story, mind you.

The more time that has passed, and the more evidence that’s been declassified, the more absurd the Fake News media spin becomes to try to blunt the political impact of what’s been exposed.

They can’t stop a thing that’s coming. As President Trump himself likes to remind people, “We have it all”, “We caught’em!” and “Let’s see what happens!” with a Cheshire Cat grin.


Declassification's Are Now Revealing the Investigations of the Silent Professionals

For more than three years now, I have stated that serious clandestine federal investigations were underway into what are the most explosive national security breaches ever. This was a coup attempt against a duly elected President. That is about as high as one can go on the national security scale.

Publicly, very little and in many cases, **nothing** was divulged by the DOJ about any on-going federal investigations into this now well-publicized attempt by federal officials to take down a sitting President.

This lack of transparency from the DOJ led many media commentators to believe nothing was happening, and far from having ‘silent professionals’ tasked with the most serious investigations ever undertaken by the DOJ, instead, the corrupt and the cowardly were covering everything up.

Durham Info Did Not Leak in Over Three Years

Thanks to Sidney Powell and the defense team’s latest filing in the Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn case, John Durham and the people working under him are now revealed publicly to be exactly what I claimed they were: Silent professionals embarked on a great leak hunt that led them straight to the biggest national security case ever.

Screenshots of newly disclosed text messages between former FBI personnel Peter Strzok and Lisa Page show them discussing how Durham had been assigned a leak case by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April and by May they are exchanging messages about trying to postpone interviews with Durham.

In the first mention of Durham, Strzok and Page are alarmed that the leak case was not going to be handled ‘in house’ by the FBI’s own National Security Division [NSD] but was instead being assigned to Durham, an outside prosecutor.

In the second mention of Durham, from May of 2017, Strzok and Page are apprehensive about forthcoming interviews, discussing intentions to keep postponing sitting down with the investigator.

Yes, the first batch of Strzok/Page text messages was disclosed back in December of 2017.  The DOJ had in its possession for over 3 years messages that Strzok and Page exchanged about John Durham breathing down their necks in May of 2017.

And it did not leak until the DOJ was damned good and ready to disclose this itself by having US Attorney Jensen give copies of these text messages to Sidney Powell as part of a filing in the Flynn case.

These investigations are in good hands, they always have been.

While some have used the lack of leaks or updates on the investigations to sell wild narratives of massive cover-ups and corruption in which the Deep State is still in firm control of the DOJ, I have consistently claimed the exact opposite.

Silent professionals were carrying out the most serious and important criminal investigations in the history of the United States. Jeff Sessions and William Barr did not hand the most vital of national security investigations ever to leakers or to losers.

And you can quote me on that.

Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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